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  1. cpr0312

    Hotel stay while laying over in Abu Dhabi- input please..

    I know I have read a few posts over the years about the long layover in Abu Dhabi and the option to stay in an airport hotel. For those of you who have done this and have had the 9-13 hour layovers, what hotel did you stay at(inside the airport or just outside)? I guess for me I would prefer...
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    Tanzania - Has anyone hunted the Selous in the past few years?

    Hello AH, Has anyone hunted in the Selous in the past few years? if so, what block(s)? Considering a hunt there and want some firsthand accounts. Feel free to PM or reply here on the thread, thank you!
  3. cpr0312

    ZIMBABWE: Zimbabwe 2019 With JKO Hunting Safaris On Lake Kariba

    Well folks, sorry for the delay in getting this report started, been a little hectic since I've been back. I returned 2 weeks ago now from Zimbabwe, hunted Sept 24-Oct 3 on Lake Kariba. This hunt was with Jacques Spamer @JKO Hunting Safaris in conjunction with Jimba Safaris. This hunt originated...
  4. cpr0312

    Capes For Sale From Zimbabwe & Zambia (L. Eland, Puku, L. Hartebeest, Bushbuck, Kafue Lechwe)

    I have decided to euro mount most of my trophies from the past few years instead of shoulder mounting them. These are all specific to these 2 countries. For the most part I do not know what to ask for these, all are in the dried/salted state from D/P with exception of the Livingston Eland, which...
  5. cpr0312

    Some recent taxidermy and euro mounts from the past few years

    I have been getting few done at a time in recent years, and now all but caught up with exception of a few more that will be mounted (Sable and Kudu). These range from NZ (2015), SA (2016), Zim (2017), Zam (2018). Now I just need more room:whistle: Its a good thing I have stopped mounting...
  6. cpr0312

    Zimbabwe 2019 only a little more than 1 week out!

    Well folks, I'm heading back over for another safari in a little more than 1 week and excited! I am blessed to be able to take the time it requires off of work to do trips like this! I am also blessed that this will be my 7th trip to the African continent, the 6th for hunting!! I have been to...
  7. cpr0312

    .375 Cartridge holder/carrier/pouch - help

    I am considering using a cartridge carrier for .375 on my upcoming hunt, and want a few suggestions. I have done some searching to see whats out there. I am not a "fancy" guy and don't need top of the line type stuff, however I do understand good quality leather products are probably a wiser...
  8. cpr0312

    Lucky Sevens post #7777 - Going to Zimbabwe!

    Figured why not make a post about an upcoming hunt and tie it in to #7777 I'll be leaving from Zimbabwe in about 1 month, and very excited to see a new area in the northern part of the country! This is more of a take what Africa gives you hunt with a few exceptions... hoping for hyeana, and...
  9. cpr0312

    Tanned Gemsbok Backskin For SALE

    I have a Gemsbok backskin for sale. Its tanned and ready for display. Measurements are 60' wide from back leg to back leg and 27' tall not counting tail. With tail its 45' $90 shipped
  10. cpr0312

    For SALE Livingston Eland Cape For Shoulder Mount

    I have decided I dont have the room and would like to put some money back to the next hunt instead of shoulder mounting my Livingston Eland. The cape is tanned and ready to mount. Here is the pic of eland and the cape laid out. He was taken in Zimbabwe. Measurements are: A: 12.5 B: 37 C: 45 D...
  11. cpr0312

    Where to go next?? 7000th post!!!

    This place has been a great resource for me over the years for all things Africa! I have spoken with quite a few of you on the phone and been able to meet quite a few more in person at the past 2 DSC AH dinners. I appreciate the opportunity to be a member here and be able to post as well as...
  12. cpr0312

    Happy Thanksgiving 2018

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Enjoy your day with family and friends! All don't forget to laugh at yourself and others and not take things to seriously(y)
  13. cpr0312

    Tikka T3 Lite .270 WSM Package For Sale

    Up for grabs is a Tikka T3 Lite in SS/Synthetic in ,270 wsm. This is a nice shooting rifle, probably have about 60-80 rounds through it total. The entire package will include the rifle, rings/bases, the Vortex Diamondback scope pictured, sling, after market slip on recoil pad, and 3 boxes of...
  14. cpr0312

    ZAMBIA: 2018 Hunt With Strang Middleton In 2 Different Areas Of The Country

    Finally catching up somewhat on work and getting to start this report! This will be in a few segments as I am still processing pics and going through my journal. Well, Zambia and the Luangwa Valley was certainly a bucket list item for me, so I was really excited for many months leading up to...
  15. cpr0312

    Zimbabwe 2017 crate finally home

    I didn't take a lot of pics on this one, but my crate is home from my May 2017 Zimbabwe hunt. Most likely going to shoulder kudu, probably eland also. Impala skull will be a euro, zebra rug turned out pretty good! The buff pictured is from my previous SA hunt. I sure am glad I took that wonky...
  16. cpr0312

    Capes For Sale Blesbok, Waterbuck, Buffalo & Red stag

    I have decided to forgo mounting some of my recent trophies, and wanted to offer the capes up on AH first. If anyone needs one or knows of someone who does, let me know. No idea on prices, haven't researched that part, but we can work on it if interested. I don't have any pics, just took them...
  17. cpr0312

    LONG awaited crate is finally here!!!!!!

    2 years after my buffalo hunt, and adding another hunt into the mix in October 2016, the crate is finally home in NC via Turkey!! A few misunderstandings and leaving a few things out of the crate, it was repacked with all appropriate permits and paperwork and finally on its way. I'll post a few...
  18. cpr0312

    New (to me) Tikka 6.5x55 Swede

    Just went and picked up my rifle that I got from @matt85 , it looks good and as described! Cant wait to take it to the range!
  19. cpr0312

    For Sale Kimber Talkeetna .375 H&H

    Up for sale is this Talkeetna in .375 H&H. Purchased brand new in late 2015, has between 50-60 rounds through it. Carbon fiber/Kevlar stock with SS barrel. 4 round magazine capacity, Mauser claw extractor, 3 position Model 70-type wing safety. I have the original box as well. Asking...
  20. cpr0312

    6.5x55 or 7x57 or 7mm-08 (Tikka, Ruger, CZ, Winchester)

    My brain is scrambled, need help from you knowledgeable riflemen out there. First of all, does anyone have these caliber(s) from any of these manufacturers? I've been looking at the 6.5x55 Swede recently, as well as kicking around the idea of the other 2 calibers. The main purpose of the...
  21. cpr0312

    Anyone ever used for flights??

    I came across this site in a search today. Has anyone ever used this before to book your flights? I've uses the pricelines, orbitz, expedias before. Always a little leary when coming across one I have not heard of (their site says been in business since 1990 though) Thanks for the feedback if...
  22. cpr0312

    SCI Adopts Policy On Captive Bred Lions

    Below is copied from an email I just received..... I would ask how CBL is different than "other estate hunting"? _________________________________________ SCI Adopts Policy On Captive Bred Lions Considering that the practice of the captive breeding of lions for the purpose of hunting has...
  23. cpr0312

    Zambia here we come!!

    After about 8 months of dreaming, speaking with numerous outfitters from 3 countries over the phone, through email, and in person a decision has been made! A fellow Tarheel and I will be going to Zambia in July to pursue buffalo, hippo, croc, and a variety of plains game with Strang Middleton...
  24. cpr0312

    Emirates JFK-Dubai-Lusaka anyone done this??

    Looking at Zambia as an option this year, one of the better choices of flights during my days I'm looking for with both flight duration and money is JFK-Lusaka via Dubai. The one concern I have is the 90 minute connection time in Dubai while traveling with guns. All you guys who have gone...
  25. cpr0312

    5000th post!! What hunts to do in the future

    I cant believe this is post #5000 already! This is the only headline I could think of for this post. It has been a privilege to be part of this community on this website! I have learned so much and gained valuable knowledge and information from so many seasoned hunters and good men and women in...
  26. cpr0312

    Cabo San Lucas fishing- September 2017

    I was able to visit Cabo with some family members a few weeks back! Beautiful place, it was my seconbd time there. However September is hurricane and rainy season there, so some plans got changed. There was a tropical storm off the coast for the first 3 days we ere there making for some serious...
  27. cpr0312

    Airline gun case - what is it similar to? Opinions please

    Fellow members, With the amount of different travel cases out there, someone is bound to have on like this or very similar. Kimber gave this to me when I purchased my Talkeetna a few years back due to some minor issues with the recoil pad . It looks similar to a Pelican, but I can only look at...
  28. cpr0312

    Polar Bear importation update - SCI Senate Committee Approves Crucial Polar Bear Provision Jul 27, 2017 SCI is pleased to update members about the addition of language...
  29. cpr0312

    SCI- Info wanted from Lion & Elephant hunters in Zimbabwe

    Just got this email, perhaps some positive news in the future? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Zimbabwe Lion and Elephant Hunters – SCI Needs Information SCI’s Washington, D.C. office is seeking information about SCI members who hunted lions...
  30. cpr0312

    SCI statement of support on lion hunting SCI Supports Hunting As Part Of Lion Conservation Safari Club International notes the recent media reports on the hunting of a lion in...
  31. cpr0312

    ZPHGA Statement on the named lion recently shot

    ZPHGA statement Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association (ZPHGA) Mukuvisi Woodlands Hillside Rd / Glenara Ave South Harare Tel : +263 4 779792 21 July 2017 ZPHGA Statement On the 30th of June 2017, a lion known by operators in Hwange National Park as “Xanda” was shot during a...
  32. cpr0312

    Belize - Short vacation with some fishing & snorkling

    This past week I was able to visit Belize, more specifically Ambergris Caye off the coast of Belize. Beautiful area and scenery. Unbelievably clear water! Here are some aerial pics from the co-pilots seat in the puddle jumper on the way in as well as some fishing, and swimming with the nurse...
  33. cpr0312

    Yellowstone Grizzly Delisting

    SCI Applauds Long-Overdue Yellowstone Grizzly Delisting Safari Club International celebrates with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and hunter-conservationists throughout the country the impending delisting of grizzly bears. The removal of the Greater Yellowstone...
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    Cabelas Optics Sale

  35. cpr0312

    Zebra rug - getting it done in Africa or at home?

    I have seen many posts over the years warning of the tanning in Africa, but wanted to ask you guys who have zebra rugs what you choose. Did you do the D/P and then get it tanned/made into rug in the US or get it made into a rug there? I know money is not always the prime concern, but it would be...
  36. cpr0312

    Vortex Scope Sale Midway USA

    FYI here
  37. cpr0312

    ZIMBABWE: May 2017 Hunt With Mbalabala Safaris

    Well I just got back home yesterday from a 15 day journey to Zimbabwe and back! What a great time in a new country! lots of new friends made and beautiful places seen! The long journey home has me exhausted as many of you know the feeling. I'll do my best to stay on top of the report as I have...
  38. cpr0312

    Cites Leopard import permit in hand!!!

    3 weeks from today I leave for Zim to pursue leopard. That itself is still hard for me to believe. After speaking with my friend @James Jeffrey - regarding leopard, he suggested that I put in for the import permit as soon as I had my hunt booked, so I did. To my surprise today I...
  39. cpr0312

    Less than 30 days till Zim to go after Mr. Spots!!!!!!!

    Wow, cant believe I am under the 30 day mark until heading to Zimbabwe to pursue Leopard! Looking forward to visiting a new country, seeing the sights, hearing the sounds, and going after different species! Looking forward to it with @Mbalabala Safaris !
  40. cpr0312

    Gun Sale Reed's 25% Off April 21-23

    Received this email the other day from Reed's in MN. I purchased my Kimber ,375 from them last year for at least $200 cheaper than any where else.
  41. cpr0312

    New Zealand Tahr 2015

    Well, After some time putting off the taxidermy (because I have so much in line with my guy :ROFLMAO:) I finally went ahead and got the tahr mounted. Running out of space quickly in my home I decided to do a floor mount and squeeze him into my office. Now I can look at him everyday and remember...
  42. cpr0312

    Looks like Mr. Spots in Zimbabwe this May!

    Well, After thinking, deliberating, dreaming, lots of internet searching, lots of speaking with outfitters over the phone and in person over the last year, I finally have a chance to go after leopard! And it came together quickly, I will be leaving in less than 50 days! I will be hunting with...
  43. cpr0312

    The biggest and most interesting pedestal mount

    Check this out on the floor at the Houston safari club!
  44. cpr0312

    Another large caliber thread .404 or .416

    Hello AH! I know there have been numerous threads on this kind of topic. I know there will be lots of different preferences and opinions, but I would like to hear them. This is a big theoretical for me, but if I were to choose one either the .404 or .416, which would it be. I currently have a...
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    Happy birthday to AH's johnnyblues

    Happy birthday to @johnnyblues , have a good one!
  46. cpr0312

    Happy birthday to AH's CAustin

    So I was browsing the section this morning where it shows the birthdays, and today is Charlie's. Happy birthday @CAustin !
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    Thank you to all who have served The United States past, present, and future. We all owe you a debt of gratitude! A personal thank you to 2 grandfathers, a grandmother, my father, and my step father for serving! God Bless America!
  48. cpr0312

    Wide Open spaces interview with Trump Jr. Keith Warren just shared this, while it doesn't cover Africa or the...
  49. cpr0312

    Happy Birthday to the US Marine Corp!

    Happy birthday US Marines! Thank you for all who have served on this site! Coming from a military family I am grateful to each and every one of you, in all branches of service. God Bless America!!
  50. cpr0312

    SOUTH AFRICA: My October 2016 Hunt With AAA Africa Serapa Safaris

    Well folks, I recently returned from beautiful, scenic, majestic South Africa again. I am beyond blessed to have been able to return to South Africa once again, a place that has a secure hold on me and my heart now after the third time. This time I hunted with Jacques Spamer and @AAA Africa...