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  1. hunterhanna

    WANTED: 38" Plus Buffalo

    Soooooooo Who has the best DEAL on 38"+ buffalo??? Not necessarily the best price. Quality is important!!!!
  2. hunterhanna

    New Sport

    A friend of mine & I were comparing our prefered sports, as I hunt big game and he is a rodeo bull rider. So a bright idea popped in my head that could combine our 2 sports. We simply put a mature cape buffalo in the shute, my friend mounts the beast, gate opens, he goes flying across the area...
  3. hunterhanna

    1st safari pics

    Wow!! For our 1st safari, I think we did pretty good!!!;)
  4. hunterhanna


    I am Soooooooooo Excited! Just got a new gun for my wife!..............(I thought it was a good trade!!)
  5. hunterhanna


    Hey Guys (and gals) As a hunting columnist for a newspaper, I was reminded as my safari approaches, not to publicize actually when we were leaving. In this modern world of social media, we don't always know who's really watching. You can be setting yourselves up for a theft. Unless...
  6. hunterhanna


    Have you noticed that next year New Years actually comes before Christmas?????? Of course it does!!!! New Years is January 1st and Christmas isn't until December 25th!!!! :tongue:
  7. hunterhanna


    Curious as this is our 1st trip to Africa, I asked our outfitter to take us shopping for some local handmade items to remember our trip. Question is...suggestions???? prices???? (We don't have unlimited funds) Headed to Limpopo Region near Lephalale, S Africa Thanks!!!
  8. hunterhanna

    Advise on the Flight to Johannesburg from Atlanta

    Ok everyone....advise on the flight to Johannesburg.........airlines prefered?, what to do on the looooong flight from Atlanta, scheduling time AM/PM, etc
  9. hunterhanna

    Long Pants or Shorts for South African Hunt???

    hunting plains game Limpopo Region South Africa Do I need long pants or shorts? (or zip-offs) What kind of material???
  10. hunterhanna

    Pastor visit

    Pastor visiting an old man in the nursing home notices a bowl of peanuts on his night stand. The pastor, having a passion for peanuts, begins to pick at them until he realizes he had eaten them all. Apologizing to the elderly man, he promises to replace them at his next visit. The old man...
  11. hunterhanna


    I am truly impressed with this website!!! My wife and I hunt together and purchased a plains game hunt through our SCI Club for next May (2014). I am one who gathers as much intel as I can find before a major hunt (aka 2011 Safari Nordik Labrador Caribou) Finding this site was a gold mine...