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  1. NamHunter

    Where in the world do you get the African Hunting Gazette???

    Hi all Im just curious in which countries you get the African Hunting Gazette? My friend's eland record hunting story is published in the new Jan/Feb/Mar issue of AHG 17.3 Focus on Namibia a 2000 word story on the whole hunt . im curious where in the world you get this magazine and who...
  2. NamHunter

    Judge the following trophies and give your estimate length

    hi all, plz give your oppinion on the following tropies and give your judgements on the length of the horns for each animal. lets see who is sharp!
  3. NamHunter

    Hunting Video of New Record Cape Eland hunted Namibia

    Hi all, here is the video of the record eland hunted in Namibia, and of the area and the farm it was taken on, please have a look at it and give your thought on this video please, would be greatly appreciated, please reply to this post.Its really worth having a look at. Just click on the link...
  4. NamHunter

    Eland Taxidermy Pictures

    46 6/8" Cape Eland Shoulder Mount by Casper's Taxidermy, Grootfontein, Namibia.