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  1. Anthony George

    AUSTRALIA: Heath's Bull

    Bit more to the story of that 458WM trip away with my Army Buddy Heath We had just left one of the flood plains after following up a few good Bulls but couldn’t get close enough for a good shot. Heath and I were in front, on the lookout for a meat animal for Caleb’s family, with Ryan and Caleb...
  2. Anthony George

    AUSTRALIA: First Bull Hunt With The 458WM

    I’d just finished building my Winy M70 Feather Weight in 458WM, so was a great time to test it out and to boot just finished loading some Woodleigh 550grn RN SN with 78grns of ADI AR2208 behind to push it along. Anyway with the rifle sighted in for 1” high at 100 we were off to find a suitable...
  3. Anthony George

    AUSTRALIA: Toughest Bull Yet!!

    Ross and His First Bull Ross is my Brother from another mother and we have known each other since I was a teenager I had the chance to get Ross up for a fishing trip and catch up as he had never been to Nhulunbuy before and it was a great excuse for a Boys trip The freezers were empty, so that...
  4. Anthony George

    AUSTRALIA: 108" Bull For Meat

    Well it’s been awhile between meat Bulls and the freezers have been empty for too long. Last few trips have had us come home empty handed, due to the seasonal rains and long grass the Buff are just not moving around. But this trip was different, Beautiful cool morning start at 0430 with the...
  5. Anthony George

    AUSTRALIA: Meat Buffalo Trip

    Had the chance to go and visit a community that’s a fair hoof from here. While we were there we get the usual request, if we can go and get some meat animals during the visit. Well that turned into butchering a Bull every day and two on the last day. Hard work but we bloody love it When we...
  6. Anthony George

    Hey How's things? and Gday from Oz

    Seen a few bits and pieces from here and thought I'd jump in to say Gday I'm on the east coast of the Northern Territory in Australia I'm a mad keen Bovine hunter and absolutely Love the Big, Sill and Obscene Bores I live smack bang in prime Buffalo country and love nothing more than chasing...