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  1. Grumulkin

    Annealing Made Perfect Induction Annealing Machine

    When the price comes down to somthing reasonable like $350, if it ever does, then I'd consider getting one. Meanwhile, my butane torch annealer works just fine.
  2. Grumulkin

    Shotgun Cleaning?

    Well, if they do touch the bore, they will cause a problem if you do it enough. That's why special care has to be taken if you handload steel shot.
  3. Grumulkin

    Shotgun Cleaning?

    The mild steel pellets are NOT supposed to touch the bore; that's what the wad is for.
  4. Grumulkin

    Nickel Plated Brass?!?!?!?

    Nickel brass not only looks cool, if you're carrying it around in a leather cartridge holder, it's also more resistant to tarnishing.
  5. Grumulkin

    Shooting sticks

    These are shooting sticks I made and use on those nice summer days when I'm sitting on my chair looking over "the back 50" sniping raccoons, etc. Two reasonably straight willow branches, some paracord to tie them together and a little gaffers tape for padding and you have very functional...
  6. Grumulkin

    QR rings loosen when fired?

    And I use them on a 460 Weatherby Magnum with no loosening problems.
  7. Grumulkin

    Would you use single shot for Dangerous Game?

    The was a little sarcasm in my post above. From reading on various forums and from some of the dangerous game hunting shows I've watched, it would seem that it's not uncommon for the PH to want to "collaborate" and even shoot at the same time as the client. Of course the PH says the client's...
  8. Grumulkin

    Would you use single shot for Dangerous Game?

    Why not? The PH is probably going to shoot it anyway (i.e., collaborate, help, etc.).
  9. Grumulkin

    Hiking Rifle cartridges

    And then the Encore in 375 H&H Magnum. Light, easy to carry all day and a heavy hitter. Or you can go even lighter. Another Encore in 375 H&H Magnum.
  10. Grumulkin

    Copper fouling on my new M70

    I tried Remington's bore cleaner once; it's terrible stuff. Hoppes also isn't that good. I'm also skeptical about using products where the recommendation is to not leave it in the barrel too long. I've gone to using Wipe Out and rarely use a brush. You can leave Wipe Out in a barrel as long...
  11. Grumulkin

    The .308 Win for plains game

    At least when I hunted with him Marius used a 308 Winchester. He declined my offer to let try my 444 Marlin handgun and 300 Weatherby rifle.
  12. Grumulkin

    416 Rigby case length criticality

    I have a few comments: 1. When I resize brass, I trim only those pieces that are too long unless a high percentage are too long in which case I trim all. 2. The Lee Factory Crimp Die works great. In my 458 Lott, the crimp function on my Hornady die works fine. In my 378 Weatherby I...
  13. Grumulkin

    The .308 Win for plains game

    I hunted with a PH who did a lot of culling on various plains game species; zebra, wildebest, impala, etc. I think he said he was on his 3rd barrel for his 22-250.
  14. Grumulkin

    Peak pressure and recoil profile

    That is urban folklore. Six feet 10 inches and 310 lbs.
  15. Grumulkin

    Peak pressure and recoil profile

    I can't argue with that.
  16. Grumulkin

    Peak pressure and recoil profile

    I believe the recoil velocity would be the same with added mass to the gun but more of the energy would be absorbed by the added mass; i.e., the buttstock would move as fast but not as far or, if you prefer, the shoulder wouldn't have to absorb as much of the energy. I believe that stock design...
  17. Grumulkin

    Peak pressure and recoil profile

    I can go along with this. What I don't go along with is the whole bullet/ejecta center of gravity thing being a significant factor.
  18. Grumulkin

    Peak pressure and recoil profile

    Yes, the center of gravity moves forward by a slight amount. To figure out how slight, calculate as a percentage what the bullet/ejecta weight is compared to the rifle. And you REALLY think this has an effect on perceived recoil?
  19. Grumulkin

    Optics for a bolt gun

    I'm curious; for those who like to shoot with both eyes open, do you really see with both eyes when you take the shot? When I take a shot, I'm only consciously seen with the eye looking through the optic whether or not both eyes are open.
  20. Grumulkin

    Pulling crimped bullets?

    Maybe you need to crank it down a bit more? I used the RCBS collet bullet puller not too long ago to remove the glued in crimped bullets in some military 308 Winchester cases and it wasn't hard.
  21. Grumulkin

    Happy to join your ranks!

    I had a Leupold 2-7X (don't remember if Vari-X or VX-1) for awhile on a CZ-550 Safari Magnum in 458 Lott and it held up just fine. I then put the same scope on another gun and used it to take a crow at over 300 yards among other things. If you're not against buying used, that scope should be...
  22. Grumulkin

    Holographic or Red Dot sights

    Are you guys aware that EOTech was sued by the military for fraud? Did you know that not long ago EOTech was offering a refund of the purchase price (no longer offered) of EOTechs because of the fraud issue? They've had various issues such as change of zero with temperature changes and the...
  23. Grumulkin

    Contender / Encore thoughts

    Kind of like this one?
  24. Grumulkin

    Contender / Encore thoughts

    I've had bunches of them in handgun and rifle configuration. Accuracy wise, they'll hold their own or better with much more expensive guns. In Contenders, I've only had the original configuration; not the G2. It's true you have to open the action to recock it but the trigger is a lot better...
  25. Grumulkin

    Cleaning brass

    You forgot the lead styphnate in the primers.
  26. Grumulkin

    Cleaning brass

    That would bother me as well.
  27. Grumulkin

    Cleaning brass

    The dishwasher won't generate enough heat to injury your brass in any way. Think about it, at the temperature at which brass would be damaged, plastic would melt.
  28. Grumulkin

    338 WM pet loads?

    I've been playing with a 338 Win. Mag. recently. I tried RL-19 with 225 grain Hornadys and wasn't impressed; I think I tried a couple of other powders with that bullet and still wasn't impressed. The loads would have been good enough for hunting a big animal at 100 yards but I wanted a ground...
  29. Grumulkin

    458 Lott / 458 Win Mag

    The writer wasn't talking about a Lee Factory Crimp Die.
  30. Grumulkin

    458 Lott / 458 Win Mag

    You must not ever have used a Lee Factory Crimp die. They are very case length dependent and one for a 458 Lott would not work with a 458 Win. Mag and vice versa.
  31. Grumulkin

    Lee .375rug neck sizer... lets put pressure on them to make one

    Have both of you actually used Lee neck sizers? I used Lee Collet Dies quite a bit the main advantage to me being not having to lube cases to resize them. The novelty has worn off because: 1. At times they don't size the neck enough leaving bullets loose in the case mouth. 2. They don't...
  32. Grumulkin

    .600 Nitro Pistol

    The word of the day with me would be, you go first.
  33. Grumulkin

    R-19 powder or H 4350

    RL-22 is what I use in my 7mm Remington Magnum with 162 grain bullets.
  34. Grumulkin

    R-19 powder or H 4350

    Sometimes factories blend powders. More often, they make up a batch of powder trying to match something they've used in the past. Then they test it and find it's a little different and adjust the load as needed. Many times the powders factories use aren't available to reloaders but sometimes...
  35. Grumulkin

    R-19 powder or H 4350

    Preignition would mean the powder charge ignites before the primer does. That's not going to happen. Also, when you shoot factory ammunition, do you think the manfacturer makes them at the same temperature they're to be hunted at? Are you under the impression that factory ammunition is always...
  36. Grumulkin

    Subsonic loads for .308 Win

    There is a poster that goes by Seafire on another forum who had come up with Blue Dot loads for a bunch of rifle cartridges; you might ask him. He says he has had good accuracy with them. I have a 300 Blackout in which I shoot subsonic loads. To shoot subsonic requires a heavy bullet (I go...
  37. Grumulkin

    Missing Bolt for 300 Weatherby....

    Oh my, now the effort is to teach the gunsmith his business?
  38. Grumulkin

    Missing Bolt for 300 Weatherby....

    Ah, the joys of a Blaser R 93 and R 8. They WILL sell you just a bolt and they're interchangeable in the respective models; no need for a gunsmith to fit them.
  39. Grumulkin

    375 H&H die adjustment

    It shouldn't be a problem with nickel or Federal cases. I've resized a bunch of Federal nickel 375 H&H Magnum cases and have never had that problem. Are you full length resizing; i.e., does the shell holder contact the bottem of the die when resizing? I also don't believe lube has anything to...
  40. Grumulkin

    Electronic Ear Buds

    A good idea but a couple of problems with that: 1. Unlike the RSA, in the U.S.A. getting a suppressor involves a $200 tax for each suppressor, jumping through hoops getting fingerprinted, getting the approval of local law enforcement and a 6 to 8 month wait for approval from the BATFE. 2...
  41. Grumulkin

    Electronic Ear Buds

    I'm not sure what you mean by "reasonably priced." I have custom molded E.A.R., Inc. electronic hearing protectors. I've had them for a few years and as best I remember they cost over $1,000 at the time. They're comfortable to wear all day and are quite effective in cutting down the noise...
  42. Grumulkin

    416 Rigby bullet seating

    What press are you using? If it's a press by Lee, Hornady, Redding or RCBS, there should be enough threads on the die to permit screwing it in to the press without feeling resistance to a case. If you have some different brand of press that could potentially be the problem but I suspect it's a...
  43. Grumulkin

    Floorplate opening under recoil

    I bought a use 460 Weatherby Magnum and I'll bet the previous owner had the same problem as there is a neat and nicely blued screw that holds the floor plate securely in place. I've never felt the need for a floor plate that opens anyway; it's just another thing to go wrong.
  44. Grumulkin

    Rimless cartridges in break-action rifles

    I don't know anything about Voeres but I've done a LOT of shooting with break action rifles and handguns. Rimed, rimless and belted; it doesn't matter; they all extract just fine. A rebated rim might be a problem in some. As for pressure; no problem, at least in the Thompson/Center Encores I...
  45. Grumulkin

    To clean a pipe

    I sure wouldn't want any tombakavlagringar in my rifle. I remember a little talk by a well known rifle maker a few years ago at the Safari Club International convention. He mentioned the procedure he used to get moly out of a well coated barrel. He heated the barrel until red hot and then it...