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    Argentina MG Hunting rut season 2019 monster....

    I was really busy this and last year between huntings all over the different concessions We have, and different programs We offer.....I hope to get more time to be more active here in our place, as I was once before.... Just some pics of our Rut season this year in March..... Monster state...

    Blackbuck Pictures

    I was checking through the pages of this section and notice that We don´t have any thread about Blacbuck trophies yet.....with the time I have seen some very good trophies of this specie, taken and posted in different threads by our fellows members soo.........let´s get this section started to...

    Argentina Duck season....always good....!!!!

    Hi guys.....I wanna share a couple pictures of the duck season.....We had some really cold mornings bellow 0 deegres but with a very good duck hunting.....I allways enjoy duck favorite feather class hunt..... See you guys.....!!!!!!

    Can you tell the difference between......

    Many times, reading about hunting in different places, as forums, books or magazines, I find different denominations, for the people in charge to take ahead the hunting or people involved in the hunting industry....... Ussualy the differents scales you find are....... Hunting Outffiter...

    Hunting Gourmet Argentina....!!!

    As I mentioned in the previous thread, about the Broket Deer in the garden, some days ago, I was in hunting with my friend Pablo, a great hunting videographer, casting a video for the operation where I work. Taking advantage of this, Pablo and I were talking about an idea that He has since long...

    A Brown Brocket Deer in the garden.....

    Couple week´s a go I was finishing the last dove hunt of this year with a group from the States.......taking advantage of this We take the chance to filming a institutional video of Mg hunting where I work, and the photographer, videographer and friend of mine was doing it for us. An afternoon...

    Goodbye, poor puppy.....!!!!

    It is well known that Jaguars really loves to eat dogs..... a sample..... See you......!!!

    ARGENTINA: Red Stag Rut Hunt Season Done 2016

    Well my friends....another succesfull Red Deer rut season has been finished.....We were huntuing in La Pampa Province since March 10 to 5 April. It was a very good rut in our free range Estancia.....We got about 23 deer and We have spent a very good time hunting there with our hunters..... Some...

    Houston Safari Club Convention January 2016

    MG Hunting Argentina will be attending at the Houston Safari Club Show next 15, 16 and 17 in the booth number 418. Will be our pleasure to meet you there.......come and see us. Thank you.
  10. ROCKET

    SCI Record book Help please...!!!

    I have to provide some informartion about a red stag deer to a hunter and I not have the chance to go into the online SCI records of game. If any SCI member can get into the online record page and can copy it for me here I would really appreciate that. Just need the red stag records for State...
  11. ROCKET

    Red Stag Deer Pictures

    I was checking, and We don´t have a place for Red Stag pic´s yet.....soo is time to get it started.....!!!!!! I hope you share your good trophies up here......!!!!! Well boy´s I hope you enyoy......see you......!!!!!!
  12. ROCKET

    Rowland Ward Records of Big Game Edition 1914

    I found this and I belive is very interesting to have it here and take a look.......many scientifics names of the animals had been change with the time. Rowland Ward Records of Big Game Edition 1914: I hope you enjoy this old book. See...
  13. ROCKET

    Boar over dogs and knive...!!!

    We chassing a couple during the deer rut.....!!! See you...!!!!
  14. ROCKET

    Man-Eater Jaguar....!!!!

    This happened ten days ago in a camp of workers in Paraguay. The group of workers were working in a new fences in the farm....when they returned for lunch, they found a disaster in camp and the cook was gone. They traced the path that the animal had taken and not far from camp they found the...
  15. ROCKET

    ARGENTINA: Red Stag Rut Hunt 2015

    Well.....I just arrived from La Pampa, our big game camp where We do the Red Stag Rut season every year. It was really succsesfully this year, We had the chance to collect very nice trophies for open range field, some of them very important......the deers this time were rouring during a complite...
  16. ROCKET

    Houston Safari Club Convention 2015

    MG Hunting Argentina will be attending on the Houston Safari Club Convention next January 23, 24 and 25 at booth *817.....Marcelo Gil, owner of Mg since 15 years and his son will be there to meet you. You gonna have the chance to check all the hunting alternatives you can find in our...
  17. ROCKET

    REPORT: Marakalalo trophies, Bloemfontein...!!!!

    Finally after six month have arrived today my trophies from South Africa to Buenos Aires Arg. The work has been done by the people of Marakalalo Trophies in Bloemfontein City. I have not seen yet because I live in Cordoba Province and my Taxidermist is in Buenos Aires. He sent some first...
  18. ROCKET

    Cordoba, Argentina Doves Shooting $2100...!!!

    CORDOBA ARGENTINA DOVES SHOOTING WORLD CAPITOL THREE DAYS HUNTING PROGRAM U$S 2100 This program includes * 2000 Shells 20 Gauge * Pick and drops at Cordoba Airport in arrival and departure day...
  19. ROCKET

    Cordoba, Argentina....Dove Shooting World Capitol.....!!!!

    I have been attending ten years hunters from all over the world for wingshooting.....doves shooting to be more precise, and Córdoba dont let anybody go down.....!!!!! Programs are relaxed and the whole family can enjoy of them and even the most demanding shooters find their expectations...
  20. ROCKET

    Argentina 2015 Red Stag Rut Hunt

    MG HUNTING 2015 RED STAG SEASON FIVE HUNTING DAYS US 4000 FREE RANGE RED STAG Available dates are........... 13 March to 18 March......two hunters 18 March to 23 March......three hunters 26 March...
  21. ROCKET

    ARGENTINA: Argentin's Mountain Scrub Bull Hunting

    This type of hunting which I looked skeptically at first......after some late raids I realize that it was the opposite of what people ussually think. There are some diferent places where you can find Scrub Bull´s in Argentina as being in the Patagonian Mountains, Cordoba Mountains, where I live...
  22. ROCKET

    Last Rut....March 2014

    I want to share some images of our last rut past March with you my friends.....this hunting take a place in La Pampa Province, here in Argentina......... Five month left to go and get into the next and new rut.....Red Stag hunting in the topof the rut it is all an...
  23. ROCKET

    Old Days Hunting in South America......!!!!!

    Some views of the old hunting days in South America mates.....!!!! Huemul deer in Patagonia........ Matto grosso....... Teddy........ Teddy´s Brocket deer....... Teddy´s Kitty Cat.......... Hope you enjoy it......!!!!!
  24. ROCKET

    Argentina....Hunting the Tropic...!!!

    Up North in my Country, right there where the Tropic of Capricorn crosses the Province of Formosa in the Paraguay border, is where I find the most exciting hunt I can do with my friends by ourselves......I really love to be hunting in the tropical forest more than nothing in my life. The...
  25. ROCKET

    Hunting Collared Peccary in Argentina...!!!

    This wild pigs are natives of America and we can find them from the United States of America to the center os Argentina. They are small pigs with an average weight of 25 Kilos.....also are very aggressive and tend to walk in large herds. I like to hunt them in closed and tight scrubs where you...
  26. ROCKET

    Hunting Axis Deer in Argentina....!!!!

    Axis deer is one of the most magnificent medium size deer in the world......they has been brought as a Blacbuck in the twentyes usually for decorating the big gardens of the Estancias (farms) in my almost hundred years after, there are Axis deer in many provinces and you can...
  27. ROCKET

    Hunting Blackbuck in Argentina!!!

    I want to share some blackbucks hunt here in my Country with you buddyes. Somedody brought this very nice antelopes from India about 1920 to Argentina.....same happened with axis deer and from Europe with Red Deer, Fallow and European boar. All this game animals have been raising since almost...
  28. ROCKET

    Brown Brocket deer hunting in Argentina....!!!!

    Well buddyes I´ll show you some trophies of this little big animal native of my land.........Brocket Deer.......who live´s in South America........there are three diferent species of, the biggest one, brown in this case and the most ussual to get, and the very rare dwarft Brocket...
  29. ROCKET

    Some Lion/Puma in Argentina....!!!!!

    Fellow´s I want to share a couple lion´s pics with you.......American Lion, cougar, puma Mountain Lion, all those names are ok but here were I live We call them just Lion´s. There are a good population right here aroun my home and We don´t hunt them very often, just when they start to made a...
  30. ROCKET

    ARGENTINA: Red Stag Rut Hunt Season 2013

    Hi guys, I would like to show you same pics of the last year season for Red Stag in my Country......we ussualy hunt the red stag during the rut wich take a place during 15 march up to 10 april average an it is a real exiting way to hunt them....chassing the roar. The day starts early in the...
  31. ROCKET

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting In The Karoo Last May With MH Hunting Great Time

    I had a long trip from Argentina.......Buenos Aires-San pablo(Brazil)-San Pablo-Johanesbur-Johanesburg-Bloemfomtain-and tree hours drive to the Vanderkloff twon where the lodge is. Thanks god all the flys were perfect and I had a great welcome at the Vanderkloff lodge. Mynard Heroldt is the...
  32. ROCKET

    Hello from Argentina....!!!!

    My name is Fernando but all call me just Rocket, (cohete in Spanish)......I am very glad to find this awesome forum hunting site......I live in Cordoba province Argentina. I am a hunter since I have use of my reazon, my father start´s me on hunting when I was just a five year old kid. I have...