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  1. Franko

    Montana AVR SS 375 H & H

    Hi Everyone, I sold my CZ 550 416 Rigby before firing it - I have a hand injury and figured I should walk before I run as I venture into the bigger calibres - and picked up a Montana Rifle Co 375 H&H. Fine looking rifle, CRF is smooth ( without loaded rounds ) balance is great, although the...
  2. Franko

    Montana Rifle Co AVR - American Vantage Rifle 375 H&H

    I have a chance to pick one up at a discounted price, but I know nothing about them. The rifle has a monte carlo cheek piece and open sights with a 3 + 1 capacity. CRF and top load.... So, are they reliable, accurate and strong? I could buy a tried and tested CZ550, but then this came along........
  3. Franko

    Which calibre

    My first thread, so I apologise as it has probably been asked 1000 times, but my search didn't find much. If I hunt Buff, what is the most prctical min calibre I can bring? Not the legal min, but the most sensible min calibre? I have a 9.3 x 62, so will need to step up to a greater cal. A 375...
  4. Franko

    Hello from Oz

    Hi There, I'm a shooter / hunter from Melbourne, Australia, keen Deer and Fox shooter. Looking to expand my calibre range and find out a bit more about hunting in Africa.