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    Conservancy land Beneficiary in poaching claim

    By Alex Bell 26 October 2012 One of the ZANU PF Beneficiaries of conservancy land leases and hunting licences is reportedly being investigated for poaching, as the future of the Save Valley Conservancy remains unclear. Former ZANU PF Minister and "war vet" Shuvai Mahofa, referred to...
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    Save Valley Conservancy

    Those who have a keen interest in Africa and some of the great hunting opportunities this great continent has to offer will be greatly sadened by the latest developments in the Save Valley Conservancy. September 2, 2012 in Business ZIMBABWE risks a ban from the US Fish and Wildlife Service...
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    Boris Swenson hunting buffalo with Buzz Charlton

    Found this short video on youtube and thought it worth posting.
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    Trail Cam Video

    Not from Africa.
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    ZIMBABWE: Charlton & McCallum Safaris Zimbabwe (C & M Safaris)

    Just finished watching the second DVD by this outfitter Charlton & McCallum Safaris Zimbabwe. I would be interested in comments by others that have watched this DVD. The title is " Extreme Zambezi". Almost all hunts on elephant are so called PAC hunts. Would be especially interested in...
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    More good news from Zimbabwe

    More wildlife management success (lol) by baboon Bob and his merry troop of monkeys. Sunday, 23 October 2011 11:39 In March this year, Richard Emslie, chief scientific officer for the Species Survival Commission of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and head of African...
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    Clarification on PAC Elephant hunts Zimbabwe

    I have just finished watching a hunting DVD that has a number of elephant hunts that were apparently PAC. All were take by clients. I am under the impression that an PAC animal cannot be hunted by visiting hunter in Zimabawe. Can anyone clarify this this for me? Now I am not sure how old this...
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    Leopard Hunt - The good, the bad and the ugly

    I was going through some stuff on my computer and found this gem. :) Wounded Leopard DON'T DO THIS! The pursuit of Africa's great cats is exhilarating, it is humbling, it is emotional and it can be extremely dangerous. Lion possess the power to to snap your neck or any other part of your...
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    Terminal ballistics - Facts and Fiction

    For those who have an interest in terminal ballistics and enjoy discussions on what makes the perfect load for their chosen pet calibre here is some information that you may find interesting. I certainly did. It does however require some time to read through and absorb. Terminal...
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    Zimbabwe landmass and wildlife

    This is a article that appeared in a recent hunting magazine. I thought I would posted it here as it is interesting. Zimbabwe landmass and wildlife Zimbabwe had a proud record of excellence in Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation. That no longer applies to the majority of land for...
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    Make The First Shot Count & Don't Sweat The Back-up Shot

    I found this amusing story and thought it may be enjoyed by others. Make the first shot count and don't sweat the back-up shot "I don't care a damn about these people who can split a pea at 300 yards. What I want to know about a man is how good he is on a charging rhino at six feet." -...
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    Who fired that shot?

    I found this amusing story and thought it may be enjoyed by others. "I don't care a damn about these people who can split a pea at 300 yards. What I want to know about a man is how good he is on a charging rhino at six feet." - Philip Percival I once witnessed a most vehement...
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    Mana Pools NP under threat

    Mana Pools, the iconic Zimbabwean national park and World Heritage Site, faces another threat to its wilderness status as two new lodge developments on prime sites within the parks boundaries have been proposed. And both are being vigorously disputed by the wider conservation and ecotourism...
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    Air Zimbabwe on it's last legs - I think

    Air Zimbabwe on it's last legs - I think By Nkosana Dlamini, Harare, October 18, 2011 Zimbabwe troubled national carrier Air Zimbabwe is operating at an appalling loss of US3,5 million a month while its debt has surged to nearly US$138, the airline boss has revealed. Our cost of operating the...
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    Chiredzi Elephant

    Fresh land invasions at the Chiredzi River Conservancy are threatening the elephant community there, with illegal settlers killing the animals and destroying their habitat. About 70 elephants call the Conservancy home, but an influx of land invaders in recent months has seen the animals'...
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    Ministers strike it rich in conservancies: WikiLeaks

    Ministers strike it rich in conservancies: WikiLeaks October 2011 CABINET Ministers and other senior ZANU-PF officials are reportedly making a killing from wildlife conservancies seized from former white-commercial farmers, according to the latest salvo from international whistle-blower...
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    Hunting in Germany

    I am current applying for a contract with a mining company here is Aus. If successful, the first stage is 3 month stay in Germany (not sure where). I would like to know what the possibilities are for a visitor to do some hunting (if any). If anyone has any ideas I would be greatfull if you...
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    Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

    I thought I would post some pictures of Victoria Falls (Also called Mosi-oa-Tunya meaning smoke that thunders. ) taken from a Helicopter (Flight of Angels) during a recent visit to the Falls. I would highly recommend taking this short flight as it is the only way to trully appreciate the scale...
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    Bailey Bradshaw falling block double

    I was reading African X mag and found an article about Bailey Bradshaw falling block double rifles. Also looked at his web site. Has anyone had any experience with these doubles? According to the web site they seem very reasonably priced ( $8500 for DG calibers up to 500 NE).
  20. richteb

    Professional Hunters, Conservationists And Government Cooperate In Namibia

    Extracts from various reports in The Namibian Economist The Lazarus Shinyemba Ipangelwa (LSI) Foundation and the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) hosted a second trophy hunting workshop on August 22nd attended by government representatives, commercial farmers, communal...
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    Moratorium on all Professional Hunters from outside Zambia

    Moratorium on all Professional Hunters from outside Zambia It is a well known fact that the ZAMBIA WILDLIFE AUTHORITY (ZAWA) sees the Zambian Professional Hunters operating in Zambia in the same category as Doctors that is registered with a Medical Council, Lawyers that belongs to the Bar and...
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    Cure against poachers

    This may have already been posted on AH. If so, sorry, if not enjoy. P.S. I would use something a little more potent. A cure against poachers? 9th September 2011 A South African game reserve has developed a treatment for rhino horns that is safe for the animals, but toxic to humans The...
  23. richteb

    Norma ammo

    Just as a matter of interest, Norma are no longer loading 350 gn Ammunition in 375 Flanged Magnum. 300 gn ammunition still listed.
  24. richteb

    Botswana Road Safety Message

    Found this amusing. Taken just through the border crossing from Zim to Botswana.
  25. richteb

    Lion encounter

    Thought I share this pic. Some guys bait for them. Some guys stalk them. I think this method is much more civilised. LOL. Pretty easy way to evaluate trophy potential.
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    Eland and Warthog Video

    I have been reviewing some of the video footage I have taken in Africa and came across this short video. I apologies, as it is a little shaky (must have been the excitement). The area is near Bietbridge on the Limpopo river and the this particular spot is where they dump oranges from the...
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    Ruger Hawkeye Alaskan open sights

    I would like to throw this question out to the members of the forum with the hope that someone may be able to help. I have a 416 Ruger Hawkeye Alaskan and have found that it shoot about 2" low with the existing open sights. I am looking for a new lower front bead or higher reat leaf. From my...
  28. richteb

    Woodleigh Hydrostatic projectiles

    Here are some pictures of a Woodleigh hydrostat that was recovered from my buffalo. The bullet (fired from 458 Lott) entered the skull just below the boss and contiued through the skull and entered the spine at the hump. The projectiles was recovered near the tail under the skin. The only damage...
  29. richteb

    ZIMBABWE: Zimbabwe Hunt with Mbalabala & Martin Pieters Safaris

    31st August 2011 was a sad day. This is the day that I shook the hand of my PH Quinton Wessels and our hosts Pam and Charlie Stanton of Mbalabala Safaris for the final time as we prepared to board our flight from Bulawayo to Joburg. 14 Days of hunting in Zimbabwe in three different locations...
  30. richteb

    Trijicon AccuPoint scope

    I would like to throw out this question to all. Does anyone have any experience with the Trijicon AccuPoint scopes? I am thinking of getting a Trijicon AccuPoint Scope to put on a Browning A-Bolt in 338WM. This rifle is mainly used for hunting Sambar. The terrain is hilly and the forest cover...
  31. richteb

    Zimbabwe Hunt

    Well just under a week to go till my hunt in Zimbabwe. It has been more then a year in the planning and final few days seem to dragging along slowly. The plan is to hunt Cape Buffalo in the Omay South for 7 Days and then relocate to Nicholson South and Mbalabala for 7 days plains game...
  32. richteb

    Hunting Omay Region Zambezi Valley Zimbabwe

    Would like to know if anyone has hunted the Omay Region Zambezi Valley in recent times. Have been trying to find information on the net regarding this area in Zimbabwe, but there doesn't seem to be much. Would like to know a little about the quality of hunting (especially Buffalo) as well as...
  33. richteb

    Ruger RCM rifles

    Recently Ruger through its agent in Australia issued a recall concerning Ruger rifles in their RCM calibers. Apparently there is some concern regarding the securing bolt for the rear sight. Dealers have been asked to inspect the bolt hole in the barrel to ensure that it has not been drilled to...
  34. richteb

    350 grain projectiles for 375H&H

    I am considering using 350 grain Woodleigh projectiles for buff. The thing is I have noticed that the soft nose differ in BC to the solids. I would like to hear if anyone has tried these bullets.
  35. richteb

    Buffalo Hunt Zimbabwe

    This is a question for all you guys/girls who may have hunted in Zimbabwe for buffalo in recent times. I am planning a trip there in 2011 for buff with Charlie Stanton. My question is what should I expect in the way of trophy size ? Goes without saying that the gods of hunting smile upon my...