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  1. Trakehner

    Blaser R93 9.3x62 Barrel For Sale

    I have a slightly used Blaser R93 9.3x62 barrel (no sights). Asking $700/Delivered. Why selling?...wound up with 2 of them, nothing like winning two auctions to give you a spare barrel.
  2. Trakehner

    505 Gibbs Cheap (relatively) Brass

    For reloaders, 505 Gibbs brass is an expensive proposition...Natchez Shooting has Jamison 505 Gibbs new brass for $191/100 cases. Under $2/case is a real buy nowadays.
  3. Trakehner

    Howdy from Ol' Virginy

    Howdy All. I'm originally from Norther Michigan in the UP (Upper Peninsula). My poor grandfather...he was born in 1888 and loved to hunt. Of course, that meant his two sons and one daughter had no interest in guns or hunting (I think that's illegal in the UP). Anyway, when I was born, being...