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    Zambia rifle permits

    with the situation in Harare heating up I was considering flying to Lusaka then driving back to zimbabwe to hunt. Anyone know how to get a temporary permit just to travel through Zambia?
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    Zimbabwe hunting property

    I am again looking at a hunting property in Zimbabwe, about 5000 acres. I has some small hills and a creek, the rest is bush. It is between harare and the valley Just off the main road. Title is looking good due to the circumstances and the neighbor is a game operation owned by a German which...
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    Zambezi valley hunts.

    Babwesafaris offers the following hunts in the Zambezi valley in the Sapi safari areas: Lion,Hippo &Tuskless elephant 42k. Hippo,Trophy Elephant & Lion 53k. Hippo,Lion&2 Zebra 44.4k. The client may also shoot some various plains game and such. The price includes daily rate...
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    Non Aaron Neilson approved Zimbabwe valley hunts

    ** warning: these hunts have not been approved by Aaron Neilson. This means he has not received a commission from these hunts nor has anyone at this company offered him a free hunt. Hunt offer: Babwesafaris is offering the following hunts in the Zambezi valley 1 buffalo/hippo combo $18k...
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    2012 hunts in Zambezi valley

    AH-WARNING Babwesafaris is offering the following hunts in the Zambezi valley 1 buffalo/hippo combo $18k, 2. Buffalo/leopard combo $ 27k, 3. Buffalo/elephant bull combo $40k, 4. Buffalo/lion combo $45k Prices include all trophy fees and daily rates and transport from hararre. Prices...
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    Thank you

    I just wanted to say thank you to the regulars on this forum for maintaining a tone of civility and sportsmanship. I have been watching a few other forums and the amount of insults and hostility that seems to develop in almost every post is depressing. Even when there have been...
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    Scope failure

    So i am less than 30 days out from my lion hunt and the scope on my 375 has failed. It is a Swarovski 2.5 x 10 illuminated reticle. The reticle is crooked inside. I kept loosening the scope and squaring the crosshairs after a few shots until I noticed that the turrets were almost sideways...
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    Hunting concession opportunity

    A good friend has an opportunity to pick up a large concession that is coming available in Zimbabwe and is trying to put together an investment group. It is a bit much for me to tackle all by myself and I was wondering if anyone on here had any interest in getting involved. I have been on the...
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    Sabatti report

    I happy to report that I now have put 5 boxes of hornady 400 gr DGX through my sabatti 450/400 and it is performing well. I have mounted a swarovski z6 1x6 on it and have zeroed at 35 yards. The LR spread appears to be consistly and inch and under. At 50 yards I put three consecutive right...
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    2011 lion hunt

    Has anybody got a left over wild lion for 2011 they are ready to sell at a discount to a poor hunter trying to finish his big five? No fences please. Thanks.
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    Hornady dgs

    I have looked at the hornady DGS which they say is a solid but it isn't technically a solid. Anyone used these on elephant? Looking for some feedback on the performance
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    Kamchatka Bear Hunt Anyone Want to Go?

    Ive been looking at the spring Kamchatka bear hunts for a few years and would like to go but the outfits really have no room for an observer. This means that my usual suspects that I drag along to Africa as observers are unable to go. I would like to find another US hunter to go with. You...
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    Zambezi River Valley and Zimbabwe Buffalo hunts

    2011 HUNTING SPECIALS ZAMBEZI RIVER VALLEY  10 or 14 Day Dangerous Game (Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Hippo) at March 2011 auction prices.  Additional plains game available  $3,000 Camp Set up fee – includes all accommodations and meals in camp.  $500 per day PH fee.  $10,000...
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    Elephant Skin Products

    I just received my tanned elephant skin from Zimbabwe and it is beautiful. I would like to make a leather jacket out of it. Anybody know of a company that will do this. I found a few sites on the web in India but I am really not sure about mailing my skins over there. Thanks for your help. I...
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    2011 Zimbabwe Buffalo Hunt $12,000 all inclusive.

    BabweSafaris is offering two buffalo hunts in Zimbabwe in 2011, each for $12,000, inclusive of daily rate and trophy fee. Check out BABWE SAFARIS and look at Mondhoro.
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    .450/.400 ammunition

    Anyone know where I can get some .450/.400 ammunition. I have a new sabatti double and I am anxious to try it out but everyone is sold out!! Thanks.
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    ZIMBABWE: Zimbabwe Hunt with Babwe Safaris

    I just returned from a hunt in the Zambezi river valley with Babwe safaris. Shot elephant and hippo. I had a buffalo on license but concentrated on elephant for the first 8 days and then didnt find a better bull than the one I have in the last 2. The Valley is still beautiful and full of...
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    20 mm detachable rings

    Does anyone know where I can find quick detach rings for a CZ 550 in .416 that will fit a 20 mm tube? It appears talley and warne only make a 30 mm and 1 inch. Thanks for your help
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    I am really interested in going to Zimbabwe for 2010 but am really worried about the conditions there. Did anyone on here go in 2009? Is it safe to land in Harare or Bulawayo and travel to the hunting area? If you read the US state department website it sounds like a war zone. No offense to...
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    identify an old .375

    I have been approached by a semi-close friend who is trying to sell a custom .375 HH for an old lady whose husband has died. She is also selling some ammo and a small elephant tusk. (I guess the same will happen to all of us one day!!) Anyway, the gun has no markings except "375 HH Ed Chahir"...
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    Gunsmithing and Restoration Questions for Ray

    Ray, I am new to the site and am looking for some gunsmithing thoughts. I have an o/u Renato Gamba in .375 that has small cracks where the receiver meets the stock. I am not sure if they need fixing or the stock replacing. Do you know of someone who could look at this for me and do the...