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  1. Roller

    What is a proper "stopping rifle" and load for dangerous game?

    Should the caliber start with a "4" or is a 375 enough gun? What about a 375 with solids? Or a 338 magnum with 250 grain solids or monolithic bullets for that matter? Double rifle or magazine fed? Will a shot that doesn't penetrate into the brain or spine still "turn" a charging animal? Will a...
  2. Roller

    Is the .375 caliber minimum for dangerous game outdated?

    With modern bullets, is the .375 caliber minimum really needed these days? Take out elephant and rhino, how many of you would be comfortable ethically hunting buffalo and the big cats with a smaller caliber?
  3. Roller

    Ammunition Holder for Buffalo Hunt Options

    I have yet to hunt cape buffalo, but plan to in the next year or two with a Model 70 in 416 Rem Mag I own. What do you recommend for a ammo holder ( culling belt or belt pouch (?)...leather or canvas (?) , if pouch , open or with flap (?), etc.) ?
  4. Roller

    Military Surplus Rifles for Hunting

    I was considering taking my Swiss K31 deer hunting a few times this year with soft points. Anyone out there hunt occasionally with a Milsurp? What is your favorite Milsurp rifle and why?