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  1. GWH

    Sako Kodiak 375 H&H?

    They are really good rifles Nick, I took mine to Africa. Sent you a PM too, having just bought a double, mine is for sale. Cheers
  2. GWH

    Booked in for Limpopo in Sept

    10 days hunting with Infinito Safaris At this stage looking at Kudu as my no 1 priority followed with Bushbuck, impala, warthog, gemsbok and wildebeest. As with any hunt, also expecting to come across other game I hadn't considered.
  3. GWH

    Booked in for Limpopo in Sept

    Well, the flights and half daily rate are now paid for. Hunting mid Sept and can not wait!:) Currently looking at Kudu, Gemsbok, Impala, Warthog and Bushbuck.;)
  4. GWH

    The .375 and Leopard - I need a bullet

    I'd reckon the woodleigh 300Gr round nose projectile would be a great all rounder - plenty of impact area up the front to transfer energy to the game.
  5. GWH

    SOUTH AFRICA: Anyone Hunted with Dalerwa Ventures For Wildlife?

    G'day jerome, thanks for the reply - I have been looking at a hell of a lot of outfitters over the last month - looking at coming across in Sept next year. Also considering Bluecliff Safaris. Dalerwa have got some really good reports from their references. Trying to do Kudu, Gemsbock...
  6. GWH

    SOUTH AFRICA: Anyone Hunted with Dalerwa Ventures For Wildlife?

    Does anyone have any experience with this outfit Dalerwa Ventures for Wildlife? They have a good package on at the moment and I am considering a booking. Cheers
  7. GWH

    Free Hunt From Leeukop Safaris for 2010

    Enter me!!:):D;)
  8. GWH

    350 grains in 458 lott

    Its still a little uncomfortable to shoot, although it recoils alot less than it does with the fullpower 500gr loads. With a 405gr pill loaded at 2300 Fps you are still a good 300-400 Fps in front of a 45/70 depending on the rifle/load. That said, most 458 Lotts are heavy rifles and the...
  9. GWH

    350 grains in 458 lott

    velocity in mine was kept down to a tad over 2300Fps with the 405 gr load
  10. GWH

    350 grains in 458 lott

    I just took my 458 Lott up to Cape York (far North Queensland in Australia) and shot two scrub bulls and a few pigs with it using thin jacketed 405 gr projectiles made by an Australian company. Shots were taken from 30m out to around 130m and it performed very well. The only issue I have with...
  11. GWH

    My Ceska 550 Safari Magnun in 458 Lott.

    Nice oscar, good looking timber on it too. I have a Lott in the Ruger RSM which is also a nice rifle. look forward to hearing how it shoots.
  12. GWH

    Let's dream...What new gun?

    Hmmmn, a dream rifle - high class double with all the trimmings in a classic calibre, probably a 404 for me.
  13. GWH

    Hunting Rifles or Target Rifles

    I own a few big bores (bolt action) and will pick up a Ruger no 1 tropical in 375 H+H in the next year or so when they become more readily available. I am of the opinion that a single shot is the ideal rifle for most hunts (culls excepted) as any hunter who plans on taking more than one shot at...
  14. GWH

    Anyone using a 45/70

    The BLRs are nice rifles. I think you would also be surprised by the quality of the marlins, mine has been accurate and very dependable. It is also capable of handling stout handloads with no issue. As for DG, probably not, there are better choices out there. That said, any of the thin...
  15. GWH

    Westley Richards Gunmaker

    Magic looking rifles, thanks for sharing:)
  16. GWH

    Plains Game calibers

    hey, thanks for the responses, interesting reading. I have a few rifle options up my sleeve that would be suitable. I like the 270WSM as it is deadly accurate and hits hard - 150Gr woodleigh projies. For the bigger stuff i have a 458 Lott and a 375H+H, both pretty versatile although the 458 is a...
  17. GWH

    Plains Game calibers

    Interested to hear what is most commonly used on plains game over there - i would imagine the various 300 Mags would feature fairly heavily. What is generally regarded as the minimum calibre that is acceptable - I would think the 270s would be a reasonable minimum. When I eventually get over...
  18. GWH

    Big Bores

    thats an impressive looking round gerhard!!!
  19. GWH

    Big Bores

    Good to hear you are doing OK. I also have a parker hale 375 H+H and have taken one Buffalo with it, it is not quite as nice as the 458. Ireckon the Lott is one of the mostyversatile rounds around. if you can't find Lott ammo it takes the 458 Win mag with no problem! Cheers
  20. GWH

    Big Bores

    i have a Ruger RSM in 458 Lott, it is a nice rifle in a nice calibre. hasn't been used on game yet, aim to rectify that next year on Water Buffalo...
  21. GWH

    G'day from an Aussie Hunter

    will do Shallom, thanks.
  22. GWH

    True Love

    I'd also love one, definitely something about them, I have a mate with some very nice old greener doubles, one in 577 nitro and one in 404 jeff - I have seen him head shoot a running Boar with the 577, emphatic would be the word. The best thing is, he still carries them in the field!!! As ofr a...
  23. GWH

    Another Australian hunter

    Good to see you on here ;)
  24. GWH

    G'day from an Aussie Hunter

    G'day paul, yep NZ is the only place you can take tahr, I have shot 4 Bulls since I have been here, have taken Chamois red and Sika aswell, although no real good trophies in the deer department, to be rectified in about 3 weeks;) I would say NZ is among the best for red deer, particularly if...
  25. GWH

    Hunting in New Zealand

    G'day paul, yep NZ is the only place you can take tahr, I have shot 4 Bulls since I have been here, have taken Chamois red and Sika aswell, although no real good trophies in the deer department, to be rectified in about 3 weeks;) I would say NZ is among the best for red deer, particularly if...
  26. GWH

    Anyone using a 45/70

    Anyone using a 45/70 for African hunting - I have a marlin Guide Gun which I am in the process of selling so I can pick up one of the new Marlin 45/70 SBL (ghost ring sight, picatinny rail, 6 round capacity and large lever loop - stainless laminate, should be an awesome pig gun. SO who else...
  27. GWH

    What is With Trigger Happy PHs

    I would find it unacceptable to have a PH shoot an animal that i had just shot, I am aware of the guidelines regarding client safety, but where that is not a concern there is no room for a PH pulling the trigger. Clients go on Safari knowing that a wounded and lost animal is one they still pay...
  28. GWH

    What's the hunting gear you can't live without?

    The simple things: Boots, knife, rifle, ammo, GPS/Nav gear, spare water and Binos - I keep the load light where possible, i imagine the hunting in Africa is reasonably similar to our hunting in nth Australia - can be plenty of distance....
  29. GWH

    Big bore projectile choice

    Thought i'd open this thread up with some discussion aimed at fellow reloaders - what projectile do you use in your big bore and why? I had been using the 300gr Hornady Interlock in my 375H+H (and successfully took water Buffalo with one shot), however now use pretty much only woodleigh...
  30. GWH

    Favorite Rifle

    Picking my favourite rifle is a tough call..... probably go better picking my favourite calibre. Right now it would have to be the 270 WSM - I have taken a good swag of game animals with this, red deer, Sika deer, goats, chamois, Tahr, Boar, Hares and even an unlucky Bunny or two. For years i...
  31. GWH

    G'day from an Aussie Hunter

    Thanks for the welcome. As with many o/seas hunters, my first trip will be on a budget, I'd like to take on of the bigger plains game species (Eland, Kudu, Sable) plus some of the smaller antelope depending on what is available. A Warthog is definitely on the list and The ultimate goal for me...
  32. GWH

    G'day from an Aussie Hunter

    G'day all, i have only just found this website. I am an Aussie, currently living and working in NZ although back home to Australia in July. I hope to hunt in Africa in the next 5 years or so and look forward to some interesting discussions on here. Cheers;)