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  1. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Tokoloshe Safaris

    Tokoloshe Safaris submitted a new resource: Tokoloshe Safaris - ZIMBABWE - Customized Dangerous & Plains Game Hunting Safaris in Zimbabwe just for you since 2002 - Read more about this resource... This is an informative ongoing and open discussion thread with Tokoloshe Safaris. Members can ask...
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    Zimbabwe opening soon (maybe)

    We received this message a few minutes ago this is copied from another operator, We received the okay for a specific foreign/international hunt from the Ministry of Tourism. We also applied to the Ministries of Transport & Health for further approvals last week and now await those. Hopefully...
  3. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Zimbabwe extends lock down by two weeks effective 20/04/20

    Information for members. It was just announced that Zimbabwe's lockdown has been extended for two more weeks. Which should be about 4/5/20.
  4. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Rifle rentals, how much?

    A bit bored during our lock down. While doing a major a cleaning of all of our firearms I got to thinking. What do all of you think a proper firearm rental should be on a African hunt? Our average rental rifle would be a M-70 with a Swarovski scope or a iron sighted english Mauser. Here in...
  5. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Is the CZ 550 Gone or Not?

    Here in Zimbabwe I keep hearing that the CZ 550 is no longer being produced and if there are any new ones left with the factory or suppliers they are in European calibers? I did not read the article in Magnum magazine, but it is my understanding that they said more or less the same thing. I read...
  6. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Wanted B-square Mauser Scope Mount Drilling Jig

    I am looking to buy a complete B-Square Mauser Scope mounting Drilling Jig, new or used!
  7. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Mauser receiver drilling jig, who makes one

    I have an intermediate Mauser action that I need to drill & tap (#8 screw) for scope mount bases. I am looking for a scope base jig with bushings, drill carbide bit and tap. Wheeler, B square and a couple of other companies use to make them, but none seem to be available now? Can anyone help me.
  8. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Need help Mauser .404J Magazine box

    If anyone can give advice or help I would appreciate it. I have two .404J #1 is a Rigby single square bridge long (not magnum action) #2 Is a .404J built on I believe a commercial Mauser (maybe military action) both have the same size magazine box 3 rds is the maximum that can be put in the...
  9. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Need help red dot reflex on a Sako 85 Brown bear

    I need help! A friend wants me to put a reflex on his Sako 85 Brown Bear. I have tested quite a few, Trijicon, aimpoint, sig sauer, Leuopold and Kahles. I prefer the Kahles and the Leuopold. What I do not know is who makes a mount for Kahles or Leuopold to Sako. Appreciate any and all help I...
  10. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Installing a model 70 type safety on a 98 Mauser

    I am have to add a scope to an old Jefferies .404J. Is there anything special a should know about installing a Dakota M-70 style safety in place of the original Mauser safety?
  11. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Need help! Wireless transmitter

    If anyone out there can help me I would appreciate any input. I am putting together 2 new wireless leopard rigs. I am using "Kill light" wireless light rigs for the light. Looking for a wireless mini-microphone external or internal power o.k. transmit range 100+ meters prefer 6volt. I know...
  12. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Wanted Stock For Original .404 Jeffery Rifle

    I recently acquired an original .404 Jefferies long action, large ring action rifle. The stock has been replaced with a incredibly ugly stock. I am looking for a English style stock with at least a 14" lOP. Looking for a straight stock with little drop.
  13. Tokoloshe Safaris

    US$1,000 Recompensa Oferta De Caza

    Recompensa de $ 1000 ¡Por un búfalo muy especial conocido como pie pequeño! Detalles como sigue Búfalo de 14 días, combo de leopardo 1x1 $ 16000-00 todo incluido, excepto propinas. $ 4000-00 de reembolso si no se toma Buffalo o Leopard. Detalles sobre el pequeño pie "recompensa" Muchos...
  14. Tokoloshe Safaris

    US$1,000 Recompensa Oferta De Caza Zimbabue

    Us$1,000 Recompensa ¡Por un búfalo muy especial conocido como pie pequeño! Detalles como sigue Búfalo de 14 días, combo de leopardo 1x1 $ 16000-00 todo incluido, excepto propinas. $ 4000-00 de reembolso si no se toma Buffalo o Leopard. Detalles sobre el pequeño pie "recompensa" Muchos...
  15. Tokoloshe Safaris

    US$1,000 Reward Hunt Offer

    $1000 Reward For a very special Buffalo known as little foot ! Details as follows 14 day buffalo , Leopard combo 1x1 $16000-00 all inclusive except tips . $4000-00 refund if either Buffalo or Leopard not taken . Details on little foot “reward” Many hunters have tried and failed . He can be...
  16. Tokoloshe Safaris

    100% original Rigby Mauser .275 takedown, how to tighten bbl

    I have been looking at an original Rigby .275 Mauser takedown. It has been well used and probably spent many, many years riding around in a farm vehicle. The rifle is in fair to good condition except the "screw in barrel" is a bit loose. Is there any practical way of tightening the barre.? As I...
  17. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Exportable 7-Tage-Bullen-Elefantenjagd Ende April Tokoloshe Safaris Simbabwe 14.000 US-Dollar

    Exportable 7-Tage-Bullen-Elefantenjagd Ende April Tokoloshe Safaris Simbabwe 14.000 US-Dollar (All Inclusive) Wir freuen uns, Ihnen einen erst Ende April exportierbaren Bull Elephant Hunt für 14.000,00 USD anbieten zu können, inklusive Abholung und Rückgabe nur zum Flughafen Victoria Falls...
  18. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Exportable 7 Day Bull Elephant Hunt Late April Tokoloshe Safaris Zimbabwe US$14,000 All Inclusive

    We are pleased to offer one only late April Exportable Bull Elephant Hunt $14,000.00, all inclusive including pickup and return to Victoria Falls Airport only! We have a lot of Bull elephant in our concession at the moment. This is a great opportunity to take a bull elephant in the 30 to 40...
  19. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Leopard in our old camp

    Some great trail cam pictures of a nice male leopard who made a kill in our old camp, the reason I say our old camp is two weeks ago the mother of all storms came in and destroyed our old new camp. Now we are rebuilding hope to be back in operation by March.
  20. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Sako proper front sight for a Sako with Peep sight

    I am hoping some one can help me? I am supposed to come up with a front sight for a Sako, not sure what model but it is a factory .416 Rigby. I got this person a rear factory Peep sight, he never installed the rear sight. Now he has lost his front sight blade. If anyone know what style blade...
  21. Tokoloshe Safaris

    No Hassle Once In A Lifetime Leopard Hunt 2018 Only

    This offer is for exportable trophy Leopard. We are making the one time offer for trophy leopard, 15 October to end of November 2018 only. No plains game! 12 day hunt. Trophy Crocodile may be added at $3,000.00 Trophy fee $4,000.00, only a quality leopard may be taken. No leopard, no trophy...
  22. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Election day Zimbabwe

    5:30 PM, The day has been so quiet you would not even know anything is taken place. I am going to have dinner, a beer and watch a rerun of Rawhide
  23. Tokoloshe Safaris

    What do you expect in a african bush camp

    We are in the last stages of finishing our bush camp in the Mucheni conservancy, Zimbabwe. The camp is not meant to be a luxury camp, but it is meant to be a comfortable camp. We have no plans to ever have over two hunters at one time. Please give me your ideas as to what you expect, likes and...
  24. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Zimbabwe Trophy Buffalo Bull Hunt No Hassle & All Inclusive US$8,750

    Zimbabwe no fences trophy Buffalo Bull for $8750.00 valid for 2018 only . Includes 10 days hunting, plus 2 days Tiger fishing. Daily Rate, trophy fee, all government taxes and permits, Accommodations. Laundry, meals, local beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks All transportation. Services of...
  25. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Mucheni Conservancy

    News article on us. Mucheni Conservancy After realizing that our natural resources and wildlife is coming to an end, we sat down as ward development committee and came up with idea of forming an conservancy which will be managed by the community through ward councillor and his royal highness...
  26. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Zimbabue Libre De Rango León, Elefante, Leopardo, Búfalo & Cocodrilo Caza

    ¡Una vez en una oferta de por vida! Zimbabue Libre De Rango LEÓN, ELEFANTE, LEOPARDO, BÚFALO & COCODRILO Caza Para Uno O Dos Cazadores 2018 Solamente Estamos encantados de ofrecer cazas libres, sin vallas, caza exclusiva en la recién formada Conservación Mucheni. Tenemos varios leones...
  27. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Freie Reichweite Löwe, Elefant, Leopard, Büffel & Krokodil Jagd Zum Ein Oder Zwei Jäger 2018 Nur

    Ein einmaliges Angebot! Zimbabwe frei lebende LION, ELEPHANT, LEOPARD, BUFFALO, CROC Jagd nur für einen oder zwei Jäger 2018! Wir freuen uns, in der neu gegründeten Mucheni Conservancy Freilandhaltung, keine Zäune, exklusive Jagd anbieten zu können. Wir haben mehrere männliche Löwen...
  28. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Zimbabwe Free Ranging Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo & Croc Hunt For One Or Two Hunters 2018 Only

    Once in a lifetime offer! Zimbabwe free ranging LION, ELEPHANT, LEOPARD, BUFFALO, CROC hunt for one or two hunters 2018 only! We are pleased to offer free ranging, no fences, exclusive hunting in the newly formed Mucheni Conservancy. We have several Male lions (at least one black maned...
  29. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Tokoloshe Safaris Your Professional Hunting Safari Company In Zimbabwe

    Welcome to Tokoloshe Safaris Hunting Zimbabwe since 2002 Tokoloshe Safaris is a professional hunting safari company that has been operating since 2002. We customize hunting safaris that are suited for you and we hunt both dangerous and plains game. Lon Denney is our main professional hunter...
  30. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Hippo & Crocodile Hunt 2017

    Hippo and Crocodile 10 day hunt for 2017 Binga $11500 all dates available PH Lon Denney PH Martin Naude Includes All meals All local drinks Laundry done daily Road transfer from Victoria falls to Camp and return PH and staff services Trophy handling salting skinning and delivery to...
  31. Tokoloshe Safaris

    End Of Year Trophy Buffalo Hunt Available US$9,800

    10 day Buffalo hunt $9800-00 and 1 day for traveling fly into victoria falls camp will be a fly camp so nice comfortable canvas tents area is in Mucheni Conservancy Binga District no other species available Includes 11 days All meals All local drinks Laundry done daily Road transfer from...
  32. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Hippo & Crocodile Hunt 10 Day 2017 US$11,500

    Hi all I have hippo and Crocodile 10 day hunt available only for 2017 at $11500 area: Binga District lake Kariba dates: various Dates available PH: Lon Denney Hippo Trophy fee $3750 croc Trophy fee $ 3750 Daily Rate $400 includes Road Transfer Victoria falls to hunting camp all meals all...
  33. Tokoloshe Safaris

    10 Day Buffalo Hunt Special Zimbabwe US$9,800

    Hi All I have a 10 day Buffalo hunt available for this year only at $9800 Area: Binga District Dates: various dates available PH: Lon Denney Includes Road transfer from Victoria falls to hunting camp all meals all local drinks laundry done daily PH and Staff Trophy handling Does not...
  34. Tokoloshe Safaris

    Wanted M-70 Winchester Custom African Express .375 H&H

    Wanted M-70 Winchester "Custom African Express .375 H&H. Not to be confused with the standard Safari Express. I will pay a fair cash price for the right rifle. Tokoloshe