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    Tipping Guide

    I have used a booking agent from Georgia MANY times, and he has a VERY stron opinion on tipping...
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    Tipping Guide

    When you say: "All that being said, whether you agree with the concept or not isn't the point. It's a matter of respecting the customs and cultural practices of that particular country you are patronizing. "When in Rome...." If the practice is too distasteful for you personally, you have the...
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    Crazy "Gun Case" question related to travel to JNB

    United ticket, flights operated by Lufthansa. ORD to FRA and FRA to JNB Return trip is just the opposite. Will be looking at switching to the ORD > EWR > JNB when they release for sale. No connection in Europe, nonstop from EWR I looked at current pricing for the EWR nonstop to Cape Town and...
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    Crazy "Gun Case" question related to travel to JNB

    Thank you!!!! I called and got another agent that was a bit more "Open" with their policy. I was told as long as my gun case was under 23 KG and smaller than 158 CM total, there is on a $287 Lufthansa Fee plus a 50 EUR South Africa handling fee for each direction for a total of $692.50 if...
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    Crazy "Gun Case" question related to travel to JNB

    I did some toying with orientations... With the scope, I got the case size down to 41 1/2 X 10 1/2 X 6 (Total of 58") Without the scope, I could reduce it further to 41 1/2 X 8 1/4 X 6 (Total of 55 3/4)
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    Crazy "Gun Case" question related to travel to JNB

    This will be my 6th trip to Southern Africa, all through a connection in Europe and all with guns. Flown, Delta, KLM, Air France and South African Air and never had a problem, so I am not worried in the least. Can things happen, but I am guessing the only solution is to fly Emirates, but its not...
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    Crazy "Gun Case" question related to travel to JNB

    After careful consideration and extensive research I ended up purchasing a ticket to Johannesburg using Luthansa (Premium Economy). Initially I had planned to rent camp rifles. I have heard some tales of Bushnel optics and at 20 dollars a day (12 day hunt) and5 dollars a bullet I could see...
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    Etihad and firearms

    Thank you for all the replies!!!! I ended up booking with Lufthansa, I think I got a pretty good deal on Premium Economy. Far less than Delta economy and a third the cost of the lowest Business. I was 100% on taking my gun, now I am wavering. Is it worth it? If I don't take my own rifle the...
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    Etihad and firearms

    Sorry, some of us can't afford to fly up front... I would rather get to Africa and hunt than to just fly there and back in business. Just my financial situation I guess.
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    Etihad and firearms

    Thank you!!! I looked first for Emirates, but they ended up being between 50 and 75% more in cost. Mid June for 3 weeks, what I am seeing out of Chicago it is: Etihad the cheapest Turkish is second Lufthansa and Swiss are a distant third. Turkish is 20-30% more Swiss and Lufthansa are about...
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    Etihad and firearms

    Looking to book a trip for next summer. Hoping the pandemic subsides... Anyway, Looking at Etihad out of Chicago. Anyone have experiences with Etihad and transporting firearms? Anything that a first time"solo" traveler may appreciate? Thanks in advance!!!
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    Question on Firearms through Johannesburg...

    Planning for a trip next year to Eastern Cape of South Africa. (Hoping this global pandemic subsides!!!) Looking into airfares and planning a stop at the Afton House. I found that South African Airlink is the only airline that transports firearms. BUT they have a limit of "ONE" checked bag...
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    Special Offer For Hunting In Mauritius

    One of the best hunts I have ever had!!! We went the summer of 2016. Already way to many years ago. We did a 25th anniversary on Mauritius. Ivan was a most gracious host. The hunting was not easy, at times it looked straight out of the Lord of the Rings. One of my most treasured trophies...
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    Red Stag Free Range Hunt In Argentina With MG Hunting

    I too am interested in this and/or others. I have a few questions, though, that I would like to run by you... Thanks
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    Taxidermy question

    Sorry about the quality of pictures. Meant to show the mane... Just doesn't look right to me Thanks for the replies!.
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    Taxidermy question

    I just got some taxidermy work back from a trip a few years back. We have move far enough a way from the taxidermist that it is not possible to return it. It was shipped to our new address. It was an eland, sable and a Rusa deer. Where the sable was wrapped around the neck, the hair is matted...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Requesting Information RSA Hunting Locations

    All and anyone, Does anyone have any information on two RSA outfits? My wife and I did our own research and came up with two different Eastern Cape outfits. The first is J.P. Kleinhans and the second is Cape Valley Safaris. Does anyone have any feedback on either of these two outfits...
  18. Namibia with Hans Hunts

    Namibia with Hans Hunts

  19. Namibia


  20. In Namibia

    In Namibia

  21. In Namibia

    In Namibia

  22. Warthog hunt in Namibia

    Warthog hunt in Namibia

  23. In Namibia

    In Namibia

  24. Black Wildebeest hunt in Namibia

    Black Wildebeest hunt in Namibia

  25. Kudu hunt in Namibia

    Kudu hunt in Namibia

  26. Hartmann's Mountain Zebra hunt in Namibia

    Hartmann's Mountain Zebra hunt in Namibia

  27. Gemsbok hunt in Namibia

    Gemsbok hunt in Namibia

  28. Impala hunt in Namibia

    Impala hunt in Namibia

  29. Giraffes in Namibia

    Giraffes in Namibia

  30. Springbok hunt in Namibia

    Springbok hunt in Namibia

  31. Blue Wildebeest hunt in Namibia

    Blue Wildebeest hunt in Namibia

  32. Kudu hunt in Namibia

    Kudu hunt in Namibia

  33. Namibia


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    NAMIBIA: Namibia 2009 with Wes Hixon Outdoor Adventures

    Outfitter: Hans Hunts (Namibia) Booking Agent: Wes Hixon Outdoor Adventures PH: George Deloch Dates Hunted: June 12th thru 23rd, 2009 Flights: Minneapolis Amsterdam Munich (stayed a week) Johannesburg - Windhoek Rifles: Remington 300 Ultra Mag using 200gr Barnes TSX bullets. Species...
  35. Fishing from the coast

    Fishing from the coast

  36. Fishing from the coast

    Fishing from the coast

  37. Fishing from the coast

    Fishing from the coast

  38. Loading up a Giraffe

    Loading up a Giraffe

  39. Hunting vehicle

    Hunting vehicle

  40. Puff Adder

    Puff Adder

  41. Scenery


  42. Sunset


  43. Giraffe


  44. Farm


  45. Horses