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    Hunting in Angola

    Wecome to our community Corto Maltese. For information on Angola, there is a great thread here on Angola, click here.
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    Another New Member

    Welcome to the "club" NM Hunter! We are all addicts here, so we know the "can't get there soon enough" feeling, but I have to say that hanging out here with like minded hunters helps calm the beast.
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    Meet Up with Jerome at SCI

    Jerome, I will call you! Definitely looking forward to seeing you and you wife again, she's awesome!! Maybe we can hang out again at the Rum Bouillons like last year... that place is a little crazy for a single girl without a chaperon or two or seven!!! :scared:
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    New Member from North Carolina

    frigatecdr, welcome to AH! You have found a great resource for planning your first hunting safari. I will be heading off on my "first" safari in a few months and have learned a ton here! Have been to Africa before as teenager with my father so I think it's great that you'll be going with your...
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    New to this forum

    Welcome ECHIV that sounds so exciting! Good Luck on your trip I hope everything works out for you and your family. I imagine that Tanzania is the ultimate African country for an avid huinter, what an awesome opportunity!
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    Mark Sullivan kicked out of SCI

    Not my cup of tea, so he will not be missed by me. Watched part of one of his videos a while back and could not stand to even finish it! Too much ego and shmarm... ew! And I won't even start on the actual hunting or whatever that was called.
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    Leopard hunting

    Thanks BillQuimby, that's a great suggestion for just about any species I suppose, but then you still should look into and research the outfitter too. I have heard too many tales of once great outfitters that have fallen from glory... especially in Zim sadly.
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    Welcome DustyVarmint! Great moniker BTW. I too love the Bongo, I mean seriously even their name is cool! I think I read here someone refer to their stripes like white icing, now I always think about that when I see a picture of them. I just think they are the most beautiful of all of the African...
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    Wrong Animal!! Now what?

    Do you notice how neither of the guys on the receiving end of the bigger Kudu and Bongo trophies aren't saying anything and are not complaining about the mix up! I wonder if they noticed that their trophies are significantly larger than before? What would you guys do if the tables were turned?
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    Giant Forest Hog Hunt in C.A.R.

    Christophe, Wow, wow, wow that's all I can say! Your hunts just look so exceptional and exotic, your posts really make the idea of hunting in Central Africa seem less intimidating. What an extremely awesome post and pictures, I especially love how Peter Flack has brought to life your French...
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    Hunting Shows 2010 - What booth will you be at?

    Will be at the SCI this year, have never attended the Dallas Show but I may try next year, time permitting. Look forward to seeing you Jerome, it's always a pleasure to talk to you about my upcoming safari in Namibia.
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    Hunting Tanzania... Kilombero Kronicles 6; Enjoying the Hunt

    Shallom, I have not been on the site much as of late (life got busy), however whenever I get the chance to pop in I am always glad to read your posts! There is something about the way you write that really draws me into the surroundings. This series you have been posting lately has me...
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    Some Thoughts About Trophy Hunting & Hunting Trophies

    Wow, this is such an excellent thread! Wish I had more time to comment but have already indulged in AH for too long today. Cleathorn, I completely agree with you, part of what I love about this site is that there are real discussions here, intelligent people who share their opinions and who can...
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    Who has booked for 2010?

    Enysse, ditto that on the favorite new website for about a year now and it just keeps getting better... great people and discussions! Anyway, I'll be heading to Namibia in May 2010!!! Can't wait, seems like it is taking forever to get here, but alas, 2010 is almost upon us. I have a serious...
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    Hey Guys! This girl needs your help!

    Rebecca, congratulations on being a finalist! I love the girl power!!! I voted for you and see that you are closing in on first place, the difference between you and and the first place contestant is only about 90 votes... come on guys I think we could get her there!
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    Disciplinary Action Taken Against Outfitter Conducting Leopard Hunt with Hounds

    It is with great interest that I have been reading all of these posts from NAPHA... I have to say that I too agree with Safari Hunter, although I think that NAPHA is on the right track... why not announce the names of those outfitters or individuals who break the law, hunt illegally or who are...
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    Zero Tolerance Policy for Misconduct and Ethical Violations

    Glad to know that NAPHA/Namibia is really working hard to promote and enforce ethical hunting standards. I for one feel better about hunting in a country that values its wildlife so highly. Keep up the good work!
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    Making Jerky from Wild Game (or Beef)

    browningbbr, lots of interesting jerky products out there! Here are a couple of products for the avid handbag collector such as myself! (Not sure it's authentic) Haha, I'm sure Coco Chanel is rolling over in her grave! Loved all the great articles, amazing work.
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    NAMIBIA: Buffalo Hunt In The Caprivi

    ikeda, I, for one, think it is important to let others know if you have had an extremely unfavorable experience. I personally would do my own research if I were considering this outfit and try to remain open minded, if I had just read one persons' account. However if I were to come across...
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    Howdy Wendell! It's a super friendly bunch over here, I am sure you will enjoy it... I see that you are well acquainted with a few of the regulars already!
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    Hello from Florida (Orlando Area) new member

    Hunterdae,welcome tpo AH! Ok you win "best photo gallery" hands down. Really, really impressive! Iam sure you've got some great stories to share with us... can't wait to hear more from you!!!
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    Different kinds of Central African Savanna Buffalo

    Thanks Anton for this great post. I am hungry to learn as much as I can about hunting in Africa, I seriously can't get enough... it's become kind of an obsession! Anyway, your post was just excellent with all of the pictures, it makes me want to visit CAR. I went to look at your photo gallery...
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    Leopard vs Bushpig

    Ownership in the bush, that is an interesting concept... I was wondering why she didn't just take that Kudu up a tree but I guess it could have been a moral decision as she may have been concerned about the consequences of stealing :bandit:
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    Jackal Trophy Fees

    Skyline, I think it's pretty ridiculous too! They're vermin! Several years ago. I went with my father on a safari in RSA and I think he shot two or maybe three jackals and we just left the carcasses in the bush. At that time it was really shoot on sight, not a "trophy" of any sort, just a pest...
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    Hi all

    Matt, welcome to AH, glad to have you stumbling or otherwise. I am sure the anticipation is starting to get pretty serious about now... only 4 more months, lucky dog!
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    Hello All

    Hi Big 5! Sounds like you probably have some great stories to tell, look forward to reading more about your adventures!!! As TOM said, I'm sure we're all interested in seeing some pictures too, trophy or trohpy room. Welcome.
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    Hunting Hyena - How many have hunted one?

    JP does that technique work for the big 5 too? Cause that sounds like a very economical way to hunt...:dollar:
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    Leopard vs Bushpig

    Shallom, once again you impress me with your amazing ability to make the scene come alive. What great words, "two bloodied warriors in a bowl of growl and squeel"! How do you come up with this stuff? Very entertaining!!! As to the question posed by Gerhard, it's hard to say that the bushpigs...
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    Unique Trophy Pictures

    Frederik, yes that is also a really nice trophy photo of a zebra. I will try that one as well. I plan on taking both a plain and muntain zebra, will do one as a rug and I think the other as a "chess piece" pedestal mount, this picture kind of reminds me of that posture. I would be interested...
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    Cape Eland Bull Hunt - Limited Quota

    Do you mean "are you from mars?" Or is that just my interpretation of AYFM?
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    What makes a "good" Professional Hunter?

    Enysse, I think you should do a hunting report on the place(s) that you went hunting where some of these things happened! Honestly, I've read a few of your posts where you have mentioned some pretty IMHO outrageous behavior from the PH/outfitter and I just want to make sure that I never book...
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    This is definitely the year to hunt Africa

    Shallom, not only a poet but a composer too??? Or would that be a conductor? You know when most people use those terms, "blood and sweat" they can't really back it up, but in your case...:sweat:
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    Hello, from Brazil !!!!!

    TOM, The trophy fee is one thing, but also I'm pretty sure that you can not even import Jaguar trophy back into the states.
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    Hunting Angola

    That landmine situation doesn't make me think it's going to be opening anytime soon!:eek2:
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    Hello, from Brazil !!!!!

    Wow, that's super cool and so are your other pictures!!! I have a lot to learn. What is that cat.. is it an ocelot? Whatever it is, it's beautiful. Just saw your next picture when I posted this, it's awesome, I think I need to go hunting in Brazil!!!
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    Judging Warthog

    Jerome, thanks for another really informative uberpost! I love this whole series of judging different species, keep up the good work!! Since you have not covered them yet, or maybe I missed it as I was gone for over a week and there were so many posts, but it would be great if you could do one...
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    Hello, from Brazil !!!!!

    At the risk of revealing a vast lack of knowledge of species from South America, what exactly is that animal? Some sort of Buffalo I presume??
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    Taxidermy Pricing

    Husb0023, I can't answer any of your questions as I am in the same boat as you are. I am going to hunt in Namibia in 2010! I can tell you that no question will be left unattended here, everyone is so helpful and some even entertaining. I can assure you that no question is too dumb either, not...
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    Picking a taxidermist?

    Lorraine, I hope these guys aren't giving you too hard of a time! I think your response was very thorough and it is certain that in all industries there are good and bad and I can see from your very well written posts that you care a lot and are surely doing a service to your industry by...
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    What makes a "good" Professional Hunter?

    Hey I have a good one, how about turning your cell phones off. It has not happened to me in Africa but stateside. What a pain when the cell phone rings at a very inopportune moment! Very unprofessional and can really ruin a hunt...:ssst:
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    This is definitely the year to hunt Africa

    Wow, Shallom, you have a real gift with words, that was such an excellent post!!!
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    Hello, from Brazil !!!!!

    Welcome to AH Beto, I am sure you are really going to enjoy being a part of this site, the people here are great! What do you hunt in Brazil? Post some pictures in your gallery so we can see what you hunt down south.:)
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    Count the Kudus...

    I would have never seen those other two Kudus had they not been pointed out! Next time I'm going to wait to give my answer after all of the PHs have had their say just to see what it feels like to get it right. I envy those with that level of instinct! Really had a lot of fun with this post, yes...
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    Unique Trophy Pictures

    Too Cool! I really enjoyed this post!!! Jerome, you really opened my mind to what can be done... a truly unique and artistic trophy picture. I will definitely be using some of these shots (Kudu, Zebra) and will try out some originals too. The zebra back trophy picture is beautiful, seeing all...
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    Buffalo mounts - ideas and pics

    Oak22, can you post some picrures of cape buffalo mounts that you have done, I sure would be interested in seeing what you are saying... it's hard for me to imagine. Plus how much floor space does a pedestal mount take up? I saw an absolutely amazing pedestal mount a few years back that was a...
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    Count the Kudus...

    safari hunter ditto
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    The main cause of traffic accidents...

    You boys crack me up, especially Ryan with his "full mount, no taxidermist needed" comment. Oh the power that a good looking woman has over a man... it's intoxicating really it is!
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    Judge This Kudu For Yourself

    Apparently, I am one of those optimists! I guess that's why I will trust the judgement of my PH.
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    NAMIBIA: Ozondjahe Safaris May 2009

    Thanks for the hunt report! I am excitedly looking forward to my hunt in Namibia 2010 with Ozondjahe Safaris. I just can't wait! Love the pictures :).