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    Taxidermist outrage?

    I thought my Africa experience couldn't get worse. For those of you who haven't read my report, it's here ( Now, 16 months later i hear from the taxidermist. They tanned a...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: South Africa Disappointment With Steyn Safaris

    I got back from SA about 11 days ago, and am just now getting things put together to where I could post about my hunt. Just FYI, I was supposed to have purchased 10 days at the following camp (South Aftrican Hunting Lodge Accommodations | Private Luxury Suites | Steyn Safaris). I got nothing...
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    The Frankfurt Stopover and Bows

    Friends Our stopover in Frankfurt is almost 11 hours. I got a room at the Hilton connected to the Airport. What about our bags? Since the stopover is 11 hours, we can't check the bags through to Jo Burg. Will we have any problems with the bows and broadheads going through customs/security...
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    Bowhunt in SA in August. . . A Few Questions/Concerns

    So my trip I never thought I'd get is finally coming together. It all started after getting drunk at the NWTF banquet. My wife let me have the final say at the auction, and 10 days with Steyn safaris was mine. They have been more than accommodating in helping me schedule the trip around the...
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    Hello all! I just sent my deposit in for 10 days in SA with Steyn Safaries. This will be my first trip. Looking forward to it. I'm looking for any tips any of you might have as far as when to book tickets, from as detailed to time of day to as general as time of year. I found a great...