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  1. Cam Moon

    International travel to RSA open October 1st 2020!!!

    Just heard about this today!
  2. Cam Moon

    Legal to sell taxidermied mounts?

    I have a friend who's father was a hunter, and has passed on. He had a Caribou shoulder-mount that the family is now trying to sell. Anyone know what the (Canadian) law is in such a situation?
  3. Cam Moon

    What's this Bugs Bunny Bullsh!t about Elmer Fudd not having a gun?

    You may or may not be aware that HBO Max has relaunched Warner Brothers classic Looney Tunes Cartoons. But in the name of "political correctness" our beloved Elmer Fudd has been stripped of his firearm. Political correctness my ass! If they truly wanted to be politically correct what they could...
  4. Cam Moon

    Would you be willing to transport a firearm?

    Hello fellow AH members! I know this may be a long shot, but is there any USA members that will be driving up to Alberta Canada that would be willing to bring a rifle up for me? It's kinda a long story, but if anyone could help out, please send me a pm! Thank you!
  5. Cam Moon

    Attention Houston Area!!!!

    I bid on an online fundraising auction and have some great stuff!!! Unfortunately, the shipping to have it delivered to me is very high, so I'd like to be able to find someone in the area (Cypress/Houston) who would be interested. If there is anything you're at all interested in, please let me...
  6. Cam Moon

    Auction Hunts: Deal? Or Duped?

    Hi all. I'm thoroughly enjoying this site and truly appreciate the diversity of the members and their different ideas. I value that members may not always share the same opinions, but (for the most part) seem to respect each other's thoughts and ideas. I appreciate all productive input and would...
  7. Cam Moon

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Hunt With Huntershill Safaris In The East Cape

    I'm finally getting around to doing a bit of a report. I guess it's better late than never. I have friend that was planning a trip back to Africa to spend a couple weeks at Kruger National Park. She was gracious enough to invite me to come along. She has been to Africa several times and knows...
  8. Cam Moon

    WANTED: Looking For South African Plains Game In April

    I'm planning on spending a couple of weeks with a friend in Kruger at the end of April/beginning of May. I'm considering doing a 5-day hunt before I go to Kruger. The animals that interest me the most besides ibex and mouflon would be Sable, Lechwe, Waterbuck, and Nyala, but I'm a bit open. I...
  9. Cam Moon

    South African taxidermy

    Hi. I'm wondering if anybody is familiar with or has had any first-hand experience with Umlindi Taxidermy.
  10. Cam Moon

    New here from Alberta

    I just got back from South Africa and it was amazing! I've read several threads on here before I left, and thought it's probably time to join, as I think I'll be going back!