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    NAMIBIA: Omalanga Safaris

    Just got back from hunting in Namibia with Omalanga Safaris. What an incredible experience!!! This was our first safari and it couldn't have gone any better. When I figure out how to post pics on here I will. Our guide Gunter worked very hard and I took some very nice trophies. The only...
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    Scrap book

    Maybe this isn't the thing guys talk about but I still need some help. My wife wants to make a scrap book with all our pictures from our trip. She can't find one with an "african theme". There are lots of pages for the inside but she still needs to find a cover. I'm sure none of you...
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    32 days left!!!

    OK fellow bloggers I am 32 days from leaving on my first ever African safari. My wife and I can't wait. I have been shooting every weekend off of shooting sticks. Bought plenty of memory sticks for the camera and studied vitals pictures of plains game. I am sure there are some "dos and...
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    I have never reloaded before and am just getting started. I am trying to load 40 grains of IMR 4064. I have 150 grain Hornady sst bullets. It appears that the bullets are going to "sit" in the powder. Is this safe? And does anyone recommend a different powder or bullet? I am just making...
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    What caliber to practice with?

    I am not bringing my rifle to Africa. The outfitter is providing a Krieghoff Semprio in 300 win mag. I only own a 308 and am somewhat recoil sensitive. Should I continue to practice with the 308 or borrow something bigger to try to get used to the recoil?
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    Namibian Animals

    I will be hunting in Namibia in 2012. The animals in my package are kudu, gemsbok, jackal, warthog, duiker, springbok, and red hartebeest. Are there any other animals that are only found in Namibia I should consider taking since I am already there?
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    What to shoot first?

    I am going on my first trip to Africa next year. I bought a package of 7 animals. Kudu, gemsbuck, red hartebeest, steinbuck, jackel, warthog, and duiker. I have listed them in order of importance to me. So the question is, if one of my "lesser animals" comes to my waterhole early in the...
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    First Time

    Just booked my first trip to Africa. I am going in May 2012. I have lots of time to plan but am looking for help on what to bring. Any suggestions would be appreciated.