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  1. classicsafari

    .375 H&H for Elephant???

    If the brain is hit you will not have a problem. Its when the brain is missed that you will wish you had the 458.
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    Newbie gear list

  3. classicsafari

    MOZAMBIQUE: Disappointing Hunt Booked With Hunt It All

    It should not be difficult to book with a reputable outfit these days with forums like this one and others. Always plenty of proper experience out there.
  4. classicsafari

    9.3 x 74

    I would load 286 grn woodleighs if I was to use it on Buffalo.
  5. classicsafari

    Which rifle for lion?

    The quick fire power of a Blaser (this one in 9.3x62) was put to good use on my first tracked Zambezi Lion; The next was worked over by a large and fast moving 425WR woodleigh soft as it was departing the scene in the Niassa area;
  6. classicsafari

    Krieghoff 3 x Barrel set

    Bloody nice set. In fact to me the perfect set for Africa or Tropical Australia.
  7. classicsafari

    Poachers in Zimbabwe poison 87 elephants for ivory

    As much as I would also prefer a harsher penalty, one must know that 15 years in a Zim Jail is no party.
  8. classicsafari

    Professional Hunters - What rifle do you carry?

    Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania. Just to add, Jumbo Moore has now another 470NE that he will be using. Wayne Van Den Berg use a 458LOTT-WATTS Chapp Esthaussen uses a 500NE.
  9. classicsafari

    9.3x62 Mauser

    One of my favourite rounds and have seen it in use on Buffalo, lion and Hippo. I've always used 300grn SWIFT A FRAMES and 286grn WOODLEIGH FMJs for Buffalo with good results. For lighter built game the 286grn WOODLEIGH soft's have worked flawlessly for me. Not an ideal calibre for "follow...
  10. classicsafari

    Best overall lion rifle

    If you want to do the hunt with a classic then I would go with a scoped 425Westley Richards. This Calibre worked well on my second Lion;
  11. classicsafari

    404 Finally Finished!

    I just love those classic Bolt rifles!
  12. classicsafari

    Best Trackers in Africa Today?

    I have had the pleasure to have hunted with dozens of good Trackers BUT the best three I have been with are Ian Gibson's Ndabelle tracker Robert, Stu Taylors Shona Tracker Davie and Lyndon Stanton's Shangani Tracker Jabalani. All Zimbabwean trackers. These trackers often learn there trade as...
  13. classicsafari

    9.3x64 for Buffalo?

    I have killed a few Cape Buffalo with its smaller brother the 9.3x62 and certainly consider them both adequate with well placed and well constructed Bullets. However the 293grn TUG (Uni Classic) is NOT what I would consider well constructed for Buffalo! If you can get some bullets loaded then...
  14. classicsafari

    ZIMBABWE: ZimAfrica Hunting Elephants & Buffalo With 500 Jeff & 416 Rigby

    I met the guys that would have been in camp after you. They were going for Buffalo. Unusual for PAC at this time of the year. Were they raiding crops?
  15. classicsafari

    ZIMBABWE: Bull Elephant Hunt With Nyamazana Safaris Of Zimbabwe August 2013

    Pictures with report to come of my hunt just completed with Wayne Van Den Burg of Nyamazana Safaris of Zimbabwe. I used a 470NE at communal lands adjacent to some Forestry Blocks between Bulawayo and Wankie. Some hunting terrain; One needs a shotgun for the Doves; First Bull...
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Elephant Hunt With Maburule Hunters Mozambique

    Hi Howard, How is your area fairing with the Ele Poaching up that way?
  17. classicsafari

    Best make for Doubles

    I have just fallen in love with the Scottish lass by the name of McKay & Brown. Now to find the Penny's...
  18. classicsafari

    What kind of bullet do you shoot first shot for Buffalo?

    I use ether Woodleigh FMJ or Swift A Frame bullets for Buffalo BUT will be trying the North Fork Cup point solids next time.
  19. My personal essential Safari Kit list

    My personal essential Safari Kit list

  20. classicsafari

    My personal essential Safari Kit list

    Here is a list of my essential equipment for Safari; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx My Essential Safari Equipment list; 3x light high quality wool socks (Kathmandu or Mountain Equipment brand Aus & NZ made. Minimise blisters very important!). 3x cotton short. (King Gee brown colour...
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    Barrel Band Sling-Swivels and Point of Impact

    I really appreciate that it keeps the rifles muzzle bellow my head and any branches and brush.
  22. classicsafari

    Hunting Hyena - How many have hunted one?

    I for one don't mind paying for them or think of them as varmits. To me they are a great Trophy animal of which I hold with high esteem. A classic African game animal.
  23. classicsafari

    Best Pig Rifles and Ammunition

    Whilst not a 500, the 470 does a sterling job on Boar; Tusky old Boar Old Sow on last light BUT not the Boar.
  24. classicsafari

    Best Pig Rifles and Ammunition

    Now that is a beautiful rifle!
  25. classicsafari

    Zanardini 9,3x74R Super Express Luksus

    I have killed and seen others kill quite a few Cap Buffalo with the equivalent round made for the bolt action, the 9.3x62. I would happily hunt buffalo with the 9.3x74R or the similar 375F . More importantly would be bullet choice. A strong Softnose and some solids are ideal.
  26. Mountain Tusker Boar 5/13

    Mountain Tusker Boar 5/13

    My favourite is a scoped 9.3 double with heavy scope reticle such as German 1 or 4 posts with Woodleigh or Gecco soft nose bullets.
  27. Boar


    My Blaser Attaché in 7x64 with RWS TIG bullets or 9.3x62 with Woodleigh bullets work well also.
  28. classicsafari

    Best Pig Rifles and Ammunition

    My favourite is a scoped 9.3 double with heavy scope reticle such as German 1 or 4 posts with Woodleigh or Gecco soft nose bullets. My Blaser Attaché in 7x64 with RWS TIG bullets or 9.3x62 with Woodleigh bullets work well also.
  29. classicsafari

    Best make for Doubles

    You would be surprised how many "AD" happen with the Blaser and Keighoff type safety. Many PHs detest this type of safety. Personally I have used a bolt type Blaser for many years BUT would not purchase a double rifle in Blaser. My Ultimate is a Westley Richards.
  30. classicsafari

    Double Rifle .375 Flanged Max Shooting Range

    That will work and if you pick your shots and work hard to reduce that distance (something not done so much these days with the long rand gear) you will find the hunt so much more enjoyable. These days I mainly hunt with open sights for the extra pleasure of the hunt.
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    Hi Wayne, What is the likelihood of scoring without the aid of a light?
  32. classicsafari

    Best bullet for Cape Buffalo

    I've always had good results with Swift A Frames followed by Woodleigh fmj Bullets but I do think the NORTH FORK soft and Cup nose bullets would also be a great Buffalo bullet option.
  33. classicsafari

    a Great deal in one of Zimbabwe's best Concessions. Elephant,Buffalo,Hippo and Crocodile

    "one of Zim's best Concessions" is a bold statement.
  34. classicsafari

    New to Double Rifles

    +1. Always had good results from my Merkel and the 9.3mm round on Buffalo.
  35. classicsafari

    Help ... .450 NE #2, .450 Rigby, .450 3 1/4 NE, .450 NE Hornady ...

    The 450 3/4 is the one to go for in a double. that is unless you find a nice old rifle in the 450#2 that you really like. Being that Hornady load the 450 3/4 makes using factory Ammo more accessible.
  36. Elephant


  37. classicsafari

    Elephant Pictures - The Magnificent SEVEN - Big Tusker Elephants

    The VC is "dressed up" neater but the Merkel is good value.
  38. Elephant


    Whilst not massive, here is a crop raider I shot a few years back. Rifle was a 470NE.
  39. classicsafari

    Elephant Pictures - The Magnificent SEVEN - Big Tusker Elephants

    Whilst not massive, here is a crop raider I shot a few years back. Rifle was a 470NE.
  40. Ambroseli Elephant

    Ambroseli Elephant

  41. Tsavo Elephant

    Tsavo Elephant

  42. classicsafari

    Elephant Pictures - The Magnificent SEVEN - Big Tusker Elephants

    A big one we found in Tsavo; And one from Ambroseli;
  43. classicsafari

    9.3X62 for Cape Buffalo?

    As much as I love the Round nose soft, I personally consider them too soft for buffalo in calibres lower than .450. For Sub .450 on Buffalo the Protected Point is the way to go OR even Better still the Swift A Frames or Northfork softs or Cup point solids. Here are some recovered Woodleigh...
  44. classicsafari

    9.3X62 for Cape Buffalo?

    Have killed a few Cape Buffalo with this round. More than any calibre in fact, and it has performed as well if not better than the others such as 470, 416 and 458. I have found the 300grn Swift A Frame and 286grn Woodleigh Fmj bullets work well on Buffalo but am quite keen to try 286grn...
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    ZIMBABWE: Hunt With Chifuti Safaris

    Congrats on your successful Safari. Who was the other PH on the Leopard follow up? A good friend of mine hunted with Ritchie last season in the neighbouring block and enjoyed his time with him and his team. Love that Chewore area, both north and south. Did you get lucky on Hyena?
  47. classicsafari

    Using Barnes XXX FB 300 Grain Bullets for Kitty Cat??

    Hard bullet but its still a diameter of 9.5mm even if it does not open up. Without hitting the CNS, the cat will likely not die as quick as like with a softer soft and if you miss the vitals altogether (heaven forbid) you might have some excitement on your hands. My choice is the Woodleigh round...