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    african hunting show coming to canada

    just a reminder that the african hunting show is coming to toronto on january 20-21 and calgary jan. 27-28.
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    NAMIBIA: Trip Report Die Keiler Namibia

    i have recently returned from a 25 day holiday in namibia. the flights were booked by lori of Travel Express. from seating to confirmations and flight updates, everything was handled greatly and would highly recommend using travel express. the first 14 days included a self drive around namibia...
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    volcanoe erupts again

    well i hope this volcanoe settles down. i am flying out in 2 weeks and see that frankfurt was cancelling flights. hopefully things will work out.
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    taking home zebra rug

    question- if i bought a finished zebra rug in namibia, could i take it home in my suitcase? i see they are sold all over the country and in the jo-berg airport.
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    little ones of namibia

    i am getting ready for my trip to namibia and would like to include some of the smaller species, e.g. dik dik steenbok klipspringer. any recommendations or advice?
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    Shipping to Canada

    i have read recently that you do not need a clearing agent for finished taxidermy entering canada. can it be shipped directly to my house? if i do need a clearing agent, will the taxidermist or shipper set one up for me or do i take care of this myself?
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    Questionable Hunts

    i have a question on a recent thread on p.a.c. elephant hunts. this type of hunt is quite possibly the only way that i will be able to afford a big 5 hunt. i see that members say that this outfitter is not licenced or registered in zim. could there be legal ramifications to a foreigner who takes...
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    2011 trip booked

    just finalized my 2011 june trip. safari gal from travel express was great in booking my flights. i will self tour for 2 weeks in namibia thru the caprivi strip and etosha, waterberg etc. and then 10 days plains game hunting. i am counting the days.
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    safe storage of firearm before hunt

    i am planning a hunt in namibia this june and wish to do some touring before my hunt. is there a place that i could leave my firearm as i dont want to take it with me while touring.
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    crating and documentation fees

    On my safari, there was one charge that caught me off guard. dip and pack was 80 per animal. in the end, i was charged 350 for crating and documentation fees on top of the 80 per animal. they told me that this was a standard charge. being a newbie, i do not know.:confused:
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    canadians taxed on trophy fees

    we just recieved our animals as part of a large group that hunted r.s.a. last year. the animals came in country through calgary. we then had the luck of getting an anti hunting women for a canadian customs officer to clear our trophys. customs inspected the crates, which, by the way was 6 crates...
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    shipping horns

    my walls are full of mounts and i have no room left. with the high cost of shipping and taxi work, i am looking at getting just the horns shipped home and perhaps euro mounts. perhaps maybe just taking pictures as i believe that the savings from shipping and taxi work is equal to the cost of the...