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  1. Backyardsniper

    Looking For CZ Rifle Chambered In 338 Lapua

    If anyone has one please shoot me a message here.
  2. Backyardsniper

    Payment method for Deposit on first Safari

    I am about to book with Phillip Smythe of Ivory Trails Safaris but the method of payment confuses me. He is in Zimbabwe but uses an agency here called African Adventures. Money is supposed to get wired to a bank in Oklahoma with an account under that name but the address for the actual agency...
  3. Backyardsniper

    Best scopes out there with German #4 reticle

    Looking to find a scope for my 375. I love the German #4 reticle. Probably looking for a 1-6x I think that is probably the best power range for what I'm looking to do. Who out there makes a scope roughly in this power range with the German #4
  4. Backyardsniper

    375 and reloader 16

    My new 375 just showed up and I have 100 pcs of brass and bunch of.bullets from 235 up to 300s. I have a good size shot of reloader 16. Does anyone have any load data for that powder in the 375?
  5. Backyardsniper

    What is your minimum Buffalo cartridge

    I am aware that the legal minimum is 375 however, my question is more to the guys that have some experience and have shot one or a few buffalo. I plan to hunt with Ivory Trail safaris in the Save' valley in 2022. I'll be hunting buffalo and plains game. I plan to take my 458 Lott for buffalo...
  6. Backyardsniper

    ZIMBABWE: Has Anyone Hunted With Ivory Trail Safaris?

    I'm very close to booking a hunt with them and I'm curious if anyone here has any experience with them? I have been in communication with the owner Philip Smythe and have spoken with him on the phone and he seems like a great guy. Very interested in making sure he is up front about everything...
  7. Backyardsniper

    Interarms vs CZ or other 375

    I will preface this by saying that i am a big fan of CZ rifles and I have a 458 lott in a cz550 as well as a 30/06 and a 527 in 204. I am finally about to get my first safari planned. I'll be hunting Kudu and Buffalo and anything else i can afford with Ivory Trails in Zimbabwe. I'm looking to...
  8. Backyardsniper

    Another just for fun, what caliber to build thread

    Thinking about building another rifle and I've got a few unique specs so I thought I'd throw it out here for everyone to weigh in with thier 2 cents. On gunbroker right now there are a couple of CZ 550 actions for sale. It looks to me like they come complete with mag box bottom metal , trigger...
  9. Backyardsniper

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Rhinoland Safaris In South Africa?

    Hey guys, I've posted on here a few times before and you guys have been tremendously helpful. I'm still doing my homework on planning this first safari and a friend of mine has highly reccomended Rhinoland in South Africa. I checked out thier website and it looks very nice. Have any of you...
  10. Backyardsniper

    New Member from Kentucky

    Hey guys, I have decided to make my first safari a reality, so I've joined here to hopefully meet and chat with some knowledgeable and experienced safari hunters. A little about me, I live in Kentucky, and work for a local short line railroad, I am an avid hunter and I spent several years in...