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  1. charleslabounty

    How do you pick your mounts?

    Petey, I have 4 mounts, 4 euros and two rugs. The mounts are Kudu pedestal, Impala shoulder, Reedbuck and Springbok Wall Pedestals. I wish I had a couple of the Euros done as shoulder mounts. (Note, the the mounts are in the living room and the euros are in the den - my wife likes the mounts...
  2. charleslabounty


    And....... should we be interested in their tax returns? So how do our public servants become so wealthy? Maybe they serve themselves from the public coffers - just wondering
  3. charleslabounty

    Concealed Carry

  4. charleslabounty

    Concealed Carry

    So, what condition do you/wife carry your P238 in you pockets? (Cocked & Locked, Hammer down on and empty chamber, ...) Please note, I am not asking to judge you, just asking for my information since my wife has a P238. Thanks
  5. Burchell's Plain Zebra

    Burchell's Plain Zebra

  6. charleslabounty

    Condition of trophies

    Dennis, Poor horn condition has come up several times on AH. So to be perfectly clear, it is the boiling process to remove the flesh that dries and cracks the horns which is required of the dip/pack process, CORRECT? Therefore, there is no way around that the degradation of horn appearance...
  7. charleslabounty

    Condition of trophies

    Buck, Do you think the taxidermist/ preparer understand the damage their process is doing? Just having the dip&pack process done and then shipped here for finishing the taxidermy will not solve the problem. Thanks
  8. charleslabounty

    Condition of trophies

    Geez ...... I think the cracking and drying happens during boiling the flesh off the skulls. I have 6 out of 7 horn/mounts that look cracked and dried out. The one set that isn’t, is a Blesbok euro mount and the horns are loose mounted. Two trips, two different taxidermists. Very...
  9. charleslabounty

    .425WR - Thoughts

    You Can not legally reload in RSA — really? I believe I heard detailed discussions/conversations while there about reloading. (No names )
  10. charleslabounty

    Could a .22LR possibly kill a leopard?

    A 22lr will consistently shoot through a 2”x4” at 100 yards. Cheap bulk ammo, Both Solids and hollow points. 18” barrel. 2x4 set on edge, unsupported. I was surprised at this penetration so I have done it several times to verify. So a 22lr will likely penetrate some pretty thick skulls at close...
  11. charleslabounty

    Skulls, it’s not that hard!

    I think “dip & pack” includes removing all the flesh which is when the boiling occurs. If so, then having skulls just “ dip and pack” is not going to prevent the horn damage from boiling issues. I have 4 shoulder mounts and 4 euro mounts. Two trips and two different RSA taxidermists. Seven out...
  12. South Africa Hunting Mountain Reedbuck

    South Africa Hunting Mountain Reedbuck

  13. charleslabounty

    Reedbuck Pictures

    Mountain Reedbuck 2015, Eastern Cape, Tootabi Hunting Safaris
  14. charleslabounty

    Wilbur Smith

    Courtney series is great entertainment reading Wilbur Smith Has the reputation of being historically accurate. Oh I just reread “Sibanda” by Tim Farren. Great fictional read and Tim is on with us. Actual journal writings, probably my favorite is “The Man-Eaters of Tsavo” by JohnHenry...
  15. charleslabounty

    Back country carry gun

    Ruger Alaskan Ammo 340 gn Buffaloe Bore ( note a sticker on the box states not for use in S&W or Taurus) Carried in Ruger’s chest carry fabric rig - very comfortable carry set up while stream fishing in Alaska.
  16. charleslabounty

    Convert a pedestal mount to a wall mount

    gizmo, So are you saying I mount a large shelf on the wall, and then drill a hole in it for the all thread rod from the mount? Thanks
  17. Kudu Shoulder Mount Pedestal Taxidermy

    Kudu Shoulder Mount Pedestal Taxidermy

  18. charleslabounty

    Convert a pedestal mount to a wall mount

    So, we moved into a bigger house. Thought we had a plan for the taxidermy mounts. Three small antelope wall mounts and one pedestal mount. But the floor plan is not working out so good for the Kudu pedestal. The house has high ceilings, so I am thinking about going up with the Kudu. Any have...
  19. charleslabounty

    Negative Head Line this Morning - Hunter Photo

    Discretion is good - maybe. Do any of us think by being discrete about our hunting successes will change any of the antis beliefs or behavior”?”. Maybe more of attitude “we hunt, we eat meat, deal with it”. Maybe take a lesson from DJT and his dealing with our liberal anti-American media. I do...
  20. charleslabounty

    Namibia Land Reform

    So then, that makes the Germans the “ancestral people” of Namibia. Problem Solved, correct ?
  21. charleslabounty

    Namibia Land Reform

    And backed by RED CHINA!
  22. charleslabounty

    RSA Using Legal Technicality To Disarm 300,000 Gun Owners

    The goal is Tiranny, the means is gun confiscation. Believe it! And that is exactly what “reasonable gun control” means here in the U.S.
  23. charleslabounty

    10mm auto new pistol which one?

    ABob, I will definitely send the message to Ruger with my suggestion today. I have done that before on other suggestions. Better to let them know my thoughts. Thanks
  24. charleslabounty

    10mm auto new pistol which one?

    It would be great if Ruger would come out with a hunting version of the SR 1911. Keep the target sights Mill or tap the slide for Optics Mill a rail on the frame. And heck, why not thread the barrel. Maybe make a 6” long slide - not sure about that option....
  25. charleslabounty

    Quick question on rings and bases

    I like my Warne quick detachable steel rings on top of a Warne steel rail (picatinny). And I use the same scope for my AR and 30-06, Trijicon 4-16x50mm AccuPower. Had to add a rail riser on the AR for the objective lens to clear. Warne insists no lapping required on his steel rings. I called him.
  26. charleslabounty

    Traveling With Ammo: South African Air's New Rules Lead to Confiscation

    Last time, 2015, I had my ammo in a plastic ammo box with my padlock on it, inside my checked baggage. TSA opened, I know this because they put a courtesy inspection note inside the ammo box and relocked it. It was a descent padlock, not a little cheap TSA luggage lock. TSA must have some master...
  27. charleslabounty

    Favorite guns

    1) AR 2) Ruger American 22lr , Bolt Action 3) Winchester Model 94, 30-30, 70’s vintage - not a collectible, but a gift from my Dad Refuse to make a choice on my handguns - I will keep them all!
  28. charleslabounty

    10mm auto new pistol which one?

    Maybe take a look at the new Ruger SR1911 Model 6739 (full size, 10mm).
  29. charleslabounty

    Roan Pedestal

    Dang !! That is beautiful. (More than!)
  30. charleslabounty

    Trophy / Taxidermy question

    Well I have been fortunate enough to make two plains games hunts in S. Africa. Three shoulder mounts and one pedestal mount in the living room. Two rugs on the floor, (zebra, wildebeest). Four euro mounts in the garage. Luv them all. Wife will not allow the the euro mounts in the house- says...
  31. charleslabounty

    Farm Attacks RSA and Kenya

    I’ve seen some recent photos of a couple of PH’s I recognize and they were wearing sidearms. They did not carry sidearms 4 years ago.
  32. charleslabounty

    Hillary Clinton

    I’m proud to finally hear a U.S. President openly state he puts America First. So nice to hear him tell our NATO Allies to step and increase the agreed upon spending on their defense.
  33. charleslabounty

    My Hats off to Hornady

    Mr. Dolan, would you please state specific actions you believe the NRA and we members should take. Also, please state what personal gun law ownership changes you believe the federal government should enact near term. Please be specific and concise as possible. (I promise to try and refrain from...
  34. charleslabounty

    My Hats off to Hornady

    Sure Mr. Dolan, huge numbers of Brits out for a day smoothboring with their high dollar doubles, just common folks. Probably not many $300 Mossberg owners in that crowd. (Probably not many $300 Mossbergs on the shelves of the local Walmart’s in the Kingdom.) But then again, I don’t know anyone...
  35. charleslabounty

    My Hats off to Hornady

    Yup, UK has it figured out for sure. And they are making it illegal to order a knife online to be shipped to a home address and the possession of acid in a public place.
  36. charleslabounty

    My Hats off to Hornady

    I will be making it a point to purchase Hornady products more often. Probably mostly reloading equipment and components.
  37. charleslabounty

    No more Yeti's for me

    Screw yeti and dick(head) sporting goods !
  38. charleslabounty

    Gun control???

    Maybe They have never got out of the mentality of a feudal system, “Yes my lord, Anything you say my lord”. An unarmed citizenry is very easy to control.
  39. charleslabounty

    .22 WMR lever or pump?

    Maybe a Semi-auto Savage A22 Magnum. Some ammo out there 30 gn, advertised 2200 FPS. Probably less than $400. Just a thought - -
  40. charleslabounty

    Best .223 bullet for African small game?

    Hunting with Tootabi Hunting Safaris in 2015, my friend put the 223 barrel on his Blazer for the last couple of days. Shot a Blesbok and a Mountain Reedbuck. I don’t remember on the Blesbok, but I examined the Mountain Reedbuck. No hide damage to it. And there were two shots through the ribs...