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    Zanardini 9,3x74R Super Express Luksus

    Thanks for the reply guys. I bought it and look forward to shoot it now;-) Plan is to mount an Aimpoint Micro on it, as I dont think I will shoot at game more than 100 yards away with it.
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    Zanardini 9,3x74R Super Express Luksus

    Hi guys. I have an opportunitet to by a Zanardini 9,3x74R Super Express double rifle but is unsure if this caliber will kill a cape buffalo with a 18,5 gram bullet. Any one have experience with this caliber an african game? Regards Peter Denmark
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    Comment by 'Mrbuck001' in media 'Kudu'

    Tracked the kudu and shot him at 20 yards in thick bush.
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    Comment by 'Mrbuck001' in media 'Impala'

    My 9 year old son took this Impala. Now he to want more......
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    Comment by 'Mrbuck001' in media 'Sable'

    From a blind i saw this fellow came by.
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    Comment by 'Mrbuck001' in media 'Hunting'

    Sun downer after a good days hunting.
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    Comment by 'Mrbuck001' in media '180 yard shot in thick bush.'

    Some pictures from Europe and Africa. Africa is like a want more....
  8. 180 yard shot in thick bush.

    180 yard shot in thick bush.

  9. Hunting


  10. Sable


  11. Gold medal roe buck

    Gold medal roe buck

    Not much compared to African game. Price is the same as a fine kudu...
  12. Red stag from Poland

    Red stag from Poland

  13. Fallow deer hunted in Hungary

    Fallow deer hunted in Hungary

  14. Impala


  15. Impala


  16. Zebra


  17. Nyala


  18. Kudu


  19. Blesbok


    Hunting in Marken, with Chris van den bergh
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Video Of My Lion Hunt In The Kalahari Desert With Spiral Horn Safari

    Fantastic video......I feel the relief with you when the bullet find its mark. Just awesome....
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Outstanding Hunt with Spiral Horn Safaris

    Nice nice....a dream hunting trip.......I wanna do that to;-)
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    ETHIOPIA: Africa The Way It Used To Be

    That's hunting and adventure. Thanks for the story.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: My First African Hunt

    At the age 36 I decided that when I rounded the sharp corner of 40, the gift from me to me would be a hunting trip to Africa. I have hunted moderately in Europe and wanted to try something different. So I started to scan the internet for options, and almost backed off. The possibilities were...
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    Tipping Guide

    Just went home from a most fantastic hunting trip to SA, Limpopo province in the Marken area. I was suppose to hunt with the PH who owned the hunting lodge, but due to his planning with a "bigger" trip, i got another PH. The tracker was also driver and skinner. I payed him 50 R pr animal i shot...
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    Yes.......i was asking myself that same question last fall. I am from Denmark - Northern Europe and went to Hungary to shoot fallow deer. In Europe one pay for the weight of the trophy (the horn), not the animal itself. The prize of a real top trophy is absurd, an has led to manipulation of...
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    Peter from Denmark

    Hi fellow hunters. I have booked a trip to SA, Limpopo province in april 2012, and want to be as prepared as possible for that trip. On i can (try) to memorize the shot placement of the different antilopes in the "free shot placement gallery". I also hope i'll learn som tricks...