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    Hunting Canada

    The first time I hunted in Alberta was about 65 years ago and when I got there there was still ice on the Peace River. Shot giant white tail, mule and moose, Took out a nice griz all on my relatives farm with a 30-06.
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    How far is too far?

    This is easy to answer...... You will get to know many things if you just stop and think about it for a while. Of course you can shoot anything on the planet that you want with a a modern 4 bore sxs made by that Smith in Austria, and with the 30,000 + foot pounds it puts out a good shot...
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    My Top Ten Gear Items For Safari

    @Philip Glass And now you've got your Cecil B Demill on I got that to enjoy as well. Keep up the good work
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    Best Caliber for Tiny 10?

    No way I'm a "tiny 10" slayer as it just ain't my thing and they look like pets to me, but when it was offered here by a long term member to whack the hell out of one with a big solid out of a 375 hh I had to try as I never shot one with a 300 buster before. Having no tiny 10 running about I...
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    Best Deer Hunting Round, LOL!

    If a 50 grain round nosed lead bullet coming out of a 22 or hits a ground hog in the chest at 100 yards and blast a hole through him with tail straightening effects knocking him deader than Julius Ceasar then what size diameter weight, and velocity would it take for a deer.... and better yet...
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    Acceptable Retorts ...

    Why would you want to ?
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    What would be your Dream Hunt!??

    My dream hunt? That's easy. To make a dream hunt possible I would select every guy here who has a real sense of humor, isnt full of himself, understands that an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure and doesn't spew horse apples out his chops everytime he swills a few water glasses of...
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    What is a proper "stopping rifle" and load for dangerous game?

    I can tell you what I have used, but I am not some braggard bwanna full of horse apples and attempting to tell anyone what to use on what. For me I can say that for the most part that if I have errors they have been made on the side of what I considered to be safety.....for the most part...
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    How far is too far?

    There are many reasons why someone..... anyone..... can't hit their target and make a quick kill at a relatively long distance...... and with that people tend to make up a reason why some guy misses or wound at say 350 yards. But what about those who miss, wound and no matter how many bullets...
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    Best Deer Hunting Round, LOL!

    As I am an eater of meat , not wanting to waste any I want to take all reasonable shots at the head or the neck. It appears to me that very many people here seem to resist the idea of taking those kinds of shots and some of them appear to have the same objections and say that they in number...
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    Pre-64 Winchester M70 - 9.3x64?

    A clean cut guy brought a pre64 in to the crowded store on a really nice Saturday afternoon in the late 80s chambered in 264 which put a smile on my face. He had a great story of how his father had it custom made in 1950 and then was struck feeble by a illness that he contracted in the Pacific...
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    Best Deer Hunting Round, LOL!

    Yes! The truth..... nice to see and I tip my hat to Bruce, Every year I and a brother from Alabama take a late spring trip to Pennsylvania to slaughter ground hogs before the crops grow too high. It rained quite a bit that week and we set up one of those fold up tent tops with a plastic table...
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    More thoughts on 9.3x64

    I think that if it weren't for some of the "real" gun slingers around the world who frequent this site many of the fine old rounds would have disappeared and ones that are not being heavily pushed by major gun manufacturers would have never been heard of. I tip my ragged old ball hat to you all
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    My 600 Overkill

    I built my ok over a decade ago and it has never made it to africa and chances are never will with me anyway as my shot clock is running out. It has made it out of the country and with one well placed 1000 grain pre segmented bore riding hot welded lead core stopped my guide from becoming a...
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    Tell me why buying a Rifle chambered in 6MM Remington is stupid

    I have the 244 and 6mm just different twists. If I am killing animals for meat I go out of my way to skull or neck them as to not waste meat and have found that the 6mm doesn't take the whole head off like the 25 06 or the 264 wm does on ocassion. What ruined the popularity of the 244 was the...
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    Mark Sullivan shows us how to handle a Double Rifle

    Over the decades @bill73 I have bought and sold many....since you asked your question I have outfitted 7 with large bore sxs, 4 with medium bore sxs and 11 bolt big bore all destined to head to africa to make some lifelong dreams come true. I personally keep 4 for myself. From double...
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    Rusty Stainless Montana Rifle

    On all the stainless firearms I've built I never had any rust...... not a one. Try giving all stainless parts in a nitric acid solution for about 20 minutes tops. It's called passivation.
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    Jihadists seize Moz port

    Yea..... sure that may sound good, but maybe we need to start finishing things.........something......... anything before we start on something new? We do have this bad habit of never allowing our military of never finishing anything.
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    Crayfish and red emperor fish

    Doc I'm glad you pulled through..... you're a great guy.
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    Caliber 30-30 use in Africa???

    I imagine that if someone had a mind to they could take out some great cats with a 30-30 and if charged with that task I would take a head shot, but no matter who was backing me up with whatever it really isn't my caliber of choice for anything that has the potential of adding me to his...
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    AR-type Rifles

    I remember tossing some 30 round mags to a brother and saying ,"now you can miss ten more times before you gotta reload". For many years now I have been selling guns and ammo to people who appeared to be arming themselves for some apocalyptic hoedown and to listen to them its easy to figure...
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    Building a .375 for extended use

    A 375 standoff rifle ?
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    600 Overkill? Anyone..

    .if someday you find yourself fortunate enough to have fired one, or even better....... to actually murder some big, gruesome, smelly bastard who has been waiting and dreaming about rubbing his jinglebobs on you face right before you die from the merciless ass whuppin he just gave you then...
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    Saul And you make it up to suit your needs,wants and desires at any given to to suit the horse apple policies to enrich the very few. If you want to stand with and incite the lawless and riotous negros then stand out in front when they attempt to burn real american neighborhoods. Goodbye Saul.
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    What do you make of this?

    Do you really want people to guess ? Get it xrayed if you are that concerned.
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    The good old 7.92 x 57 Mauser

    I love battle field rounds and the 8mm has not received all the kudos it should have over the years. Did you know that it was the first battle field round to be supplied to troops at 3000 fps.
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    Dangerous Game Rifle Lubrication ideas-Grease or not?

    I guess that pretty much well absolutely everything g mentioned here is gonna work one way or another. I do like the saying that " less is more" when it comes to certain things . I will say that certain things should not be applied to a firearm... like "Nutz Off" as I've seen people take...
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    Dangerous Game Rifle Lubrication ideas-Grease or not?

    Everyone's friend...... Mister Hogpatrol I originaly bought the Boeshield T-8 for maintenance work on my boat long ago and at $14.95 figured it was probably great. The next door neighbor was having 2 seriously tight throttle cables and a1 second shot dow each one made them actually too...
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    Dangerous Game Rifle Lubrication ideas-Grease or not?

    Grease most surely has gotten a very bad name one the years from when it was slicking up the wheels of Conestoga wagons. Fortunately I doubt that any grease is made with clay and oil any longer. Though some of it is still made with animal fats and such which means acids. Everyone says that...
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    Terms I am tired of hearing

    When a ph tells fella who finally makes an animal fall over, "good shooting " after hitting it 7 times.
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    Unit, Corps, God, Country.
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    Is there such a thing as too big?

    Very true, but no matter where you hunt.... no matter what you shoot anywhere in this world you will have people who simply blast away " at" an animal with absolutely no idea where they are going to hit it..... if anywhere at all.
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    Blaser 500 Jeffery

    I never said a word about the r8 until I shot one, though I have seen people singing its praises and never as much as held one. I have heard many dislocate their jaws yammering on and on about how fast you can get multiple rounds out the end of the pipe and it has always made me wonder why the...
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    Is there such a thing as too big?

    A great big black bear came running at light speed after about 8 shots sounded. I knocked the safety off and put a quickened 350 grain rnjsp hit him broadside festooning his shreads organs into the low slung sparse bushes. The bear immediately face planted and lay there deader than Julius...
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    My new and first Remington 700

    Hello Master Melvin, Very happy for you getting that rifle in that caliber and round. And though the 308 is a fine accurate round from the factory in military surplus it is loaded about as hot as is safe. And though many a 06 gets loaded hot to 300 mag velocities with just minor pressure sign...
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    Lyle Alzedo, Dick Bukis, Ray Nitzski, Chuck Bednaric, Mike Ditka...back when they took it personal
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    What will they change the Washington Redskins to? I think tha Washington Negroes is right catchy!
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    @PARA45 It is wonderful to see someone ofering the truth.
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    Kidney Stones Suck

    My doctors , Kavorkian & Mengele, have advised me for years that drinking beer..... and lots of it..... will make sure that the stones never form.
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    Caliber 30-30 use in Africa???

    At one time the win 94 in 30-30 was the cats meow for eastern wtd. So it should work right famously on any animal its approximate size and weight. The 30-30 has a bit more power at 100 yards than a .44 mag at the muzzle and if chambered in a single shot with the right barrel and scope it can...
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    Saul You appear to have deliberately forgot to answer why "Untied Negro College Fund" is ok, but me using the word negro is racist. How about "National Association for the Advancement of colored People"? Is that racist too? I don't know how old you are, but I have been around to have seen...
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    I am actually quite fond of the word negro and have seen with my own eyes Martin King say it quite a few times.......once in person. Saul.... you have no realistic thoughts on any of what has been written here so you are attempting to discredit those who aren't afraid to simply tell the truth...
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    Someone here called the Israeli "my people"....... I call all Americans "my people" and no others. I don't care what any other country does with it's own people or what laws they choose to adhere to. I don't care what their opinion is about what we do. I have never flown any flag other than...
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    Oy Vey
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    600 Overkill? Anyone..

    Hello Dan, Welcome aboard. The 600 ok and the 577tr were designed and built for people who are damned serious about immediately stopping dg and can handle the brutal recoil that they produce. And truthfully Dan...... there are damned few who actually can and even fewer who hit the planet...
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    13% . 13% of this country are negro. I know not what percentage the negro actually participates in the acts of looting and arson that have come about during the alleged protest because some fellow negro died after his unfortunate interaction with the police that the majority of these alleged...
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    The more you give in the more you have to give.
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    For Sale 460 Weatherby Magnum

    Mark Welcome aboard and you might get more bites on that hook if you put bait on it. In other words,"how much".
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    Mark Sullivan shows us how to handle a Double Rifle

    I watched the video on Sullivan offering how to handle a double and feel that he is spot on.