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    Looking For A Sabatti Baikal Spartn 45-70 Double Rifle

    Thanks Kent. Would you mind PMing me the pawn shop name?
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    Looking For A Sabatti Baikal Spartn 45-70 Double Rifle

    Every possible site I can find online that sells that I have looked at. Even the private classifieds. Just haven’t come across one yet. Always a day late. Story of my life haha.
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    Looking For A Sabatti Baikal Spartn 45-70 Double Rifle

    I am searching for a 45-70 Double rifle. Prefer SxS. Looking online they seem to fly off the market as soon as they hit it. Does not have to be one of the brands listed. Interested in any decent deals. I have other doubles but I am a huge 45-70 fan. Gun would mostly be used to very close range...
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    4 Doubles For Sale

    Are these still available? I am very interested.
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    Shipping from US (Texas) TO South Africa?

    Thanks for all the reply's. Its not so much the shipping that i am having issues with. its obtaining the CITES permits for the shipping. I have contacted a few shipping companies and i'm waiting for responses.
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    Shipping from US (Texas) TO South Africa?

    It seems most all Taxidermist have experience with shipping FROM Africa to the States. I am how ever looking for a Taxidermist preferably located in Texas (South if possible) to ship some capes and antlers from Texas TO SA. I had a friend hunt with me recently from SA that harvested 2 Axis, 2...
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    Limpopo bird hunting

    I have been reading this forum for a few years but haven't posted much. I do want to thank everyone for so much valuable information though. I am going on my third trip to SA next month. Early June. I will actually be hunting two different places. One I have been to before one I have not. One is...
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    Free Hunt for One Hunter & One Observer from Arc Africa Hunting Safaris for 2015

    We droopped these guys off to stalk up the hill side and we where going to go around incase they got past the hunters. Before we could get to far they decided to come back across and cut between us. If you will notice the hunter picked the gun up before getting us in the line of fire.
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    WANTED: Nilgai Hunt

    Don't know if you found anyone yet but if not check these guys out,,,,, Adam and Cody will take care of you and they have been outing records book animals down a lot lately!