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    Free Book Giveaway There's Something About Buffalo by Kevin Thomas

    There's Something About Buffalo
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    New Mauser, Worth It?

    I have a MO3 extreme in 3006 and 375. Used the 375 in Africa on plains game. Also use both here in Australia on Sambar. I am very happy with this outfit. Very accutate and 100 % reliable in feeding. Would not hesistate to recommend.
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    Do you know this deer hunted in Australia?

    Just to add to what bluey has already posted. These are Hog deer and outside a few private properties live in coastal region of southeast Victoria. As bluey mentioned there is a season that runs through April and works on a tag system. Tags are required even if deer is taken on private land...
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    Lions, trophy hunting and the US government – the 27 facts you need to know

    Ok, so the US has banned importing sport hunted lion and Australia also. My question is how much does that actually effect the ammount of lions hunted? Are US hunters the ones who are mostly buying free range hunts? Also just because you are not able to bring back the trophy does not mean you...
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    Would anyone like to join me

    Ok, just need this 40 c weather to bugger off and some nice rain, and we are set.
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    Would anyone like to join me

    The beuty of this spot is that it is only 2 hrs or so from Melbourne. In addition no camping gear needed as the hut has everything. It is situated on a 100 acres with very easy access to state land and endless hunting . In fact deer have been taken within 300 meters of the hut. I have hunted in...
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    Would anyone like to join me

    Hey guys, depending when msy be able to organise a hut to hunt from. 20 min from Mansfield.
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    Herdsmen arrested for poisoning lions in Kenya's Maasai Mara Dead lions include 17-year-old Bibi,

    Well at least they have video of lions from Kenya, because that is all that will remain in the not to distant future. Conservation at its best.
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    416 Woodleigh's?

    I have used Woodleighs for over 20 years in various calibers, including 416 ruger and 375 h&h. Took a buff bull with 416 in 2011. I have never had one fail. You can have confidence that they will not fail.
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    Muchinguri Blurts: We Have Too Many Elephants in Zimbabwe

    Government knows....isn't this a oxymoron.
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    Muchinguri Blurts: We Have Too Many Elephants in Zimbabwe

    Perhaps a quota for poachers? Not really sure of the trophy potential. And also dip and pack could be a little tricky.
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    China Donates Equipment to Anti-Poaching Efforts

    Makes me wonder what the Chinese are taking in return???
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    60 lbs each side Elephant

    Would be interesting to know tusk thickness and length of ivory.
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    VETPAW kicked out of Tanzania

    I can't believe they let them in country in the first place.
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    ZIMBABWE: Martin Pieters Hunting Safaris 2015 Newsletter ONE

    Some spectacular country and a million dollar view from the cabins on the Ume river.
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    Blaser R8 or Mauser M03?

    The fitted barrel in the image is a 30-06 cal and is 23.5" the 375 barrel is 25.5" Both are the standard, or as mauser classify them as solid. One can order different length's, open sights or not, fluted ect. Since both Mauser and Blaser are owned by the same people it is perhaps not surprising...
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    Blaser R8 or Mauser M03?

    I took my MO3to Africa a couple years back. Chambered in 375 H&H it was there as a backup and also to hunt PG. I have also a 30-06 barrel, both combinations are used t hunt Sambar and Fallow deer here in Oz. I would say with a fair degree of confidence that Blazer are far more common, at least...
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    Emirates flights - deal or unforseen issue?

    Found South African airlines had great baggage allowance extra 23kg sporting goods allowance, meant that my twin gun pelican with 2 guns at no extra cost.
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    Easter has been CANCELLED!!!!!

    All creatures great and small.......................taste great with potatoes, veg, and gravy
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    Tuskless hunt In the Zambezi Valley

    My understanding is that about 3% of the population are tuskless. From my experience you may not be able to shoot the first tuskless cow you see. First your PH must confirm that she does not have a dependent calf. A lot of them do. Pretty sure bulls are not included, at least not for the same...
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    Making exotics in Africa

    :Spitoutdummy:Yep, and in the morning wanted to chew my arm off.
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    Making exotics in Africa

    Does the term beer gogles mean anything?
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    African giraffe faces extinction after population dropped 40%...

    Nope, no Giraffe in Hwange Park. Spent 4 days and drove around 500km in the park and the only large animal I saw more of then giraffe were elephants. Would seriously question the credibility to a degree. However, would believe that in some countries the giraffe may be threatened.
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    Field Testing Rifles: What journalists should be doing?

    I think this is all true and has spread beyond just guns.
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    Dinosaur Hunting Guns: Taking Down T-Rex and Other Extinct Reptiles

    Come on lets get serious.....22mag is the go.
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    Great Tip from Client

    Actually new ruger qd scope :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    New PH

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    The other half of my African journey

    Did you partake in the local brew, the stuff that looks like it was scooped up from a muddy puddle at the side of the road (thought it tasted like it)? Up there with the Mopani grubs.
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    Petition to get our smileys back!!!!!!!!!

    And the issue with this is? Bring it on!
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    Brings new meaning to the question ..."is there anyone who objects to the marriage of ..." :LOL:
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    Pushing through myths and misconceptions: The Push Feed Action

    I am pretty sure from what I have read and from the actions I have played with, military version of the Mauser actions were designed to be loaded from stripper clips and therefore there was no real reason to single load. This is evident by a thump sized section machined out to the side of the...
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    Pushing through myths and misconceptions: The Push Feed Action

    I think your explanation here is a little wrong. On crf (Mauser or mauser derivative actions) the extractor claw angle is such the it allows the head of the case to slide up and against the bolt face when picked up from the magazine. However, due to this angle there is an issue if the round is...
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    Old School Hunting Vehicle

    Great story Chris, I did similar to a Toyota FJ55 wagon and ended up selling it many years ago. Reading your story makes me regret that some.
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    Old School Hunting Vehicle

    lol...looking at the new Land Rovers not much has changed, at least on the outside.
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    Old School Hunting Vehicle

    I think the way the car makers are taking the 4wd out of 4x4 vehicles and making them all soft roaders I think it will not be long before the "old" stuff will start to be resurrected to service real off road users. Old Land Rovers, Toyota Fj40's, 55, 70, 60 will be worth gold if you have one...
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    Will Rhino hunting become legal elsewhere?

    Yep, make the stuff worth nothing and them it will not be worth poaching. But then again, you can draw parallels between drugs and poaching, yet how much money is spent worldwide on drug law in forcement alone? Is the drug problem getting better or worse? Also agree that education is the key...
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    Dedicated To Our Trackers

    Even, more so when the client screws the pooch a little and they have to go into the thick stuff so you can finish the job.
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    Regret On Photos Being The Only Trophy

    Matt If NZ is anything like Australia (pretty sure it is), and you are wanting to bring back some sort of trophies I would highly recommend you discuss this with a taxidermist before making any choices. I can tell you that costs made on poor information can spiral out of control, especially once...
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    Question for Dangerous Game Professional Hunters

    I am not a PH, but I have hunted both Eland and Buffalo. To my way of thinking the smallest Eland bull will start in body weight were the biggest buff will end. Also Eland are well known to be able to soak up lead if shot poorly with the first shot.
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    CZ550 Safari Mag in 458 Lott feeding test

    In fact my Ruger still has a issue, in that if you load the magazine with 3 rounds and then close the bolt on a empty chamber, when I attempt to load in a slow and as quite way as possible the bolt face will not pick up a round. If I do the same thing more aggressively it works fine. Funny thing...
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    CZ550 Safari Mag in 458 Lott feeding test

    Matt Got to agree, I think most gun manufacturers have come to rely on cnc machining too much and are less concerned with quality and more concerned with profit. I don't believe that the overall cost of a rifle would go up that much more should it go through a more stringent quality control...
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    CZ550 Safari Mag in 458 Lott feeding test

    Not, restricted to CZ, I had to do pretty much the same to my Ruger in 416 ruger before it would feed reliably.
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    Wizard of Id Comic Strip

    What ? No help from Obama care?
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    Wizard of Id Comic Strip knee not getting better then...
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    young kenyan inventor

    Shame its Kenya, would be more then happy to offer my services and rid them of big bad Simba.
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    young kenyan inventor

    Hope it keeps working...For the lions sake.
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    Spiral Horn Safaris 2015 Promotional DVD

    Louis, I fully understand the pressure that is placed on your operation to meet all your clients expectations (not always realistic). I also understand (and respect) the game farm industry, for it has dome some pretty remarkable things for African wild life (Rhino) and is the largest in the...
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    Spiral Horn Safaris 2015 Promotional DVD

    Good video, nice quality. Two suggestions (not trying to be picky) at about 1:58 mark a frame with Roan (I think) there is a fence visible. Even though it is a game farm, perhaps this may not support the opening property size as intended. Second think that stood out for me (I have never hunted...