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    Annealing brass and die question

    I did a search and couldn't find a lot on annealing on here. Are any of you guys annealing your brass in particular the NE rounds ? If so what are you using, machine or hand ? Also what dies are good or are there any dies one should avoid ? I have always had a good run out of Redding and...
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    Pressure signs

    I am after a good explanation on identifying signs of pressure particularly through measuring the case head expansion. I have always gone off of bolt opening, primers flow and extractor wipe ect but I think that really only works well on bolt guns ? Can anyone recommend a book or a writeup...
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    Recommended reading

    I am wanting to order a few books and with the cost of freight it is better to order a few at a time. What I am after is something detailing how to shoot doubles and bigbore rifles in general. Also I am in need of some good reference information on how to reload for the nitro express rounds...
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    Reloading presses ?

    I have done a bit of a search and not found anything. What loading press do you guys use to load your double rifle rounds like the 450/400 470NE and 500NE ect ? I have a coax but I think it may be a bit small for the bigger rounds. Are 470NE and 500NE ect still standard 7/8" dies or...
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    .348 Winchester

    Any of you fellows using a 348win ? I have a Mod 71 and its one of my favourite rifles I only have 500 or so rounds thru it and thus far have only loaded 200gr Hornady interlocks I have ordered 100 Woodleigh 250gr to try. I've only shot half a dozen or so pigs with it but all have dropped...
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    Walking the dog.

    Made me laugh I just had to share it.
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    Starting out in doubles.

    I've had a want for a double rifle for a wile now I grew up reading about hunting Africa and a few other far off places and well now I'm old enough to do it, so I am going to. So I thought I would ask people who have been there done that. I have read a lot on here and other places on the...
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    Hi from Aussieland

    Hi new guy here glad I found this place. I have had an itch for a double rifle for sometime now and in my search I found this forum. I also would like to hunt with my double rifle when I find what I want. I am not sure why I want to do these things I just do, I currently own a few...