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    A Hunter's Explanation

    A person outside of our sport may ask why do you hunt? Why can't you just go on a photo or car safari and enjoy Africa like the rest of us? The Hunter then begins his answer with a metaphor. Hunting is similar to going to a museum and seeing a painting. You have the normal everyday people...
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    Free Range Florida Deer Hunting Guides?

    Hey does anyone have any Florida deer guides in mind for this coming general gun season? I'd prefer affordable and free range, thanks!
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    Least Known African Country That Allows Hunting?

    Hello, what in your opinion is the least known country in Africa that allows hunting? I'd love to find out about more opportunities in these lesser known destinations! My vote would go to Gabon for duiker hunting.
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    Best Caliber for Tiny 10?

    Hello what caliber would be best for the Tiny 10 and not be overkill? If it is a nostalgic African caliber big plus! I'm thinking .243, what is your opinion?
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    Duck Hunting in Europe?

    Do any of the European members of the forum know of hunting opportunities for indigenous duck species in Europe such as Smew, Garganey, Red-crested Pochard, and Eurasian teal as well as others? From what I've seen in my bit of research is that hunting for many of those species occurs in Azerbaijan.
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    How You'd Do A Whitetail Deer Grand Slam?

    Just sitting here thinking how'd I complete the whitetail deer grand slam ( Slam White-tailed Deer.pdf) - Northeastern Whitetail Deer - Midwestern Whitetail Deer - Anticosti Island Whitetail Deer - Columbia Whitetail Deer - South...
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    Best Hunting/Honeymoon Destination?

    I was wondering what your guys opinions on the best location to do a small hunting trip during your honeymoon being the planner I am haha. The criteria I'm interested in would be tropical, beaches, watersports, and beautiful sights. Based on that I've come up with New Caledonia and Mauritius...
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    Will Quebec Open Caribou Hunting Again?

    Hey guys have you heard of any updates on the Quebec caribou situation?
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    Best Looking Safari Shirt?

    I'll be the first to admit I do not care much for fashion, however I like a nice safari shirt. My favorite is the Rigby one shown here, what is yours?
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    Moose Blanket

    I'm gonna be going on a moose hunt this September and was wondering if it'd possible/feasible to make a blanket out of a moose hide? I haven't found any examples of this online and thought it would be a good way to make use of the hide. If you have any advice or experience on the matter I'm all...
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    Hunting Manitoban Subspecies Elk

    I've just heard of the Manitoban elk subspecies and was wondering about hunting opportunities. From what I've seen there is hunting for them in Manitoba but for residents only as well as on high fence ranches. Are you guys aware of any opportunities to hunt them free range, is so where?
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    African Gamefish

    Hello, is anyone aware of any other gamefish species besides the Tigerfish and Nile Perch in Africa?
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    Cheetah Hunting - Importing

    Hey I was wondering what Americans do with the cheetah once its harvested and they're not allowed to import it? does it get stored?
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    Hunting Whitetails with dogs in the South?

    Hello, I've seen videos with guys hunting deer with dogs in the south. Has anyone done this and how was it? Also are there any guides for this type of hunt? I've looked into it and haven't found any.
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    Are White Rhinos still being hunted?

    Hello, I was wondering if white rhinos are still being hunted? I've seen green hunts being conducted but haven't heard of a real hunt recently. If so, in what countries and are there CITES to export them?
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    .416 Rigby for Plains Game?

    Hello just wondering if the .416 Rigby would be overkill for plains game?
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    CITES Questions

    I was on the CITES quota website and saw that Lions (Panthera Leo) only have quotas in Ethiopia, does that mean they are only exportable if taken in Ethiopia? Also do White Rhinos and Hippos require a CITES permit to export? Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.
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    Best Book with Info on African Antelopes?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a book that has information on all of the antelope species of Africa that also includes pictures of them in order to help with identification.
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    Is it legal to import walrus tusks in the US?

    Hello, I was curious if it is illegal to import walrus tusks in the US. I can't find a definite answer online. If any of you have any insight that would be greatly appreciated.