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  1. charleslabounty

    Convert a pedestal mount to a wall mount

    So, we moved into a bigger house. Thought we had a plan for the taxidermy mounts. Three small antelope wall mounts and one pedestal mount. But the floor plan is not working out so good for the Kudu pedestal. The house has high ceilings, so I am thinking about going up with the Kudu. Any have...
  2. charleslabounty

    U.S. Men’s Curling - GOLD

    Love to see four seemingly regular guys come from behind and win a Gold Medal for the US
  3. charleslabounty

    Two weeks to go! Really

    I apologise to anyone that this upsets. Two weeks to stop Hillary! Imagine the ATF and USFWS and the abuse of power they will put upon us. Not to mention, 20-40 Years of a liberal Supreme Court. And the freedom haters can get at us through the state governments too. Look at Maryland and NY...
  4. charleslabounty

    Airline luggage dimension restrictions

    Hi, What have you run into? Wife was checking on what we were allowed for checked baggage and found out the dimension limitation is 62" of W+D+L on South African Air. And 62"-80" is a $100 charge -- each way I think. My new Plano case is 76". So I pay the $200 or get a different case. I could...
  5. charleslabounty

    30-06 ammunition recommendation

    Hi, I need some recommendations for current proven factory ammunition for a 30-06 Savage 111. I will be leaving Sept. 1 2014 for Limpopo on a plains game hunt. Kudu, Gemsbok and Wildebeest are the largest on my wish list. My preferred load would be the Fed Prem Vital Shock TBT 180 gn. @ 2880 FPS...
  6. charleslabounty

    Scope removal for travel

    Hi, Planning my first Safari to SA or Namibia. I'm thinking maybe I should remove my scope and pack it in my carry-on to avoid damage from the baggage handling gremlins. If I'm sighted in and using Redfield base and rings, how much off would I be. And I could pack my bore-sight and the PH...
  7. charleslabounty

    SOUTH AFRICA: Recent Experience Hunting With Motshwere Safaris & Outfitters

    Hi, Anyone has recent experience hunting with Motshwere Safaris and Outfitters in Limpopo Province, SA? They are not in the listing on AH. (First time shopper for a hunt in Africa) Thanks Charlie