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    Zanardini 9,3x74R Super Express Luksus

    Hi guys. I have an opportunitet to by a Zanardini 9,3x74R Super Express double rifle but is unsure if this caliber will kill a cape buffalo with a 18,5 gram bullet. Any one have experience with this caliber an african game? Regards Peter Denmark
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    SOUTH AFRICA: My First African Hunt

    At the age 36 I decided that when I rounded the sharp corner of 40, the gift from me to me would be a hunting trip to Africa. I have hunted moderately in Europe and wanted to try something different. So I started to scan the internet for options, and almost backed off. The possibilities were...
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    Peter from Denmark

    Hi fellow hunters. I have booked a trip to SA, Limpopo province in april 2012, and want to be as prepared as possible for that trip. On i can (try) to memorize the shot placement of the different antilopes in the "free shot placement gallery". I also hope i'll learn som tricks...