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  1. KoadaKane

    How to edit and delete threads/posts?

    Edit and delete thread(s) in the Classified section
  2. KoadaKane

    For Sale Blaser R-8 Barrels

    1. Blaser .204 Ruger barrel with bolt head and magazine $550.00 2. Blaser 7MM Remington Magnum barrel (un-fired) with magazine...$1,150.00 Would consider trade for Blaser R-8 barrel in .375 H H with sights (STD or Mid wgt)
  3. KoadaKane

    Rifles For Sale

    1. COOPER 25th Anniversary Model 21 in .223 un-fired NIB .........$3,25.00 2. ANSCHUTZ Model 1517, .17 HMR VG condition +....$1,100.00 3. HARRINGTON and RICHARDSON (SAKO bridge mount model L-461) Model 317 .17/223 un-fired $1,400.00 * Transaction thru your FFL who must receive from an...
  4. KoadaKane

    Back again

    Greetings all, I’ve been on the site previously reading the articles, perusing hunt offers, reading thru hunt experiences, suggested hunting calibers, etc., and the classifieds. I thought I was a member but.....guess I forgot my login info so, here I am. Again