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    SOUTH AFRICA: A Second Safari With Francois Dorfling Of Umlilo Safaris

    With the dearth of hunting reports due to Covid, I figured it was about damn time I finally posted my report from our 2018 safari with Francois Dorfling of @Umlilo Safaris. I actually put a fairly lengthy photobook together to memorialize the trip, which I'll add after this initial post. After...
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    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    Has anyone heard from Dennis recently? His website appears to be down, business closed according to google, and answering machine full. He's got some finished taxidermy of mine I'd like to pick up, but cant seem to reach him to make arrangements.
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    How to properly integrate Amazon's Alexa into your home defense plan:
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    Review: My first double: LH Chapuis Brousse 470 NE; Evo-Shield recoil pad

    I recently recieved my first ever double rifle, a Chapuis Brousse in 470 NE, and had the opportunity to take it out to the range over the holidays. The buying experience was very positive and she shoots great. I'm extremely happy with the double rifle and recommend it to anyone without...
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    USA: Hunting Bonanza At Rockin G Ranch & @gizmo

    Just got back home from a very successful thanksgiving holiday hunting in Nebraska and Texas. Successfully hunted bison, mule deer, and wild pigs with Erik @gizmo of Rockin G Ranch. I highly recommend hunting with Erik- he runs a great operation, has some awesome animals on his property- both...
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    Taxidermy upgrades...

    Two of our taxidermy mounts that recently arrived from South Africa, while fine from a taxidermy perspective, offered the opportunity for some upgrades. Tools used included a drill and a hot glue gun. Using artificial grasses and bushes purchased at Hobby Lobby and an artificial rock ordered...
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    Trophy room? How about trophy house!

    I recently finished hanging the last of our African taxidermy- culmination of two safaris so far. I'm very lucky to have a wife who loves having taxidermy throughout the house! Here are some photos:
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    Botswana considering lifting elephant hunting ban, may introduce elephant culls

    Video captionHow would re-introducing elephant hunting affect communities and the economy in BotswanaA Botswana mulls lifting elephant hunting ban By Alastair LeitheadBBC News, Africa correspondent A report by cabinet ministers in Botswana has recommended lifting a four-year hunting ban and the...
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    Put Down The Kombucha & Pick Up A Crossbow: Hipsters Are The New Hunters Here's a pretty positive look at a program looking to recruit new hunters in the Wall Street Journal: Want organic, sustainable meat? Kill it yourself, say veteran hunters trying...
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    Lowland Bongo spotted in Uganda for 1st time

    Bongo were recently photographed for the first time in Uganda...
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    Modern Day Tiger Hunter & Conservationist... Meet Nawab Shafath Ali Khan

    After reading about the hunt underway in India for a man- eating tiger (, I decided to do some research on the man they've hired for the hunt. Interesting stuff, enjoy...
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    Reminiscent of Jim Corbett... India calls in top tiger hunter to find a maneater! Top Indian tiger hunter called in to find beast thought to have killed 13 India's most celebrated hunter has been called in for a controversial mission to shoot a man-eating tigress...
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    Els & Co Diepkloof Thermos Flask and Sleeve

    In preparation for our safari, I thought a nice/practical gift for our PH would be the Diepkloof thermos and sleeve combo made by Els & Co. that I found this item on their website, I contacted them directly and ended up getting one for our PH and one for us to keep...
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    Review: Custom Knife Set by F van Wyk

    While on safari in Eastern Cape in June, we picked up some nice knives made by F van Wyk. He lives at the Daniell Cheetah Project (, also worth a visit, and sells the knifes at the gift shop. Nice, tough, working knives made with local materials like giraffe...
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    PETA furious with a Vegan

    Sometimes, vegans ate so dedicated to their silly dietary philosophy that they even manage to piss off their friends at PETA... A vegan lady is feeding her exotic pet fox a vegan-only diet... Here's the story: Is it cruel to keep a pet fox ... on a vegan diet? -...
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    Making Boots From Hippopotamus & Ostrich

    Interesting article profiling the Courtney boot company. Surprisingly not negatives given the source.
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    New RSA president to accelerate land redistribution without compensation program

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    Pace Brothers: In Search of Reverence trailer

    If you're not familiar with the Pace Brothers, they are two scotsmen that produce various hunting related media- podcasts, movies, articles, etc. Thier podcasts are great. They interview the top people from across the hunting and conservation worlds. Thier interview with @Ivan Carter was...
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    Zuma steps down!

    Looks like it's finally happening. Zuma stepping down:
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    Zuma to quit within days?

    South Africa's Jacob Zuma could quit within days - ANC interesting news coming out of RSA. South Africa's Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says he is holding direct talks with embattled President Jacob Zuma over a transfer of power. Mr...
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    Why Do Hunters Think It's Cool To Kill Lions

    Here's an interesting article I found on vice news. It's a bit old and came right after the Cecil controversy, but I thought it was interesting to see a news site just interviewing hunters rather than getting caught up in the hysteria. Enjoy...
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    NEW ZEALAND: Exceptional Hunting & Trophies With BJ Holdsworth From Ample Hunting

    Executive Summary: Just got back about a week ago from New Zealand, where we experienced some absolutely exceptional hunting with BJ Holdsworth of Ample Hunting. He is located on the north island's eastern coast, near Gisborne. The hunt took place on his family farm, that's over 10 sq mls of...
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    South African economy shrinks, slips into recession

    More bad news for the south African economy.... South African economy shrinks, slips into recession Africa's third-biggest economy contracted in the first quarter of this year, entering recession for the first...
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    REVIEW: Custom Knife Set by Rodney Watts

    As an anniversary gift to each other, my wife and I ordered a matching set of custom knives by Rodney Watts of Hot Springs, SD. I got the "Big Ole Fighter" and my wife got the slightly smaller "Yendor Fighter." Both knives feature stunning mammoth tooth handles and some exceptional engraving on...
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    Fancy new stuff from Swarovski

    Just came across the new Swarovski dS 5-25x52P rifle scope. This thing sure is fancy! Looks like it combines the tech of the TrackingPoint system and relatively compact size of a normal scope. Maybe it will cost less than the 15k that the TrackingPoint systems seem to run... Should be...
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    Poachers kill one of Africa's last remaining 'big tusker' elephants

    Sad news coming out of Kenya- another big tucker poached.
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    What is a wild lion?

    Does anyone know how USFWS defines 'wild' lion vs captive bred? I've notices some RSA outfits have lion roaming freely on their property- maybe not born there, but also not brought there for a specific client, maybe they've been living on the property for over a year more. Does a lion like...
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    Can Faux Rhino Horn Help Save The Species?

    An article from al Jazeera about a tech company planning to grow artificial rhino horn and flood the market with it in an effort to save the rhinos. There is a video on the website to go along with the article. Can Faux Rhino Horn Help Save The Species? As high demand for rhino horn...
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    Jaguar spotted in Southeastern Arizona

    @AZDAVE @PHOENIX PHIL Just heard that a jaguar was spotted at Fort Huachuca, AZ. A trail cam got a picture of the cat, deep in the Huachuca Mountains. I wonder how he'll get along with the plentiful mountain lions in the same mountain range?
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    German Colonial Society Photo Archive

    The German Colonial Society (Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft) has a large online archive of high quality photos from across Africa from the German colonial period (over 53,000 images). All of them are high quality scans, covering just about any topic you can think of. The database is searchable...
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    Al Jazeera links South African minister to rhino poaching

    Al Jazeera Investigative Unit's exclusive report raises serious questions about South African security chief. Not great news from RSA.
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    Anyone have experience with a Sabatti BIG 5 EDL

    I recently saw that sabatti had come out with an upgraded version of their classic big 5 double, called the Big Five Classic Safari EDL. Anyone ever handled or fired of these? I wonder if they've overcome some of their issues from the past...
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    Zuckerberg pro hunting

    A surprising place to find a pro hunter: Facebook. Heres Mark Zuckerberg on hunting: 'Although, you know, the thing that really makes it good–and I think half of the joy is that things taste better when you make them yourself. And they taste doubly better when you’ve hunted the animal...
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    Prey: Dutch Lion Horror Movie

    I don't speak dutch, but the movie looks amusing in a terrible, campy sort of way...
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    College Humor: Pro Hunting?

    Very unexpected to stumble across a pro-hunting video on CollegeHumor. The guy actually does a good job of laying out misconceptions, pros, cons, etc. Its worth watching...
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    Next Cecil?

    This made the news today:
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    Kenya: safari guide kills client!

    Saw this on drudge today- Chinese safari guide stabbed a client to death over a seating dispute...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Adventure Of A Lifetime With Umlilo Safaris & Limcroma Safaris

    Synopsis: Just got back from South Africa, where my wife and I, along with my parents, just finished the most amazing adventure (vacation doesn't do it credit) of our lives. We hunted with two different outfitters- @Umlilo Safaris and @Limcroma Safaris. Both absolutely exceeded our every...
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    200+ 7mm Remington Magnum Once Fired Brass

    Any reloaders out there want about 200x Barnes and 20x Winchester 7mm Rem Mag Brass? I'm not a reloader, so I have no use for it or idea what its worth. If you want it, PM me whatever you think is fair. If you live near Sierra Vista, AZ... even better! Here's a picture of the lot:
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    T minus 12 days!

    My wife and I will be heading to South Africa for our first Safari in less than two weeks! On Saturday, 25 June, we'll be flying out on Delta flight 200 via Atlanta. If anyone is flying the same day, I'll be at the bar in the Delta lounge! Feel free to stop by and I'll buy you a free drink...
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    Lion attack during photo shoot?

    So, I suspect this might be fake, but I can't tell just watching on my phone's little screen:
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    Riding Lions

    I started listening to White Hunters: The Golden Age of African Safaris on Audible today. First off, great book, very entertaining read highly recommended. In it, they describe a lion hunting practice called "Riding Lions." Here are some excerpts: "...Arthur became a noted lion hunter and...
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    How much cash to bring to RSA?

    I've been reading the various threads about bringing cash to Africa and am wondering how much people generally bring to cover incidentals/trinkets/etc? I'm trying to get an appreciation for how much souvenirs and the like cost in South Africa (we won't be purchasing anything huge, probably just...
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    Kazakhstan Hunting Videos

    I stumbled across this "" page on youtube today. They have some nice videos about hunting in Kazakhstan for Ibex, Wolf, etc, Kazakh hunters in Africa, hunting exhibitions, etc. The production quality is good and the hunting looks to be adventurous and challenging. The videos with...
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    Inherit The Dust Photo Collection

    Underpass with Elephants (Lean Back, Your Life is on Track), 2015 by The Daily Beast Nick Brandt has watched East Africa deteriorate.
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    Africa Themed Art

    Hi all. I happened to stumble across the artwork of Juan Bosco on Etsy. He's got lots of african-themed water color paintings. You can get both prints and originals- originals often under $100! I'm not affiliated with this guy at all, just liked his work. Might be some nice stuff to add to a...
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    CBP Form 4457

    I was in the process of filling out my CBP Form 4457, when I looked in the upper right hand corner and noticed that the form appears to be expired....? I downloaded this form directly from the CBP webpage. Form 4457_0.pdf Anyone have some...
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    Lion encounters some wildebeest

    Saw this billed as "difference between male vs. female going grocery shopping"
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    Rhino Charges Truck

    Hi all. Saw this on facebook today:
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    NEW ZEALAND: Has Anyone Hunted With Ample Hunting New Zealand?

    I'm planning a NZ Red Stag hunt for 2017 and one of the outfitters I'm looking at is Ample Hunting. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of them? Ample Hunting Gisborne, NZ Thanks for any info!