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    Animal Artistry 90 day guarantee?

    Does anyone know what the guarantee is? Recommend their work? Thanks Ham
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    470 Capstick Ammunition

    Does anyone know where to buy or perhaps have some 470 capstick ammunition for sale? Thanks in advance! Ham
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    .340 Weatherby Magnum Continued

    @One Day... @Von S. @Luvthunt @JimP @rookhawk Sorry for the confusion I created during my posts. I started this thread as I didn't want to distract from the other .340 discussion. Here is the whole story on my .340 WBY Mag Mark V. I inherited this gun a couple years ago and last year had a...
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    ZAMBIA: Leopard - 3rd Time A Charm?

    Well, made a late season dash to Zambia to try for leopard one more time for 2017. Earlier this year, I had two trips to Zimbabwe in order to try to catch up with Mr. Spots and was unsuccessful. Luckily my wife and children obliged and set off for Zambia to hunt with Alister Norton, Makasa...
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    Wi-Fi when not available at camp?

    Does anyone have experience with mobile satellite internet? I am wanting to head back sometime yet this fall, but the places I am looking at don't have wifi at camp. I need to be able to check in via email daily to run business. Any advice or experience in this is appreciated - thanks!
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    ZIMBABWE: Back To Zimbabwe For Leopard

    Sitting at MSP airport now getting ready to load up to head back to Zimbabwe. In March I spent a couple weeks with James Rosenfels (Western Safaris) and we had a great hunt, just things didn't come together. It was very wet post rains in March and cat activity was off. We had a few females...