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  1. Vanguard2279

    ZAMBIA: spike.t's Epic Wonderland At Takeri Reserve Zambia

    RENO 2019 I find myself sitting in Rum Bullion at a long table with Jerome, the stunning Mrs. Jerome and several other people that alcohol has made me forget. Across from me is the infamous Spike. T. For those who don't know, his real name is Mike. Spike. T is a nickname he picked up as a...
  2. Vanguard2279

    So It Begins,.....Again

    I’m sitting at SFO after having had a mediocre wood-fired pizza for dinner. I’m waiting on a United flight to take me to IAD where I’ll get on an Ethiopian Airways flight to Addis Ababa and then to Lusaka. When I arrive, I fully expect to see Spike.T waiting for me. If I survive all of this...
  3. Vanguard2279

    Importation of Lions (Worldwide)

    FIRST, don't reply to the thread with any details. Please, message me. We all know the Anti's prowl this page. I do not have a Lion to import nor have I hunted one. I have a couple friends who did and live in a country that theoretically allows the importation. Due to an unfortunate and...
  4. Vanguard2279

    Dallas Safari Club Booth Cost

    Random question to be sure: What is the cost of a small booth at DSC? Is it different for outfitters versus people selling services or merchandise. I know that SCI is a serious can of worms with costs and location of booth. Any direction will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Vanguard2279

    SCI Las Vegas Chapter Banquet and Auction!

    It is that time of the year again! Please, register for the annual banquet of the Las Vegas chapter of Safari Club International. We are fortunate to have Jim Shockey as our keynote speaker this year. We have a significant number of hunts this year and some great raffle items. We will also...
  6. Vanguard2279

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted Buffalo With Harloo Safaris?

    I would appreciate anyone with first-hand experience reaching out to me. I have some particular questions. Thank you.
  7. Vanguard2279

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kalahari Buffalo 2019

    Where do you start a Hunt Report that was two years into the making? I could start with me deciding on Pawprint Safaris ( for my first cape Buffalo hunt and that I really liked that Pieter Erasmus has a PayPal link thus making paying for the hunt over eighteen months...
  8. Vanguard2279

    How Many of The AH Faithful Live In Vegas?

    I'm curious as it would be great for all of us to get together one evening. Also, the SCI Las Vegas chapter has a great banquet. I hope to hear from somebody. Thanks!
  9. Vanguard2279

    And so it begins,....

    I sit at Gate D-9 in McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. I have about forty minutes before takeoff on the first leg of a lot of travel. After a rough check-in at the American counter where they insisted I needed a temporary import permit to fly to South Africa. That was finally straightened out by...
  10. Vanguard2279

    SCI Las Vegas Banquet 03/30/2019!

    Greetings, Las Vegas AH family and all whom might be in the area. This is our third annual banquet and it gets better every year. We are honored to have J. Alain Smith as our keynote speaker this year. We have multiple African, North American, European and South American hunts for auction this...
  11. Vanguard2279

    Shipping from Namibia

    Anybody have a favorite trophy shipper from Namibia? I want one who can take a credit card as I hate foreign wire transfers. Thank you all for any assistance.
  12. Vanguard2279

    AfricaHunting Get Together London Sunday 05/20/2018

    AH Friends and family: Norfolk Shooter and I are hosting a AH Get Together at The Grenadier located at: 18 Wilton Row, Belgravia, London SW1X 7NR, UK We will be starting around 1700 hours. I hope that all of the Faithful can come out and have a drink with us. We picked Sunday as it...
  13. Vanguard2279

    NAMIBIA: Namibia Safari Corporation 2018

    Where do I start? For some reason, I waited a while to start this hunt report. I'll try to make up for lost time. This started as a donated hunt from Namibia Safari Corporation ( that I won in auction at the SCI Las Vegas Chapter banquet in January 2017. It...
  14. Vanguard2279

    Shipping Companies & Payment

    Does anyone have a favorite shipping company and why? I don't mean to sound petty, but I'm irritated. Taxidermy from my hunt last April in the Eastern Cape is completed. I was advised that it was given to their preferred shipper. Shipper sent me his bill which is $900 higher than my shipping...
  15. Vanguard2279

    Which Bullet Weight For Eland?

    I am taking two rifles on my hunt in April with Namibia Safari Corporation. They are: New Ultra Light Arms M24 .338-06 Ruger Guide Gun .338 Win Mag. The NULA will be loaded with a 210-grain Barnes TTSX at about 2775 fps and I hope to utilize this rifle for Springbok, Gemsbok, Warthog and...
  16. Vanguard2279

    Ruger Guide Gun Muzzle Brakes

    I have two Ruger Guide guns in .338 WM and .416 Ruger. I have noticed that I remove a fair amount of copper fouling from the muzzle brake, as I remove it prior to cleaning the barrel and clean that separately. I have noticed the same issue when cleaning the brake of the .416. I eventually...
  17. Vanguard2279

    Any of the AH Faithful in London mid-May?

    Gents: I'll be arriving at Heathrow on 05/18 and staying at the Mitre House Hotel (I hope I chose wisely) in Paddington. Yes, I'm flying in for Harry and Meghan's wedding. Don't judge me. I'm nerdy like that. Besides going to Windsor, I'm hitting the Imperial War Museum and the London Zoo...
  18. Vanguard2279

    SCI Las Vegas Chapter Banquet 06/27/2018

    Ladies and Gentlemen: On 06/27/2018, the Las Vegas Chapter of Safari Club International will be throwing their 2nd Annual Banquet. There are going to be some incredible auctions and raffles. Many of the outfitters who are donating hunts will be there. It will be held at the Gold Coast...
  19. Vanguard2279

    Sabatti 92 Deluxe .450/400

    For Sale: Sabatti 92 Deluxe Extractor model .450/400 double rifle with case, snap caps, final target and a picatinny rail section; 79 cases of new Hornady brass; Hornady reloading dies; one box each 400-grain DGX & DGS component bullets. $4,000.00 I bought this on a whim a while ago. Sadly, I...
  20. Vanguard2279

    Spotted Hyena In Namibia?

    I have a hunt with Namibia Safari Corporation in late April. I am very interested in a Spotted Hyena, but I spoke with another hunter who has hunted with NSC four times. He advised that he's been after a Hyena during his last three trips, but never had a chance. Apparently, there is no...
  21. Vanguard2279

    Importation of Firearms Into Canada?

    At the end of September, I will leaving for my Moose hunt with A1 Hunts Twin Lakes. I've downloaded the Firearms Permit form. I am flying from Las Vegas to Toronto to St. Johns to Deer Lake. The first leg of the trip is with WestJet. I contacted them, but the lady I spoke with had no idea...
  22. Vanguard2279

    Namibia Windhoek Taxidermy?

    Gentlemen: Does anybody have a favorite taxidermist in Windhoek (or anywhere else in Namibia) whom they have found to be reliable and to do good work? My outfitter for my hunt in April wouldn't recommend anyone. Thank you for any assistance.
  23. Vanguard2279

    SOUTH AFRICA: African Cape Safaris April 2017

    Oh, where to begin? I suppose that I should acknowledge a few things before I start. I'm impulsive, hence why I returned from my first hunt with Cruiser Safaris in September 2016 and immediately booked a return engagement for April 2017. Considering I had booked a Moose hunt in Newfoundland in...
  24. Vanguard2279

    Delta Implements New Rule For Guns in Checked Bags

    I just saw this today. It doesn't look that imposing. However, I always look at any changes as a chance for things to go wrong. I had to pick up my rifle case from the Delta office in Baggage Claim at LAS. It will be interesting if an Officer has to be requested every time. Please, excuse...
  25. Vanguard2279

    WANTED: Management Buffalo Hunt

    Given a recent thread started by Mokore Safaris in Zimbabwe and the considerable number of responses, I am curious what companies/outfitters offer "management" Cape Buffalo hunts. To clarify, I admire those people who can point to a truly trophy Buffalo on their wall. Yes, I'm impressed by...
  26. Vanguard2279

    Double Rifle Opinions

    Given my somewhat compulsive nature, I have recently become (more) obsessed with double rifles. However, I have virtually no experience with them so I thought I would pose the questions to people wiser than I. I am not a professional hunter. My use of a double would realistically be used on...
  27. Vanguard2279

    SOUTH AFRICA: Cruiser Safaris Hunt September 2016

    As promised, I am finally writing my hunt report for my first African hunting safari. I'll apologize ahead of time as I should have kept better notes. I lost my wife in June 2015 to cancer. I didn't want to go anywhere or do much of anything unless I could do it with her. In January 2016, I...
  28. Vanguard2279

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting South Africa With Cruiser Safaris

    I realized today that I am exactly three weeks from boarding a Delta flight in Las Vegas to begin a lifelong dream of hunting in Africa. I'm excited and rushing to make sure I have everything I need before I go. I still feel a bit of trepidation for the unknowns that will be involved in this...
  29. Vanguard2279

    Empty Nosler .30-06 Boxes Needed

    Hey, guys! I'm heading out for my first Plains Game hunt with Cruiser in September. I handload and I am prepared to argue how plastic slip-top boxes are "original factory packaging", but I also don't want to complicate things if I don't have to. Does the SAPS office check ammo? And if they...