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  1. mdwest


    Whats amazing about that is per TX law to be able to vote by mail you must be 65 or older, be disabled, be confined to jail but otherwise allowed to vote, or be out of your county of residence on election day.... But 400K people in Harris County already know that one of those things apply to...
  2. mdwest

    Sunglasses, yes, no, type?

    I wore various oakleys for years (got used to them in the military.. and just kept the habit)... but started buying Smith a few years ago and found I like them better... ANSI rated protection that exceeds the MIL standard for shatter/breakage/etc.. outstanding UVA and UVB protection... and...
  3. mdwest

    How to have your day go to crap

    It would be a sin to pitch the old stock in the trash.. it deserves a funeral pyre.. preferably during a braai.. just sayin'.... :)
  4. mdwest

    LR shooting

    I recognize that barrel! :) Sweet little precision rig.. Im betting you can reach out past 1000 with it fairly easily..
  5. mdwest

    Proper attire for DSC meet

    Im still trying to figure out how he attaches his big texas rodeo type belt buckle to that thing.... :)
  6. mdwest

    Proper attire for DSC meet

    He said the loincloth doesnt provide enough warmth for the new February show dates.. He's going to wear his new Borat thong instead.. :ROFLMAO:
  7. mdwest

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Promotions are always deserving of good cigars.. Congrats!
  8. mdwest

    Customs broker in Washington DC

    +1 Tom @TROPHY SHIPPERS is my first choice
  9. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    RE DI vs Piston... Piston offers some advantages if youre intending on running a short gun (8"?) or a suppressor.. There was a time you couldnt get a shorty upper to run reliably.. Most of that has been figured out over the past few years though and most DI guns intentionally built a 7, 8...
  10. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    Dont. Nothing wrong with the Mini 14.. but its an inferior system.. less reliable, less versatile, less customizable... for not much cost savings at all.. over a high end AR... and its significantly more expensive than a "budget" AR..
  11. James Leddy Safari Boots

    James Leddy Safari Boots

  12. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    Completely agree with this.. I know youre looking at off the rack AR's.. but if youre talking SHTF scenarios.. this may sound crazy.. but I'd recommend building yourself... Its not hard to do at all (it does not take a pro.. and only takes a couple of tools.. I could teach a chimp to build an...
  13. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    Gotta define your plan in a SHTF... We talking urban environment with the intent to stay urban? Urban with intent to bug out? Rural with the intent to dig in? Rural with intent to remain mobile? For me, for defensive purposes I like a good carbine length in a common caliber.. it does...
  14. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    I think "best" is a relative term.. When you step into the realm of the higer end manufacturers, its sorta like asking which super car is "best"... is it a Ferrari, Lambo, Bugatti, etc? Which is "best" really depends on the preferences of the owner.. You cant go wrong with Daniel Defense...
  15. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    Ive used a LOT of PSA parts in all of my builds (I mentioned prior that I have 4x AR's currently.. but over the years I've probably built and owned 10 or more different ARs).. Never had a problem with any of them..
  16. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    Are you talking 7.62x51 (308)? Or any 30 cal? You've got lots of light options in 30 cal.. but they wont have the same ballistics as 308.. 300 BLK is probably the most popular.. it offers slightly less down range terminal performance than 7.62x39.. but provides the advantage of being 100%...
  17. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    they are nasty animals that are major carriers of everything from leprosy to hansons disease...
  18. mdwest

    James Leddy safari boots

    Will do. Once I have buff hide in hand, Im planning on driving over to Abeline and looking at the shop and some of their work personally.. Ill take some pics and provide a brief as soon as that happens..
  19. Black rifle Accessories

    Black rifle Accessories

    Set of no-name flip up sights (front and rear).. almost identical in design to the magpul MBUS.. A picatinny elevatated rail (if brings the upper receiver in line with the old school M16/M4 front sight post so that an optic can be mounted).. and an Uncle Mikes kydex holster (LH) for a Glock 19...
  20. mdwest

    Favorite above .40 Revolver cartridge?

    I’m an old school traditionalist when it comes to wheel guns... Over .40 is only 1 choice for me... .44 mag
  21. mdwest

    Military Surplus Rifles for Hunting

    It’s been many moons.. but when I was a kid I hunted with a 6.5 Italian carcano... horrible trigger.. horrible sights.. and only moderately accurate.. but, it was all I had for a few seasons until I saved up and got a marlin 336 in 30-30 sometime around my 18th birthday...
  22. mdwest

    For Sale Smith & Wesson X-Frame 460XVR

    Yep... I bought a Glock 40 for the exact same reason... I couldnt find a more potent bear spray anywhere.. :)
  23. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    the cheapest and easiest way to solve the upper/lower slop is to put an o-ring around the post in the rear of the upper reciever that the take down pin goes through.. Costs $0.02... takes 2 seconds.. tightens up the receivers.. and lasts a lifetime.. Set screw works too though... :)
  24. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    That is good to know/hear.. I've considered picking one of those up to use as a squirrel/raccoon/armadillo/whatever gun.. but didnt know how well they functioned... all of the old 22 conversion kits I messed around with in the late 90's pretty much sucked.. I was hopeful S&W worked out the...
  25. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    80% lowers are cheap... so are the milling blocks/templates... I've never milled my own.. but my understanding is you dont even need a mill.. just a decent drill press and some decent bits will get it done.. I've thought about buying a couple of 80% lowers just to play around and see if I...
  26. mdwest

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    Im afraid we've all got a sickness...
  27. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    Rock River makes a good middle of the road rifle.. they arent a bad choice at all (IMO).. affordable and reliable.. youre not going to get the same fit and finish from a RRA as you will with a Daniel Defense.. but you will get a reliable rifle that will shoot where you point it.. and do it...
  28. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    Something I forgot to mention in the post above... One of the very cool things about an AR platform is.. if you want to completely change your rifle.. im talking radically change your rifle... take it from a 20" HBAR precision 5.56 rifle.. to a 10" .300 BLK CQB platform.. to a .458 SOCOM hog...
  29. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

  30. mdwest

    AR-type Rifles

    Daniel Defense makes an excellent AR... you wont go wrong with that choice.. I own 4x AR's... 2x in 5.56... 1x in 350 Legend.. and 1x in 458 SOCOM.. Who to buy from IMO and what caliber you choose, etc.. I think is largely going to be driven by budget and intended use.. I built all 4 of my...
  31. mdwest

    Remington Declares Bankruptcy Again

    My hope is that Barnes, Marlin, and Dakota will be the brands they sell off.. and that they can return to their glory days under new ownership and management.. They dont need the boat anchor of Remington around their necks.. Those companies can thrive and do exceptionally well I believe if...
  32. mdwest

    Remington Declares Bankruptcy Again

    Freedom Group was owned by Cerberus Capital Management.. I believe they spun them off a few years back though and thats when Freedom Group re-branded itself as Remington Outdoors (RO is the owner of Bushmaster, Marlin, Rem, etc..etc.. now).. Cerberus is a huge private equity firm that maintains...
  33. mdwest

    James Leddy safari boots

    My buff hide is about to be delivered from my 2019 hunt with @Bos en Dal Safaris .. The plan all along has been to have a matching set of cowboy boots, belt, and a holster made from the hide.. and then maybe look at a couple of rifle slings and other stuff with whatever amount of hide is left...
  34. mdwest

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    Sigh... When I joined this site the biggest rifle I owned was a 45-70.. but most of the safe was filled with a variety of 22’s and 30’s... Now there’s a 375 H&H, a 416 Taylor, a 585 Hubel Express, and a 458 SOCOM in there... Is the first of the 12 steps to admit you have a problem?
  35. mdwest

    Hunting In Texas

    Great looking blackbuck! Welcome to AH!
  36. mdwest

    Fourty Something

    I love my Win 70 375H&H... but my 416 Taylor is actually preferred.. I cant tell any real difference in recoil between the two (The taylor does weigh about 8 OZ more than the 375).. and the 400 gr 416 TSX trucking along at 2400 FPS packs a whole lot more whollop on the receiving end than the...
  37. mdwest

    Bought my daughter a double combination today

    Those are great little combo guns! Most people dont realize that Savage actually had Valmet in Finland make the actions for the 2400... Great steel, and really nice fit and finish on the couple that I have seen.. (The 2400 looks a lot like its predecessor, the Savage 24.. but is really a...
  38. mdwest

    Boot question

    Boots are super personal, and whats "good" often depends on where youre planning on wearing it.. If youre talking southern Africa, lots of guys swear by Courtneys and Russells.. For me, I wore Danner Agitators for years.. Theyre reasonably priced (about $120).. tough as nails.. pretty light...
  39. mdwest

    Pay It Forward-Free

    Its yours @Dirtdart Shoot me a PM with an address and I'll get it out to you shortly. Thanks!
  40. mdwest

    Pay It Forward-Free

    Theyre yours @PARA45 Shoot me a PM with an address and I'll get them in the mail asap. Thanks!
  41. mdwest

    Pay It Forward-Free

    I know there arent a lot of black rifle fans here.. but maybe someone can use this stuff... I've got a set of no-name flip up sights (front and rear).. almost identical in design to the magpul MBUS.. A picatinny elevatated rail (if brings the upper receiver in line with the old school M16/M4...
  42. mdwest

    .22 Ammo

    Ammo of all sorts is in short supply lately... Cabelas in Allen, TX has had probably 80% empty shelves for pistol ammo.. and 50% empty shelves for rifle ammo for the last couple of months (the ANTIFA/BLM BS created a mad dash for guns and ammo.. and they havent caught back up yet).. Academy...
  43. mdwest


    I sincerely hope you are right... but sadly, I dont think it will make any difference at all... Chicago has to want to heal itself before things will get better... If Madigan goes down, another corrupt official will just replace him.. How many Blagojevich's, Madigans, etc will the people of...
  44. mdwest

    Building a .375 for extended use

    I think the shooter is going to be the weak link in this equation.. not the rifle.. As long as you build the rifle using quality components, you'd be fine.. 375H&H is in the same pressure category as .308 Winchester (both produce around 62K PSI).. youre not going to be wearing out barrels or...
  45. mdwest

    Great Deal On Docter Reflex Sights

    excellent price. I've been considering something like this for one of my big bores.. thanks for sharing!
  46. mdwest


    I disagree.. its a magical word.. one of the most useful and versatile in the english language... :D
  47. mdwest

    Bullet for Cape Buffalo

    Took the buff in my avatar with a 375 H&H 300gr A-Frame... 1 round in the right place.. he went about 20 yards and was done.. I also shoot A LOT of TSX and TTSX and pretty much shoot those in my 375 and 416 exclusively now, and have complete confidence in the barnes projectile(s)... Either...
  48. mdwest

    Sako 85 Brown Bear 416 Rigby

    You know folks go to hell for lying right? [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  49. mdwest


    Who? :D:D:D
  50. mdwest

    Don't waste your time buying sale items from Cabelas / BP

    The actual bargain cave in the stores went away but, Cabelas still maintains a "bargain cave" page on their website.. its where they list all of their sale and clearance items now (not the same thing as the original "bargain cave" in the stores where they also re-sold returns and items with...