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    What 375 H & H rifle would you Purchase and Why

    I am an old man now. I have learnt many, many hard lessons. Please permit me to share what I know is a One Great Universal Truth: you get what you pay for.
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    Browning X-bolt

    Thx!!! These posts were informative. #1 I am convinced that Browning x-bolt is an xlent rifle (well priced too) #2 endorsement of that heavy caliber, light rifle were tepid; hard hitting kick makes it hard to practice; for a few bucks more I can get a Winchester Alaskan (about 9 pounds) #3 I...
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    CZ Craig Boddington Signature Rifle

    CB won the 2017 Weatherby Award. I respect that. I would expect that the rifle would retain above average resale value. Its probably a good looking &well made gun.
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    Browning X-bolt

    The Browning specs say that the plain X-bolt .375 (not Alaskan, not Safari grade) weighs only 7 pounds. Even with a scope, isn't that too light for a .375?