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  1. Cliffy

    Someone GAVE me a pre 64 M70!

    I was given a M70 in 30-06 made in 1936! Haven't cleaned it yet (hasn't been used in decades) but at first glance it looks used (Maine deer rifle) but pretty good. Obviously, that old, it comes with iron sights. They are too low for me to get down on (not enough drop in the stock). I'm...
  2. Cliffy

    New backdoor gun registration scheme?

    I found 1 mention in passing of a concern about using the new travel regs for guns as a back door scheme to retain gun ownership information somewhere inside the dark halls of government. As I haven't done it yet, is there any notation of which and what rifles we are taking with us? Is there...
  3. Cliffy

    Mogambo - Africa 1953 with Clark Gable

    Just sitting here watching Mogambo. Clark Gable the quintessential African White Hunter Nice panoramas of Africa Grace Kelly was not the first choice for the role of Linda Nordley. Gene Tierney dropped out due to her health problems. Filming was done on location in Okalataka, French Congo...
  4. Cliffy

    A question to those who have had a "bad" hunt in Africa

    Here's my question- Where did you find your outfitter for the bad hunt? Was it at a public hunting convention, on the internet or an auction? I'm wondering if a pattern can be developed to show where the highest chance of problems seems to occur? Has anyone ever had a "bad" hunt when it was...
  5. Cliffy

    A&E Dumps Phil from Duck Dynasty

    A&E dumped Phil from DUCK DYNASTY last night. I wonder if he'll pull the entire show from that network. He doesn't seem to be the kind of guy to play games. He sure doesn't need the money. A man of strong convictions and morals.
  6. Cliffy

    Request for buffalo hunt quotes

    I have a local dentist that I sent to South Africa 3 years ago who wants to return with his father again, this time to hunt buffalo (1 each). They would prefer to try Namibia this time but I would also give them options in South Africa if someone wants to quote it. The son is paying the bill...
  7. Cliffy

    Need help from African PHs Please Cell Phone Info

    I am updating my my seminar for DSC this year and I need info on what if anything has changed as far as clients and cell phone use and service while in camp. I have previously talked about clients renting phones at the airport for calls back to the US I have also talked about sat phones, and...
  8. Cliffy

    Double Rifle Question- O/U or SXS?

    Just sitting here thinking and came up with this question O/U or SXS for a double rifle? Does tradition trump all else?
  9. Cliffy

    A Sparrow Falls by Wilbur Smith

    Just finished "A Sparrow Falls" WOW another good read. Not exactly a hunt story but good anyway. Now on to the next one. With all W Smith has written I've got a long read ahead of me.
  10. Cliffy

    Dreaming-What would you do if?

    What would you do if you had $100,000 USD to spend on hunting in Africa? Where would you go? What would you hunt, etc? You have to spend it all in one year!
  11. Cliffy

    AH hats at DSC

    If you have an AH hat, wear it at DSC so we can notice each other! Mine is Tan
  12. Cliffy

    Who's going to be where at DSC

    What if we start a list of booth numbers where we can stop by and say hello to AH folks James hunting agent 2111-2113 correct?
  13. Cliffy

    Self Drive Questions on SA and Namibia

    Need answers from those over there! We are considering a self-drive trip the next time after or before the hunt. I would consider both Namibia (first) and South Africa as places we would consider driving. I'm more comfortable with Namibia and would like some first hand information from SA...
  14. Cliffy


    I don't know if this has been done before but- I'd like to know where everyone is as they read this website. Some of you know each other but others do not (me included); SO- Lets make a list of where everyone is around the world as they chime in, what do you say? 1) I'm in the USA...
  15. Cliffy

    Is it a duck?

    Looks like a duck swimming !!
  16. Cliffy

    Cabelas dumping Sabattis on the market?

    I see Guns International has lots of ads from Cabelas with Sabattis 500NE, 470NE 450NE, etc for $3799.88 What's up with that? Now if it was a Blaser (that's the only double that has fit me perfect out of the box)? :-)
  17. Cliffy

    Follow on to my previous thread about safety

    Here's my follow on question- What protocols to those of you who actually live in SA or Namib use when you are driving? Interested in both day and night driving scenarios? Stop a red lights at intersections? Stopping for gas or food? Picking a B&B when traveling across...
  18. Cliffy

    Here's what might be a touchy subject for a question.

    How "often or prevalent" are reports of safari clients running into street crime issues while in Africa whether during, before or after their hunt? By "street crime" I mean robberies, car jackings, assaults, etc. My contention is that it is very rare for the clients to have problems. Is my...
  19. Cliffy

    Free Gun or "I had to use my points!"

    Passing through Phoenix last week and just "had" to stop by the green roof store, On a whim I used my points to get a free rifle just for fun. Wound up getting a Ruger American in 30-06 (my favorite caliber). I know, it's cheap, but it sure shoots accurately. First three shots after a good...
  20. Cliffy

    WARNING! PK Exhibitions, LLC Sportsman shows

    PK Exhibitions, LLC sponsored the Shreveport Hunters Expo last July and cancelled it 38 hours before opening. They promised full refunds to everyone. After two phone promises and two email promises we have not received a refund yet. We filed in time with the credit card company and PK...
  21. Cliffy

    When the Lion Feeds by Wilbur Smith

    Just finished Wilbur Smith's, "When the Lion Feeds". Good read but the ending sucks! 1 down 4 to go.
  22. Cliffy

    Did You Hear That? It's An Elephant Coming Our Way!

    Wanted to try a different way of writing about our first safari. Hope someone enjoys it. Do You Hear That? It's An Elephant Coming Our Way! We have stopped the Toyota just as we are starting down into a mopane filled depression. The diesel engine rattled and shook as it died a sudden...
  23. Cliffy

    Steve Scott's "Safari 101"

    Anyone looked at this video yet?
  24. Cliffy

    Has anyone ever read Wilbur Smith?

    Has anyone ever read the Wilbur Smith books on Africa? I was told to try them so the other half just got me 4 for my BD.
  25. Cliffy

    Looked at a new Blaser double today

    Made the mistake of looking at a new Blaser SS double in 500NE today at the TTH San Antonio show. Crap, it fit me like a glove. Perfect fit right off the rack. First time that's ever happened. 1/2 engraved and wood to die for. Now I have to figure out how to come up with the $$$$$$ to make it mine!
  26. Cliffy

    Outfitter convention question

    OK, after researching for a while I thought I'd ask any of you who display at conventions just what conventions you think are the best to do booth time in. We all know the big ones, SCI, DSC, the African specific ones BUT what other ones seem worthwhile including year round time table? OR, am I...
  27. Cliffy

    Shreveport Outdoor Hunters Expo cancelled 2013

    Anyone planning on going to the Shreveport Outdoor Hunters Expo (LA) this weekend better make other plans. It was cancelled yesterday 38 hrs before it was to start.
  28. Cliffy

    Ammo not being allowed to be imported right now??????

    With the vast shortage of ammo on the shelves these days I've heard from a friend that none is being allowed to cross the border from the manufacturers in Mexico or Canada and that numerous containers of ammo are sitting on docks not being allowed to be opened and imported. Does anyone have...
  29. Cliffy

    Narrow Escapes 2

    OK so we're on another fishing trip off shore from Los Angeles. My buddy likes to fish deep for Rock Cod. I mean deeeep! 600 to 900 feet!. So we wind up half way to Catalina Island, in the middle of the shipping lanes (did I mention that)? Fairly calm day, 3 foot swell no wind waves. We pull up...
  30. Cliffy


    ZEBRA-ZIMBABWE-1999-GWAAI RIVER DISTRICT-LION'S DEN SAFARIS As we stopped on the top of a small rise we could see them. A small herd of zebra were 500 yards away, out in the middle of a small pan in the bottom of the valley in front of us. It was getting late, the sun was low and time was...
  31. Cliffy

    CZ bolt modification?

    Still mulling over a CZ 550 in 9.3x62 and want to know if anyone has modified a bolt on one to allow "low" scope rings instead of medium or high to clear the bolt handle. I've read about it on another forum but would like to hear from someone who has actually done it. How much if any stock work...
  32. Cliffy

    Does Cabela's Negotiate on Used Guns? Anyone know?

    Just wondering if I ever found something in their "library" of used rifles if they ever "dicker" on price or is it "take it or leave it" pricing.
  33. Cliffy

    Going through collected DSC junk and found...

    Going through collected DSC "junk" mail:-) and watched a couple of videos that were given to us by someone called Hartzview and someone from Kwalata ? :-) GREAT videos :-) Makes us anxious to go back.
  34. Cliffy

    What I've seen in the last shows is very interesting.

    Just interesting to note what has been seen as offers in the last 2 "smaller" shows I've gone to lately. 1 hunt was offered at 7 days/$4200 for 8 animals (not all trophies) Blesbuck and doe, white Blesbuck and doe, springbuck and female, Black wildebeest and female and if you wanted a pair of...
  35. Cliffy

    Disposal of trophies

    i have a distant relative who has passed away leaving several very good trophies in his house that the family will want to get rid of. 2 very big Elk, 2 very big Caribou and several really nice deer (Cous and Mulies). Any one know of any way the family can realize a few dollars from these? The...
  36. Cliffy

    Phoenix ISE Sportsmen Show this coming weekend

    Anyone going to Phoenix ISE Sportsmen Show this coming weekend? I think I'll look it over on Saturday and then maybe do Las Vegas one day next week, too.
  37. Cliffy

    Anyone exhibited or looked at these shows

    Any of you guys ever looked at or displayed at the the Shreveport Louisiana show the end of July or the 3 Texas Trophy Hunters shows in August in Houston, Ft Worth and San Antonio?I've been asked to look at them by someone. Thanks guys.
  38. Cliffy

    Harrisburg show cancelled by Reed Exhibitions

    Just went to the Reed site and they have "postponed" the Harrisburg show with a lame excuse. Unfortunately, with them being a world wide enterprise with over 500 shows, this one show my be small peanuts to them.
  39. Cliffy

    Ghost Ring Rear Sight?

    I tried to find anything on this in back commentary but couldn't. As there are many here with MUCH more experience than me with large bore rifles, can I pick your brain? Big bore, dangerous game, double or bolt rifle, how about using a larger apature ring rear sight instead of a leaf? Also...
  40. Cliffy

    My next hunt

    I have proposed something unusual to a PH for my next hunt. Since he has many areas to hunt (and I have all the plains game trophies I really need) and areas that he has not had time to explore, I proposed we hunt only those areas that he would like to look at and take what comes around. I...
  41. Cliffy

    Gentlemen, May I bring up a touchy subject?

    Gentlemen, may I bring up what I feel may be a very touchy subject but one in which we (AH members) have a unique opportunity to show that we are a different type of internet community than most of the rest? I do this with respect to all here on the forum. We have of recent, been...
  42. Cliffy

    Cell Phone Rental and Usage

    Has anyone rented or used cell phones in either South Africa or Namibia recently? I need information on that and any Wifi/Surfing availability in either country. I want to get current and accurate information for my seminar at DSC Any help would be appriciated as I am not smart enough to...
  43. Cliffy


    If any of you know of friends or possible clients that are hesitant about traveling to Africa or going on safari, we would appreciate a referal to our seminar Saturday Jan 5th, 12:30 to 1:30PM - AFRICA - WHATS STOPPING YOU? We are next door to Craig B. and his seminar so we feel like David...
  44. Cliffy

    Got a friend going to Vic Falls with questions

    He's looking at the Vic Falls Hotel Is it good enough for a few days? What is "upgraded" if he gets a suite? Just a bigger bed? What is the "Boma Experience" and the "Jungle Junction"? Should he go there? Is the "Livinston Room" worth a dinner of elegance? Thanks for any recent reports
  45. Cliffy


    I was waiting for official confirmation that our subject was accepted and we had a time slot before I said too much. The "little woman" and are doing a seminar on "Africa-What's Stopping You" at 12:30 to 1:30PM Saturday Jan 5th (we go up against Craig B, in the next room:-). We will...
  46. Cliffy

    Has anybody noticed AH active users online traffic growth?

    Has anyone else noticed the uptick in people on line here on this forum in the last few days? I'm seeing over 6000 at most anytime 24 hrs when a couple of weeks ago it was around 5000. 20% increase!
  47. Cliffy

    Transportation to and from the hunt area, why a seperate charge on a package hunt?

    I was just reading an older thread about the true cost of a hunt and it brought to mind a question I have mulled over for my 14 yrs of experiences in hunting in Africa. Maybe I got up too early and I'm not quite awake yet but here goes- If you have a fixed base of operations (say a farm in...
  48. Cliffy

    Sable sale for $1.2 million US??

    Just heard from a friend in SA that a Sable was sold for $1,2 million USD at the last auction. Anyone know of this?
  49. Cliffy

    Question for all of you and your help requested.

    How many of you know of hunters or their wives that are either afraid of or hesitant to travel to Africa for a hunt? Or, how often do you see refusal to book a trip due to "going to Africa"? I know of wives that won't go because they feel they will be sitting in a damp cold tent, eating cold...
  50. Cliffy

    Lefties on TV, why so many?

    Has anyone else noticed how many left handed shooters are on TV shows about hunting? Seems way out of proportion to the public in general. :-)