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  1. inkonkoni

    Hello from South Africa

    Welcome to AH!
  2. inkonkoni

    The Marauder Of Dublar Chor

    Professor, What a great adventure it must have been. And an amazing experience. The skin Trophy is an absolute bonus and very beautiful! Enjoy the Hunt and shoot straight
  3. inkonkoni

    300 Win Mag or 325 WSM

    Clint21 Being a local who loves to peruse the local gun shops i think you will possibly have issues getting ammunition for the 325wsm. The 300wm is a local favorite and just about any shop stock good ammunition for it. Also the 300wm packs enough wallop to take any of the local planes game...
  4. inkonkoni

    Bullet Weight Retention and Performance .270

    HI Brickburn, I have hunted Leeukop often and it is my favourite hunting spot. Looks like the TSX'x worked well for you. I personally use a load of 150gr Hornady Interlocks in my 270 at approx 2560fps. They have worked well on all animals from Impala to Kudu and I always seem to get pass...
  5. inkonkoni

    Zastava 9.3x62 Got The Best Of Me

    Congratulations. These are fine rifles, probably not the same finishing as a lot of other guns but as a working rifle, you cannot go wrong with it! And the 9,3x62 is a great round! Enjoy the hunt and shoot straight!
  6. inkonkoni

    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    I love my 9,3x62
  7. inkonkoni

    There is always room for a light rifle!

    Beautiful Rifle! Congratulations!
  8. inkonkoni

    9.3x62 Optics

    Hi There... Been using my Mauser 93x62 for a few years now. I have had a few scopes on my including a Leupold 1-3x25, a Leupold 3-9X40 and a Lynx Lx2 3-9x40. I found the low magnification scope a little difficult as I do not have great eyesight. But a good quality 3-9x40 or similar will do the...
  9. inkonkoni

    Unicorn gun!

    Great Find and a beautiful rifle as well! Hope you enjoy many great hunts with it!
  10. inkonkoni

    The Girlfriend

    Best hope your wife does not find out :LOL:
  11. inkonkoni

    Shooting Sticks

    First off, thank you for the reminder to those who plan on an African Safari to practice from the sticks. Living in South Africa and having hunted a fair bit, the one piece of equipment besides a trusted rifle that always goes along on a hunting trip is a trusted pair of sticks. I prefer...
  12. inkonkoni

    Bullet Performance Database

    This is quite shocking. In 2018 my brother and I Hunted the Umkomazi river valley. I shot several Kudu and Impala with 180gn Sako Hammerhead bullets out of my 30-06. Not a single one recovered even on some raking shots. Perhaps at the shots being mostly 180m + the velocity was low enough to...
  13. inkonkoni

    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    Damn this is a tall order... For me, a 22lr is a must for regular practice. For hunting: 270Win (My Brno zkk600 with its little plastic stock) 30-06Spr (My Brno zkk600 deluxe) 9,3x62 (My old Mauser :love:) And if I was lucky enough to try the dangerous ones I'd prefer a .404 Jeffery
  14. inkonkoni

    Moose Pictures

    Beautiful! Congratulations!
  15. inkonkoni

    Comment by 'inkonkoni' in media '53 inch Lord Derby Eland'

    That is one amazing beast! It surely does not get better than that easily!
  16. inkonkoni

    Comment by 'inkonkoni' in media 'Central African Savannah Buffalo'

    Beautiful nonetheless! Congratulations!
  17. inkonkoni

    Ruger Safari Magnum

    When it comes to hunting things that might have the intention of hurting you I prefer the more traditional actions like the magnum Mauser and BRNO and CZ actions. My 2 cents
  18. inkonkoni

    New World Record

    I suppose accuracy was not his biggest goal?
  19. inkonkoni

    500 Jeffery Woodleigh Projectile Test

    Thank you! This really helps with providing some perspective...
  20. inkonkoni

    30-06 problem loading

    A friend had a Ruger in .223 with the same issue.
  21. inkonkoni

    New World Record

    I don't believe there is.... Sadly
  22. inkonkoni

    Water proof boots

    My 2c ... Locally I buy boots from Jim Green. They are waterproof but eventually if you muck around in the water enough your feet do get wet...
  23. inkonkoni

    New World Record

  24. inkonkoni

    30-06 problem loading

    @Uncle Mike I have not had this problem, but it sounds like something is out of spec.
  25. inkonkoni

    Hello- happy to be here

    Welcome! The 9,3x62 is one of my favourite cartridges. Enjoy the Bush and Shoot Straight
  26. inkonkoni

    What Is Your Dream Rifle?

    A few were made here locally in SA.. Not sure about CZ's Custom shop
  27. inkonkoni

    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    If you have the opportunity to buy a Rigby in a Rigby caliber go for the 275. My 2c
  28. inkonkoni

    What Is Your Dream Rifle?

    Fortunately I managed to keep my guns aswell!
  29. inkonkoni

    What Is Your Dream Rifle?

    Some might say I have an unhealthy appetite for large calibre rifles!
  30. inkonkoni

    Hello AH

    Thank you! I most certainly will!
  31. inkonkoni

    Hello AH

    The Mkuze area is stunning. It's my favourite hunting area.
  32. inkonkoni

    Hello AH

    Thank you. I'm sure I will
  33. inkonkoni

    Hello AH

    That is truly sad to hear, we have 3 miniatures one which is now about 12 and then one Giant.
  34. inkonkoni

    Hello AH

    Thank you
  35. inkonkoni

    Hello AH

    Thank you
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    Hello AH

    Thank you
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    Hello AH

    Thank you!
  38. inkonkoni

    Hello AH

    Thank you! Do you also have Schnauzers in the family?
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    Hello AH

    Thank you!
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    Hello AH

    Thank you!
  41. inkonkoni

    Hello AH

    Thank you!
  42. inkonkoni

    What Is Your Dream Rifle?

    Perhaps mine does not evoke the nostalgia that other listed her do, however, I have long dreamed about a 550 Magnum built on a ZKK 602. It needs no fancy walnut as I will consider it a working rifle. Has to have a barrelband front sling hook and express sights. Decent trigger and a matt blue...
  43. inkonkoni

    Hello AH

    Thank you very much! Glad to be here. Shoot Straight Inkonkoni
  44. inkonkoni

    Hello AH

    Thank you very much! I look forward to making a useful contribution! Shoot Straight Inkonkoni
  45. inkonkoni

    Hello AH

    Thank you! Shoot straight! Inkonkoni
  46. inkonkoni

    Hello AH

    Thank you very much for the warm welcome. My 93x62 is a commercial mauser action manufactured in 1920 according to stamps on the action. Unfortunately I have very little history on the rifle. It was a rifle I bought out of my grandfathers estate and no one in the family seems to know mutch...
  47. inkonkoni

    .270 vs 7*57 Which is the best???

    @Bobjan Boy For what it is worth, I don't yet own a 7x57... I am still looking. However, I do won a BRNO ZKK600 .270win fitted with a "Plastic" Camo stock and a neat little 3-9x40 Linx rifle scope. 2 Years ago, with it being fed my hornady 150gn Interlock hanloads loaded to 2540 fps Mysalf...