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    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome to the site. All the knowledge you could ask for on here. Also watch the deals and offers, some great opportunities. Our lives have many parallels, I grew up in Southern Ontario, (Brighton), joined the CAF but the Snr service Navy, posted to BC, never left and retired 34 years later...
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    South Africa will reopen to US tourists!

    How about Canadians? I keep seeing with a 72 hr negative Covid test as a requirement. Hard to believe that when landing in some African countries you can get a test for $60 and have results next day. Dam good on them countries. So far in Canada no such thing exists as far as I know. Its still...
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    Experience with Nosler Accubonds

    Just completed another accubond experience, annual BC trip, (retired and 6 weeks this Covid year, self isolated), 3 accubonds were fired at game. 1 elk, 1 whitetail and 1 wolf all dead. Non went more than 20 yds and no bullets were recovered. All shot with 165 gr from a 300 wsm, now trying some...
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    Namibia bound!!!!

    Congrats and good luck Gizmo. I say add a Damaraland Dik Dik. A very nice life-size mount and iconic to a small part of the world species. On my Namibian safari I ran into a small issue, take MORE $$$$ than you think or have better mental health/strength than I for staying off the trigger...
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    What to do with a giraffe

    Giraffe haunt me. Not because they are haunting but on my first safari I had an opportunity to shoot a huge bull for $300, seen him 3 times, his eye was hanging down out of his head and infected. Budget was tight, other species had higher priority. ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE PH is what I learned. The...
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    Guess RSA is not opening anytime soon...

    Leave a week Monday for my 2 month BC safari so no travel this year, if the FN road blocks, gates and armed mobs don't claim/enforce that "Covid" threat is so great that they must keep resident hunters out of the woods. Could get real ugly. This Covid BS better be over before June 26 2021...
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    Elephants with the largest tusks

    I did opposite, did a Zim PAC, his ivory was 45+ but same as hunting an elusive 90+. Hunt a specific bull, it was an AWESOME hunt and experience, not at night and not an easy hunt, but so much fun. Will do again, I am not one with unlimited funds (do wish), PAC for a few years equals costs for...
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    He will only demand it back after the next fools vote him back in. 2 Billion announced to Provinces today is part of the fool Canadians scam. He will get it back, maybe an OIC?? Ha ha On a good note I did get my postponed contract for now 2021 safari yesterday, now to hope Covid goes away so I...
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    I'm with you, cannot for the life of me even begin to explain the actions, not only Canada but the World has done in response to Covid. I do agree that the pain still coming will be far more hurtful and felt longer than Covid has. Trudope keeps handing out $$$ like its limitless. Wait till he...
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    That certainly explains better what's really going on. Daily I think of the movie invasion of the body snatchers and think OMG its happening. Its just Covid. In the grocery store yesterday, in the washroom seen a guy with mask and gloves, exit the shitter and go straight into store? Crazy stuff. MB
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    For Sale Leupold VX-2 2-7x33 Wind-Plex Reticle

    Dam that border. MB
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    How do you pick your mounts?

    Most responses sound well thought out. I was NOT that way, started very very young when I was invited into an old hunting camp and seen all the mounts, both 1950 shoulder and euro. Understood right then that's what I wanted "my" place to look like. The disease started shortly after, and my...
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    Canvas Is King

    Same as Mort and Red Leg, camping without a gun, rod or both does not happen for me. Great thread, Covid so far has NOT stopped my annual BC safari that starts 6 Sept, will be in a tent until 26 Nov, following the species and seasons all over BC. No rooftop, do have slide in camper but trails in...
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    Moose loads for .375h&h

    I am same as @machinistbutler. Shot a few on opposite side of Canada (BC) with my 375 over the years and always use 260 gr accubonds with RL 15, load up a few different loads and use the load that shoots best in your gun. Good luck. MB
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    Best Caliber for Tiny 10?

    Thanks @Red Leg. That last pic looks to be what I would consider perfect for T10 and night stuff. I can drool/dream. Very nice of you to show. MB
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    Best Caliber for Tiny 10?

    Wow just reading this thread "intrigues" me. Some people?? I do have observations based on my shots on some of the tiny ten and am looking, reading and investigating better options. I am supposed to be on safari now but have a Covid delay. As some of the tiny ten and all the small night...
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    ALL todays news is no more than BS, here in BC just this week CTV told all viewers that the barracuda that was caught in Port Alberni is a type of "tuna", then more BS, the skate that washed ashore in Vic is a species of "stingray". Then they covered the anti mask rally and stated many times the...
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    Lost Luggage

    I have a horror story that turned out as a bonus. Back to back Safaris in Zim then Namibia, BC to SA thru Atlanta, SA to Zim, Zim to Namibia all luggage at all airport carousel's. Coming home, Namibia to SA, SA to Atlanta, no guns at Atlanta, told they were taken off plane in SA due to weight...
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    Must say it is different. Logging back in is/was simple, will take some getting used to as all changes do, not a social media junkie so no comparison for me there. Better/worse not enough time for any opinion. Change takes longer to adapt the older I get it seams. MB
  20. M to be updated

    I was thinking its dam awesome now, making it better. Yippee MB
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    You are correct, we do have some awesome black bear hunting, season is open 10 months of the year, just closed now, June 16 to Aug 24. I make it a point every year to hunt them. Some of the most intense, all ways see them and allowed 2 per year relaxing kind of hunt. Hunt them every way except...
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    For Sale 375 REM 700 Overwatch

    +2 MB
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    Thanks for the video, info from the other side of the argument. There is much craziness happening right now. Being on Vancouver Island with 4 cases gives another perspective but since I am currently supposed to be on safari in SA I will do what it takes to get this Covid under control even if...
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    Hello from alberta

    Welcome to the best Africa site nwt2002, I am curious about nwt2002 and from Alberta. From a fellow Canuck in BC. MB
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Kuche Safaris?

    PS My next outfitter/PH is on here, I should be there on my 21 day get to know each other right now, but we are Covid delayed by a year. Dam MB
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Kuche Safaris?

    I only give outfitter recommendations to those I fully know. Nothing to do with you but my perfect safari and outfitter may not be yours. My Zim outfitter is on here and every one and post has the same review as I do. Outstanding, honest and so far my best PH. Before you get an outfitter...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Kuche Safaris?

    I say you have the right attitude, you will be amazed at the wildlife no matter the country, or area some are park like others you need to look. Having a hunting wife could take some of your opportunities?? Bugging you, a spouse enjoying as you do is the best, share and enjoy together. If its...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Kuche Safaris?

    On my spread sheets I have every thing listed, large and small. Must admit its not my first safari so have had a few trips to gather info and details. I do know what I want and what is important to me, not a drinker, prefer to have lunch from a cooler box under a big tree, eat what we shoot, not...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Kuche Safaris?

    Hello Andrew I have no info on safari company stated. I would suggest getting all your wants, would likes and must haves figured out. I am a spread sheet guy, works for me. Then contacting a few other outfitters on here and seeing what they offer, property size, camp style and rating are a few...
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    Gun control in Kiwiland

    Seams the world has gone crazy. Our Canadian Liberals are just as dumb. Lets use a pandemic and now boy Hitler has made some gun rules, announces 1500 guns but now truth is more are secretly added weekly. Guess Liberals world wide are all crazy, they all think the same. Ban legal guns, attack...
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    Hello from BC, Canada

    Welcome to AH. If its hunting Africa or just Africa info your looking for this is the site. Lots of first hand straight forward info from those that have been there and will go back. I would strongly recommend doing what it takes to go on safari. From a fellow BC er, (Vancouver Island) its not...
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    Its not only US media. Canadian media is the same, other night they did a black lives matter rally story and how good it was followed directly by Mr Trumps rally and how is spread the dreaded, instant demonstration of one sided BS news reporting. From a Canadian news?? MB
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    Few days spent in the everyday life of Nyamazana Safaris

    Great rekindling Wayne, its been too long, however life long memories you provided are still very fresh. Dam Covid has delayed a return, your pics and memories strengthen this desire even more. Thanks MB
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    Is the .375 H&H Strong Enough

    I have been close, India and Shri Lanka in 2017. Many visits to Malaysia, and Thailand but regrettably never made it to Bangladesh. I will certainly look you up if the opportunity arises. Thanks MB
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    Is the .375 H&H Strong Enough

    I very much enjoy reading your first hand wealth of experience and knowledge. What a joy I think it would be to share some time listening to your experience while we enjoyed a drink, a fire and I your company. I read and dream of the experiences you write about. Thanks MB
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    Is the .375 H&H Strong Enough

    For me the 375 is an awesome caliber, I used for many PG and DG including elephant, wish I had a big bore, just because, not because the 375 is not/was enough. Also great here at home, dropped grizz and a few moose. Probably even better with todays tough meant for heavy game bullets, for me its...
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    Draw Results coming in

    The British Columbia LEH draws were published yesterday. Another unsuccessful for me, no love again. Guess its a GOS, antler point restrictions and special area year again. MB
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    Is anyone booking Flights for Next year yet?

    I just had our flights cancelled today, supposed to leave next Wed, Vancouver to Toronto on Air Canada then to Joberg on Ethiopian. Of course Air Canada will only offer cancelations with a $450 fee or voucher. Our Boy King has exempted AC, allowing them not to comply with his newly tooted...
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    Soonest/Safest return to South Africa?

    No idea what it equates to in US, sorry I am Canadian and normally do every thing in my power to stop any sort of this when using my hard earned $$. Directly from internet, not good for me as a paid customer I think. The aim of business rescue is to restructure the affairs of a company in...
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    Monos vs Bonded

    No help from me, the ONLY bullet I use is the accubond in every caliber. I don't use 7mm, do use 6mm, 6.5mm, 30, 33, and 375. Switched from partitions many years ago, they kill but also caused me sewing on skins. Never seen a need to look at others. At least not yet, when the no lead idiots hit...
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    Soonest/Safest return to South Africa?

    This Covid has far reaching long lasting negative effects. Here at home lots will not reopen even after being allowed, the list of companies is long. Just received word that our shark diving company in Gansbaai has been placed in "business rescue" guess that means no return of paid funds...
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    Soonest/Safest return to South Africa?

    Please don't take my post as any negativity towards SA, its outfitters or posters. Also please do not stop posting on here, guys like me need your views, feet on the ground posts so we can track what's real during this crazy time and then when this is over. I have gained tons of knowledge and up...
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    Ever OK to shoot from a truck?

    I am no ethical police! All I will say about the long range guys is its NOT for me. I see on TV shooting a grizzly at 1100 yds, an elk at 1000, goat at 900+, and driving to a mnt top in Africa and shooting kudu, gemsbuck, bushbuck and others at looong distances. For me they are missing the point...
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    Ever OK to shoot from a truck?

    I follow the rules of where I am. If I bring and enforce the rules from home, I would miss out on a lot of other worldly hunting possibilities. 1 hr before sunrise to 1 hr after sunset, no loaded rifles on vehicles (cost me a wildcat in Namibia, did not do as told and load the gun), no night...
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    Soonest/Safest return to South Africa?

    Agree, It has been some time since my last safari, (9 years). Things were very easy and simple last time, this time road blocks were at every level. I was shocked at the costs not only to fly with a firearm but to see SA response to a hunter. A Gansbaai hotel told me to "move on" they don't like...
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    Canada moose hunt recommendations

    Recent moose study said that higher densities are found away from accessible areas, after wolves "unregulated harvest" was #2 on causes of moose death rates. Sad state we are in. Seen a couple good reports on company you used, even saw them on a TV show last week. Still lucky to be a resident. MB
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    Soonest/Safest return to South Africa?

    Boo hoo for me, I am supposed to leave 23 June, like in 10 days. Not going to make it. Dam Covid and its BS. MB
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    Canada moose hunt recommendations

    This Covid crap has really hurt tons of opportunities. Sucks that you will not be visiting island, postpone till after Covid. I wonder what all the uncertainly will do to my annual fall 2 month BC safari. Love the Gov site Covid warnings concerning LEH, tags, seasons and no returns of funds...
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    Lots of people repeat exactly what you posted, BUT the numbers and statistics from countries who did next to nothing do not support that, they have near the same death rates as those that locked down and ruined economies. When you compare apples to apples. Not when someone has a heart attack and...
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    We have the same here in Canada. I would NEVER call someone unwilling to follow blindly unpatriotic, especially after every thing we have been told for months has NOT materialized. Our Canadian professionals have and continue to spend millions with advertising by the minute telling all their...