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    For Sale Burris Eliminator II Laser Rangefinder Scope 4-12

    4-12x42 with x38 reticle matte black never been mounted. liminator II extends your range to an impressive 999 yards and with the addition of the Eliminator X38 Reticle, shooters will be given holdover for windage as well as elevation. This scope ranges your target, calculates trajectory and an...
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    Remington 700 Safari Grade 375 H&H Magnum For Sale

    rifle is clean and the pictures say's the rest, mfg 1979 it is a safari grade which research indicates went thru thru custom shop. 1450.00 shipped from individual to ffl, I'm open to trades on this one. no longer live in Colorado and don't expect to hunt there again. thought some of you...
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    Hi to all, new here

    my name is bob and I have never hunted Africa but I have friends that have. meet Peter Hathaway Capstick back in the 80's. loved his books. have friends that belong to safari club international and have sat around the fireplace and listened to many a hunting story.