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  1. duckman90

    Zimbabwe lion hunt? Cecil the lion killed

    So I just saw this article on Reddit. I was wondering what everyone else thought about this? From the sound of it the lion was shot outside of the national park on a legal hunt. Could someone more knowledgable chime in and let me know why this made the news? Here is the article...
  2. duckman90

    300 Gr TSX in the .458 Win Mag?

    Hey Guys! As some of you know I finally finished my .458 Win build. So far the gun is sweet, but I have only been shooting 500-510 grain bullets out of it. I am starting to have enough brass to think about reloading for it. Does anyone have any good 300 grain loads worked up? I'm think deer and...
  3. duckman90

    Optics On heavy Hitters

    Hey guys I have a .458 build thats getting finished in the next month or so. Of course i put express sights on it, but i also put the leupold quick detatch mounts on it as well. So my question for you guys is What Kind of optics should i put on it? I am thinking the Leupold VX-II in 1-4x20 or...
  4. duckman90

    Building a FN Mauser in .458 Win Mag

    Hey guys I am in the process of having FN action Mauser 98 converted to .458 Win Mag. I am just curious as to what you guys think about this. I am not trying to make a BUBAIZED mauser by any means. The gun smith I am using does alot of mausers, and has done one other for me that turned out...
  5. duckman90

    T. Jeffrey Safari

    I was wandering if any one has heard of T. Jeffrey Safari? I am going to be doing a hunt with him this November. Any advice Thanks Any thing will help Im a first time African Hunter. Also if any one is interested in doing a 2x1 hunt with me that would be great. It is a steal...