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  1. buddy48

    Doing my pre-planning for 2020....Taxidermist opinions?

    Tom, Dennis did my Taxidermy as well. And like you said, he did a hell of a job. I did have a few problems but he made it right. He is a busy man for sure and the quality was worth the wait. The communication on the other hand needs improvement, but if I had to sacrifice anything communication...
  2. buddy48

    Doing my pre-planning for 2020....Taxidermist opinions?

    Driving distance to your Taxidermist, if they have quality work, is something I would recommend. I’ll most likely never use someone that is more than 4-6 hours away from me again. I’d never consider using anyone in South Africa. You are almost powerless if things don’t go well if you use someone...
  3. buddy48

    Johnny Blues safari taxidermy progress

    Looking good Erik! @johnnyblues, as the old saying goes “I don’t have a dog in this hunt” but Erik has been posting quite a few pictures of ducks and geese on his Facebook page.....just saying....
  4. buddy48

    Johnny Blues safari taxidermy progress

    Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddd he delivered!! looks great @gizmo! Now we wait on the buffalo!!
  5. buddy48

    Johnny Blues safari taxidermy progress

    It's been 5 days by my count since the last picture. Seems as if @gizmo is slacking off @johnnyblues. Maybe he's down at the gas station eating hot dogs?
  6. buddy48

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG & The Hillbilly

    Congrats!! Great report and great trophies!! I love the Jerry Clower reference. One of my all time favorites!! Just listened to that story the other day. Bird hunting at Uncle Versie's!!!!
  7. buddy48

    SOUTH AFRICA: Out Of The SEC A Family Adventure In South Africa

    Good luck on the hunt! Hope it turns out better than y’all so 2017 football season!! Roll Tide! All kidding aside, have a great time and enjoy it. Going with friends like that you’re bound to have a blast regardless of animals harvested.
  8. buddy48

    Taxidermy Pictures Top of Texas

    Looking good!!!
  9. buddy48

    Trophy room lighting

    “Three lighting elements come into play in a trophy room: 1) Perimeter lighting should, like the name implies, surround the entire room for overall wall wash. It diffuses shadows and helps 2) accent lighting accentuate the wall mounts, while 3) general lighting helps light the center of the...
  10. buddy48

    Trophy room lighting

    I A I'm working on my room as well. I have read some places where folks recommend lights below the animals shining up. Ever heard of this?
  11. buddy48

    ZIMBABWE: Nyamazana Elephant Hunt - Happy Birthday To Me!

    Awesome story and experience! Congratulations @Royal27 !!
  12. buddy48

    Hidden Cost Surprises On Safari

    I've only been on one safari, but I didn't have any hidden costs either. Ricus De Villiers at White Lion Safaris was very open and clear about what all of the costs were associated with him. When the hunt was finished it was exactly what we discussed. I also didn't have any surprises with...
  13. buddy48

    Another Top of Texas Taxidermy Pronghorn

    Well, well then...we definitely need to talk! :)
  14. buddy48

    Another Top of Texas Taxidermy Pronghorn

    Looking good! One day I'm gonna get out west and get me one of those. I've considered trying to get after one next year.
  15. buddy48

    Planning your taxidermy?

    Looks nice! I need to think about which animals I'd organize like that. I would love have some of the smaller antelopes like that.
  16. buddy48

    Some Taxidermy Mounts Drying... Member Buckdog

    That is awesome! Makes me want a springbok slam!! And, I never wanted one before now. Maybe we should limit the number of posts that Dennis can make. His posts always make me want to spend more money!! :)
  17. buddy48

    Planning your taxidermy?

    I'll have to check out @Royal27 mount. And I guess it would be as easy as sending pictures with dimensions to Dennis for his ideas as Royal suggested. I really want a floor pedestal but man that just think I'd regret losing the floor space later down the road. Also gotta work the bobcat into...
  18. buddy48

    Planning your taxidermy?

    Positioning small next to large is great advice! And, I agree on the European mounts. When I go back I will definitely go that route on some to save space. And yes. I agree that the animals are in good hands with Dennis. I have a bobcat to send him also that I just totally forgot to send earlier...
  19. buddy48

    Planning your taxidermy?

    I have considered the light blue/blue but I am leaning more towards tan. The worm wood looks nice!
  20. buddy48

    Planning your taxidermy?

    Well, the space is an existing space. Sheetrock at the top, with judges paneling at the bottom. Maybe planning to pull the judges paneling off to place the barnwood. Another option at the bottom is tin that has rust. I really want a wall pedestal of my gemsbok and kudu in the room but I think it...
  21. buddy48

    Planning your taxidermy?

    How do you guys "plan your taxidermy" in that how do you decide how to have the animals mounted as in shoulder mount, wall pedestal, or pedestal as well as the direction they are the turned? I have 8 animals that @The Artistry of Wildlife will be mounting for me. I have no idea the size of the...
  22. buddy48

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With White Lion Safaris 2017

    Congrats on another great hunt. My next trip, not sure when yet, will be for a buffalo.
  23. buddy48

    Hello from Georgia

    Hello and welcome!! Another Georgian here myself! I live in Dearing,GA which is right outside of Augusta.
  24. buddy48

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Son & I Hunt With White Lion Safaris

    And just like a kid I.CAN.NOT.WAIT!! :)
  25. buddy48

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Son & I Hunt With White Lion Safaris

    Well, capes are in the US, through the tanning process and they will be picked up by Dennis this week! Getting closer!
  26. buddy48

    What does good taxidermy look like?

    It always baffles me when folks are disappointed in taxidermy from RSA. I did all my homework and considered the repercussions on not receiving quality work from RSA and it was such an easy decision for me. I know it isn't for everyone because some don't care about quality as much and want to...
  27. buddy48

    Vaccines for travel

    Well, there was little required when I went to Johannesburg, but I was almost in a situation where I thought I would need yellow fever vaccine. My original flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg was canceled and I ended up flying through Ghana. I wasn't there long enough to require the vaccine...
  28. buddy48

    Help me get my daughter to a safari!

    In regards to talking the wife into letting her go I can't help you. My son was 12 when he went and I told her it was our thing and we were going. Not sure how that will work for you. In regards to the bow...I'd say leave it at home. My son, who took his first whitetail with a bow at 10, also...
  29. buddy48

    African Hunting Safari For Two's my two cents. I hunted with Ricus last year and I can almost assure you that you may never meet another generous, kind, down to earth individual. He and his operation were excellent in my opinion. It was my first SA experience, but I have been with several outfitters across the US...
  30. buddy48

    New Idea From

    Have you tried this on a stainless steel drink cup like a Yeti or an Ozark Trail? I'd be interested in one of those.
  31. buddy48

    RECIPES: Biltong Spice Recipes

    I was doing a little research on making my own biltong and came across this thread. When I was in RSA, the folks there said just hang it and put a fan blowing on it. Do you really need a box and a light bulb? I can imagine that for hundreds of years biltong was made without a fancy box. :)
  32. buddy48

    The Lambart Family Safari

    Congtatulations! I'm with you. Fat guys shouldn't have to run.....Unless something is chasing us! :)
  33. buddy48

    Huge male lion snacks on a tasty warthog

    That's an awesome picture!
  34. buddy48


    Kyle, sounds like you have a lot of the same questions I had. I went to a travel clinic and conversed with them about what I should get. In regards to Hepatitis A it isn't too late I don't think. I was a month out when I got mine. I did also get Tetanus. I didn't take the typhoid vaccine. I did...
  35. buddy48

    KMG Hunting Safaris Season Photos 2016

    Nice! Not only are the animals nice..but man...its starting to shape up to be some really good rifle porn!!
  36. buddy48

    African Themed Coasters

    My guess is august 3rd at 3:27 pm.
  37. buddy48

    SOUTH AFRICA: Tootabi Valley Safaris, LBG Safaris & Hunting With Friends

    Looks like an awesome time! Glad you got your badger. And that's the first civet cat I've seen with someone holding it and they look bigger than I imagined!
  38. buddy48

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Son & I Hunt With White Lion Safaris

    Thanks gillettehunter. I can definitely say that the practicing helped. He shot lights out and he definitely had a blast! Making memories is what its all about.
  39. buddy48

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Son & I Hunt With White Lion Safaris

    Thanks man! Seems like of all the animals the black wildebeest is the most popular! :) I like him too!
  40. buddy48

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Son & I Hunt With White Lion Safaris

    Thank you! It was awesome. Didn't get a warthog, but that's okay. Gotta save something for next time!
  41. buddy48

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Son & I Hunt With White Lion Safaris

    Definitely!! It was great! Losing our bags wasn't fun but there is a lesson in everything. I learned quickly that I had way over packed!!
  42. buddy48

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Son & I Hunt With White Lion Safaris

    Thank you sir! We did have a great time and an awesome hunt! In regard to the report....I'm an engineer by trade so writing is definitely not my string suit. I'm glad you found it enjoyable!
  43. buddy48

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Son & I Hunt With White Lion Safaris

    Thanks Sand Rat! Definitely proud. Truth is I really believe on a bench rest he can out shoot me! And the more I look at the pictures of my black wildebeest the harder the wait is gonna be for the taxidermy!
  44. buddy48

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Son & I Hunt With White Lion Safaris

    Well….here I am back in the states and already back to work. What a bummer. It took me a little longer to put my report up that what I planned, but work got in the way. We have tons of great memories from our first safari. My son and I had an absolute blast. We went with Ricus Devilliers and...
  45. Wyatt's Blesbok with White Lion Safaris

    Wyatt's Blesbok with White Lion Safaris

  46. Springbok Sniper. Patiently waiting...

    Springbok Sniper. Patiently waiting...

    Sitting on an earthen dam waiting on the springbok to make a mistake. Notice the hat. We're in South Africa, but we're still representing the Stars and Stripes!!
  47. Black Wildebeest with White Lion Safaris

    Black Wildebeest with White Lion Safaris

  48. My Springbok with White Lion Safaris

    My Springbok with White Lion Safaris