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  1. Newboomer

    PETA is after a guy in CA - article mentions AH

    It's time to fight fire with fire. For every one of their lies we have to forcefully throw it right back in their faces. If they realize we are not going to hide and kowtow to their anti this and that raving they will back off. Comparing them to all the conservation organizations what have they...
  2. Newboomer

    Hey you humps cop some lead

    When the feed in their regular area is burned or otherwise destroyed they will move to a new area eventually encroaching on inhabited areas and farmland. That will cause no end of problems. Best to thin them out before then. They don't have to be totally eradicated, just decimated to a level the...
  3. Newboomer

    LR shooting

    I've passed up close shots, 150-200 yds, because of wind. When my muzzle is waving a foot sideways back and forth I'm not chancing a shot. A trick that helps is to have your PH stand on your downwind side so you can lean against him or put him upwind to shelter you. Most times that will steady...
  4. Newboomer

    LR shooting

    I took my 6.5 Cr to Africa last year for pg. Stock Ruger M77 Hawkeye and Hornady 143gr Eld-X over 37.5gr 4064. One shot kills on springbok and impala out to 286 yards. They just folded in place. Made a believer out of me.
  5. Newboomer

    LR shooting

    I did a little lr shooting at SAAM a few years ago. Very humbling but very satisfying. We were shooting 10 inch steel at 1000 yards. I had my Win 70 7RM with Barnes 168 gr TSX. Once I got dialed in it was a blast (no pun intended). Even got a few 1200 yard hits. Tricky with a gusting crosswind...
  6. Newboomer

    Sunglasses, yes, no, type?

    I wear them for driving. I use polarized clipons over my glasses. I don't wear any for hunting. My glasses are photogray and darken in sunlight. If I wear sunglasses over them they are too dark for hunting.
  7. Newboomer

    Proper attire for DSC meet

    Someone might plant one of those pointy toes in a part of your anatomy.
  8. Newboomer

    Sight, sound or smell, which evokes African Safari the most?

    I remember kerosene lamps. They were our only source of light til I was a senior in High School in 1959. We finally got electricity that December. Great Christmas present.
  9. Newboomer

    Sight, sound or smell, which evokes African Safari the most?

    Sight and sound. The calls of wildlife, the rustle of breeze in the trees, hoofbeats, the bang whump of a well placed shot. Good conversation around a fire in the evening. Sight of fresh tracks in the dust, that first glimpse of the quarry and a beautiful animal standing there. Admiring the...
  10. Newboomer

    Some things can never be bettered?

    The chatter of little voices and the patter of little feet.
  11. Newboomer

    on a lighter note...

    Talk about double meanings!!
  12. Newboomer

    What have you been doing since you can’t go on Safari?

    Walking a couple miles twice a day, or rather, the dog walks me. Cutting my woodpile and splitting some the old fashion way with a maul, sledge and wedges. Lots of odd jobs around the house and my Masonic Lodge. Catching up on my reading. Practicing for my safari next April, no hope for a hunt...
  13. Newboomer

    Some things can never be bettered?

    Home baked beans and brownbread on a frigid winter Saturday night.
  14. Newboomer

    Why The Saying “Old Is Gold“ Is Some Times Actually True

    Like the old saying,"They don't make them like they used to." Consider all the 100 plus year old guns still in use and shooting as good as they did back then. They had beautiful lines and workmanship, fabulous wood, meticulous fitting and engraving. Unlike the ugly black clubs of today that look...
  15. Newboomer

    A Hunt For Gold Colour Variant Animals To Hunt Or Not

    I have all four of the springbok colors and I took them fair chase out of herds. We chased some of them all day before I got a shot so they were naturally occuring. I entertained the thought of taking a golden wildebeest until we went to a farm to get permission to hunt another species. In a...
  16. Newboomer

    Military Surplus Rifles for Hunting

    1917 Enfield 30-06 partially sporterized. Original barrel and action. Deadly with anything from 110 gr to 220 gr.
  17. Newboomer

    Some things can never be bettered?

    Jeep in a crate. And, yes, when I was in the US military Kilroy was everywhere we were deployed.
  18. Newboomer

    Favorite above .40 Revolver cartridge?

    Ruger Blackhawk .44 mag.
  19. Newboomer

    Can't stay logged in

    I logged in, set my password, checked the Stay logged in box but every time i come on AH I have to go through the whole procedure again. Why can't I stay logged in?
  20. Newboomer

    In Wildlife Art, There's No Substitute for Actually Being There

    Like the old saying goes: You gotta see it to believe it. Great description.
  21. Newboomer

    17 Kills In Two Months: A Cougar’s Summer Diet In Yellowstone National Park

    Doesn't look like he is a wanton killer. More like he was driven off his kill by larger predators frequently and had to hunt again to feed himself.
  22. Newboomer

    Alligator vs Kayak in NC

    I guess gators and kayaks don't mate very well. Bet he was pissed.
  23. Newboomer

    The "Why" Of Hunting

    Hunting is much more humane than being eaten alive by predators. The whole hunting experience, not just the killing, is why I hunt. If I score, fine. If not, I have had a great day, week, etc. commingling with nature and other people of like mind. I have learned much about the wildlife...
  24. Newboomer

    Lady Death: Lyudmila Pavlichenko, The Greatest Female Sniper Of All Time

    Love the way she put the American press in their place.
  25. Newboomer

    .22 Ammo

    I've had small rifle and small pistol primers on order for over 4 months and can't find them anywhere.
  26. Newboomer

    Some things can never be bettered?

    He's like the rest of us; moving a little slower but still going.
  27. Newboomer

    Some things can never be bettered?

    First romp in the back seat/ hay/wherever.
  28. Newboomer

    Some things can never be bettered?

    Edward R. Murrow with the news.
  29. Newboomer

    Skin game in minutes with a golf ball...

    Watching that I thought he might pull the deer away from it's neck leaving the head in the tree and the rest dragging on the ground. Pretty slick.
  30. Newboomer

    Gun Fight at OR Tambo 2 dead, 7 injured

    Ignorance is bliss---until he turns around. Anyone have a spare pair of skivvies?
  31. Newboomer

    Celebrity campaigns undermine conservation and human rights

    All well and good but in reality it will make no difference to those ignorant self indulgent asses. They will laugh it off and continue their twisted sick harangue to the detriment of wildlife and the local peoples who depend on that wildlife, as well as we hunters who attempt conservation...
  32. Newboomer

    Geopolitics, Global Economy, and Hunting Safaris

    A pretty good indication that the outfitter market is overstocked. The environment can handle only so many. It is a very competitive occupation and in order to survive there has to be a special draw: better pricing, accommodations, outstanding trophy animals in good supply, outside activities...
  33. Newboomer

    Geopolitics, Global Economy, and Hunting Safaris

    Yes, it is a mess but I think we have to watch and see how it unfolds. If everyone panics, imagining all sorts of disasters, it's not going to solve anything. The next few years are going to be touchy with all the restrictions, cutbacks and other obstacles. Everyone is hurting. Outfitters can't...
  34. Newboomer

    Some things can never be bettered?

    Sitting on the front porch in a thunderstorm watching lightning flashes and timing the thunderclaps.
  35. Newboomer

    Some things can never be bettered?

    Whining gears and a roaring diesel of a heavy loaded truck coming out of the woods.
  36. Newboomer

    And now for some very unbiased reporting.....

    Typical lies, half truths and innuendos. Those "journalists" couldn't tell the truth if their useless worthless existences depended on it. They have no concept of truth, just their sick twisted emotionalism.
  37. Newboomer

    Some things can never be bettered?

    Bucksaws and double bitters, 2 man crosscut saws.
  38. Newboomer

    Take Down Travel Case For Standard Bolt Action Rifle

    A problem I see is it is too short for wheels to roll it. If you have to lug it, it could get heavy.
  39. Newboomer

    Some things can never be bettered?

    More red and black. Wool ballcap with the earflaps up inside. Felt boots and overshoes, my Dad's favorite winter footgear. I wore the leather topped lace ups like the L.L. Bean boot. Buckskin chopper mittens with boiled wool liners.
  40. Newboomer

    Bison returning to the UK

    Bully for them. Hope it works out well. Much better idea than messing up trophy imports.
  41. Newboomer

    Some things can never be bettered?

    The old red and black checkered wool coats. Carrying a length of rope wound around my waist to drag a deer. Single barrel shotgun with a spare round between my fingers.
  42. Newboomer

    Terms I am tired of hearing

    blm, antifa. They don't deserve to capitalized.
  43. Newboomer

    Can you bring back used ammunition brass from RSA for memorabilia purposes? If so, how?

    I just put my empties back in the box with the rest of the unfired rounds. If I'm missing a few cases I tell them they are out in the bush somewhere and couldn't be recovered. No problem. The number of rounds you bring into the country is listed on the SAPS form and they understand that all...
  44. Newboomer

    on a lighter note...

    I've seen this before but it is so true. Love it. Wonder what the response was.
  45. Newboomer

    In memoriam - RIP simple man - Charlie Daniels

    A national treasure was lost today. One of the greatest. Thank you, Charlie Daniels.
  46. Newboomer

    Tahr Eradication Plan - New Zealand

    Sounds like a bureaucratic SNAFU and FUBAR.
  47. Newboomer

    Helicopter Safari - Hunting In Africa With Arthur Godfrey

    The good old days when people had some sense and weren't offended at every little thing.
  48. Newboomer

    For Sale Heym Express Martini 404 Jeffery

    Toby, Knowing your past history with guns, I have my doubts. Never say never, it can happen.
  49. Newboomer

    Effective range for a .375 H & H

    Fantastic!! Congrats on both counts.
  50. Newboomer

    Buffalo vs Crocodile

    I take it the buf "stuck it" to the croc.