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  1. GWH

    Booked in for Limpopo in Sept

    Well, the flights and half daily rate are now paid for. Hunting mid Sept and can not wait!:) Currently looking at Kudu, Gemsbok, Impala, Warthog and Bushbuck.;)
  2. GWH

    SOUTH AFRICA: Anyone Hunted with Dalerwa Ventures For Wildlife?

    Does anyone have any experience with this outfit Dalerwa Ventures for Wildlife? They have a good package on at the moment and I am considering a booking. Cheers
  3. GWH

    Plains Game calibers

    Interested to hear what is most commonly used on plains game over there - i would imagine the various 300 Mags would feature fairly heavily. What is generally regarded as the minimum calibre that is acceptable - I would think the 270s would be a reasonable minimum. When I eventually get over...
  4. GWH

    Anyone using a 45/70

    Anyone using a 45/70 for African hunting - I have a marlin Guide Gun which I am in the process of selling so I can pick up one of the new Marlin 45/70 SBL (ghost ring sight, picatinny rail, 6 round capacity and large lever loop - stainless laminate, should be an awesome pig gun. SO who else...
  5. GWH

    Big bore projectile choice

    Thought i'd open this thread up with some discussion aimed at fellow reloaders - what projectile do you use in your big bore and why? I had been using the 300gr Hornady Interlock in my 375H+H (and successfully took water Buffalo with one shot), however now use pretty much only woodleigh...
  6. GWH

    G'day from an Aussie Hunter

    G'day all, i have only just found this website. I am an Aussie, currently living and working in NZ although back home to Australia in July. I hope to hunt in Africa in the next 5 years or so and look forward to some interesting discussions on here. Cheers;)