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    New(er) cartridges for Plains Game?

    No one goes to Africa hunting without being driven by some form of Romanticism or the desire for a Traditional experience. I myself have chosen and used a 9.3x62 for one such trip to fulfill these desires. But times change and so do options. I've been called a FUDD on a few firearms sites but...
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    Barnes 30 cal 165 GR TTSX BT on game

    This is the most accurate projectile in my Vanguard .300 Weatherby. Who has used this projectile and what game have you used it on ?
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    A rifle for the ladies amongst us My natural cynicism would say this is a marketing ploy, but its good to see another manufacture looking to cater for the 'Dianas' amongst us. Apart from 'youth' models that are condescending to women, I hope this...
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    Zeiss Diatal ZA 4x32 T* For Sale

    For sale West German Zeiss Diatal - ZA 4x32 T* In as new condition centrefire scope . Works perfectly. Comes with original box, circa 1986. Plain cross hair. 26mm tube. 26mm Recknagel Q/d Rings included to fit weaver bases. Fitted to a .22 and my custom 7x57 on a standard length action. Won't...
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    A Big Thx to Jerome

    Just a shout out to Jerome for running a very civilised and enjoyable forum. The time it takes must be huge, but from one Aussie to an 'Oke on the other side of the Indian Ocean, again thanks.
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    What is your light Plains Game rifle (sub .30 cal)?

    For those who have taken a sub .30 cal to Africa for PG 1) what was it 2) the scope you used 3) ammo you shot Would you do it again ?
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Rietpoort Game Reserve?

    A friend of mine is thinking of booking with this outfit, Rietpoort Game Reserve. Does anyone have any experience with them ? They offer a number of animals that are not indigenous to the West Cape and Karoo so obviously there is access to, or they import put and take animals. Apart from that...
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    AUSTRALIA: Annual Camel Hunt

    Due to work commitments my hunting has devolved into one trip a year and as posted on here annually, I go Camel culling in far west Queensland. I have taken my son in the past, however he has enlisted in the regular army as a combat engineer and has found some young tasty female naval...
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    Current Musgrave Rifle Quality ?

    Here is a question for the South Africans on here. There has been an small importation of Musgrave rifles to Australia. They seem to be the current models made on VZ24 actions, with slightly heavier profile, made in house barrels. Stocks are a mix of laminate and walnut. They seem quite well...
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    Hornady 275 Rigby Headstamp

    I follow the new UK Rigby on Facebook. It is posted that during a recent visit to Rigby by Steve Hornady, he announced that Hornady will be releasing correctly headstamped 275 Rigby brass/ammo. Happy days for those of us who use that classic cartridge.
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    17 Years with the 250 Savage

    Why: I had very good results with two pre-WWII cartridges. The .220 Swift in a Remington 700 Classic and the .218 Bee in a Ruger No.1S. I was aware of the 250 Savage which is also an old design, but it did not look spectacular on paper. Brass is always difficult to find however 22-250 brass can...
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    9.3x62 VS Large feral male Camel

    A lesson in poor shot placement. This Large herd male was shot last August with my 9.3x62 using an experimental mono metal >250 grains. It was shot twice behind both shoulders. The first shot into the left side. The projectile proved too soft for Camels and only encountered the lungs. This...
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    Bespoke 250-3000

    I recently had Tony Small rebuild my 250 Savage varmint rifle into a more 'classic' styled stalking rifle. All three of my custom rifles by Tony have the same stock dimensions and shape. Only the forends and weight for each rifle differs. I contributed many parts and ideas and Tony turned it...
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    Roe Buck and the H&H Showroom

    I have posted this elsewhere but would like to share it with you all. I recently took my family to Dubai, London, Rome and the south of Italy on a holiday. Whilst in London, my women folk went shopping along Oxford Street and I was left to my own devices. I was heading over to gaze at the...
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    WANTED: Chasse Libre in Zimbabwe

    I have posted this on other forums without reply. By not being interested in the 'Safari Industry' probably didn't help. We can pay reasonable costs, however we want to do it ourselves just like the locals do. I have commenced negotiations with long time friends in southern Zim on behalf of...
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    AUSTRALIA: Sinking The Ships Of The Desert - Hunting Camel In The Australian Outback

    Camels are a huge feral animal problem in the Australian Outback. Over the last 18 months I have made three trips 1,700km (one way) to shoot these destructive beasts. The last trip I had along a number of mates and two poms who I had met over the internet. It was a great example of how we can...
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    Hayleys Hop

    Does anyone know trhe pass mark for this Big Game Rifle event ? We just shot it on the weekend and have scored it bu don't know the pass mark ?
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    Farmer (Boer) Shirts

    Do any of our South African members know of a firm that takes overseas orders for the two tone farmers shirts so popular amongst rural South Africans ?
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    Heavy 7mm Projectile Expansion Test for my 7x57

    With my newly 18yo camera man still sleeping it off and the handbrake at Mass with the monster-in-law I was left to my own devices this morning. I am looking for a 'soft' fast expanding heavy weight projectile for my 7x57. My rifle does not shoot light weight projectiles as accurately so I'm...
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    7mm 160 grain Woodleigh Penetration Test.

    A video with my usual test media, a wet cardboard bale. Unfortunatly the cardboard was not uniformerly wet. The Bale was shot at 100yards (lasered). The 7x57 with 160 Woodleigh had a muzzle velocity of 2,405 fps The 7x57 with 154 Hornady Spt Interlock had a muzzle velocity of 2,461 fps The...
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    AUSTRALIA: 2nd Camel Hunt

    There are no guarantees when hunting free range game and that was reinforced on our latest Camel shooting trip. Still, if you don't get off the couch/lounge you won't shoot anything. Our first stop on the way up was again Barcaldine at 24:00 and again we slipped into the public camping...
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    DVD: Big Botswana Tuskers Vol. 2 DREAMS OF A LIFETIME

    Just received and watched the DVD as I temporarily have to live my African hunting 3rd party, so to speak. An unashamed plug for Botswana and Johan Calitz Safaris but well shot and in good quality. What interested me was the footage of when the first shot failed and follow up shots were...
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    .270 Winchester and 150's

    I haven't seen anything on here about the .270 Winchester yet. I believe it is quite common in South Afrca. What projectile works on the larger PG ? Blue Wildebeest etc.. No doubt the Barnes and A-Frame bullets will work as would the other Mono-metals. Any experience ?
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    Wallabys -V- Springboks 23/7/11

    The game is just about to start. Good luck to the Wallabys after their pathetic showing against Samoa.
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    AUSTRALIA: DIY Outback Camel Hunt

    Camels are not hard to kill but they take a long time to realise they are dead. I hope this statement makes more sense as the report unfolds. We received an invitation from one of the local lads working as a jackaroo in far west Qld who was happy for any Warialda shooters to come up and...
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    Woodleighs over Max..

    Anyone here pushed Woodleigh bullets over the max recommended velocity ?
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    Woodleighs For Me

    Words can't describe my feelings as my most expensive rifle slipped from my fingers and bounced not once, not twice but three times on the hard clay track. It didn't bounce on the rifle but on the A$2,400 scope on top of it. After a quick change into clean underwear it was off to the range...
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    Your Custom Rifle

    Post pictures of your custom or semi-custom rifle with a few details. Please also explain why you chose that configuration and caliber.
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    NEW ZEALAND: Aussie Hunts A New Zealand 14 Point 7x57 Red Stag

    The hunt was on a private sheep farm that backs straight onto the Ruahine National Park Range which then stretches for approx. 30km to the south east. About 10 years ago the owner introduced to the indigenous Red Deer population in that region, 3 stags with superb Czech genetics, another 7 stags...
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    No World Cup Games for Christchurch

    Due to structural damage in the stadium, matches planned for Christchurch have been moved to Auckland. IMO this is a blow for the South Island and residents of Christchurch trying to rebuild their community after the devastating earthquakes.
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    Kudu Rifle

    Yes, this is one of those questions. What size rifle do you need for Kudu ? I'm in the camp that believes a lot of hunters go to Africa overgunned. I used a 9.3x62 on my last hunt on the recommendation of my PH (I always listen to my PH) as Eland was at the top of my list. I was also...
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    Blue Duiker and Cape Grysbok

    Can anyone help me here with some info on these two species please. What kind of home range do they have (if any), weight, tips for hunting them. Anything that will help hunt these members of the tiny ten. Rifle will be a .243W.
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    Ultimate Springbok Rifle

    I have my own ideas about what this would be, but I'm open to ideas particularly from the African residents on here ? So, what would it be ? and in what calibre ?
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    .416 Rigby CZ Safari Classic

    Well here is my standard CZ550 Safari Classic chambered in .416 Rigby. I purchased the rifle from an Aussie gunshop for less than A$1,500. It arrived at my gunsmiths 'play pen' prior to my Permit To Acquire (PTA). We both opened it together and checked the bedding. All was good with the...
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    The Small Five

    What constitutes the Small Five of Southern African antelope ? My son already has a Rowland Ward Steenbok and wishes to pursue the other four with his .243W.
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    7mm 160 Speer in the 7x57

    I am planning my third Plains game safari and will be bringing my 7x57. I have a very accurate load with the above projectile at a mild 2,361 fps. I consider myself a competant to good shot. What is the largest Plains Game you would recommend I attempt with this combination.