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  1. Shootist43

    LR shooting

    For all of you "want to be(s)" and Long Range shooters, have you read any of the books written by Nathan Foster? He offers a wealth of information on the subject. His website is
  2. Shootist43

    For those missing Africa!

    That must have been fun!! Not very many new photos of wildlife lately, thanks for sharing.
  3. Shootist43

    Big female Warthog

    Give that lad a big thumbs up. What caliber rifle did he use?
  4. Shootist43

    Hello all!

    Drew, where did you get the MRC 404 Jeffery? That caliber is one you are going to LOVE. I never heard of it till I joined AH, now I have two of them. When you are ready for it, I have load data that will put a smile on your face.
  5. Shootist43

    In need of a P14 and P17 Enfield take-off stocks

    Here is"the rest of the story."
  6. Shootist43

    New guy says Hi

    Welcome aboard pamtnman. Back in the mid 70(s) I worked on the Susquehanna Steam Electric Station (it is actually a Nuclear Power Plant.) We lived about a 1/4 mile away from the river and it wasn't unusual to see deer in my back yard. Being from the Southern part of Michigan which is all...
  7. Shootist43

    In need of a P14 and P17 Enfield take-off stocks

    The action on the P17(s) was a little longer than what is on the P 14 to accommodate the "Peterson Device" whatever that was. What do you know, I just learned something new. What most folks call the P -17 i.e. the 1917 Lee Enfield chambered in 30 - 06 was actually called the M-17 by the...
  8. Shootist43

    How to have your day go to crap

    Dave, have you thought about using Stuart Satterlee? He is a gunsmith that has a Duplicator. BTW is is an AH member.
  9. Shootist43

    In need of a P14 and P17 Enfield take-off stocks

    Bruce, I believe the 1917 Lee Enfield(s) are referred to as P-17(s.)
  10. Shootist43

    Big Bore Shoot at the Range

    Looks like a fun exercise / simulation.
  11. Shootist43

    Big Bore Shoot at the Range

    Where is the Video?
  12. Shootist43

    Choosing powders for 458 Lott from Quickload/Gordons Reloading Data?

    Sorry I can't be of more help. QuickLoad does not have a 515 gr. Peregrine in its' data bank. Only 500 Gr. in "variants" VRG1, VRG2 and VRG3. Good luck finding something that works for you.
  13. Shootist43

    Choosing powders for 458 Lott from Quickload/Gordons Reloading Data?

    Nhoro if you determine the weight in water contained in a fired but unresized case (with a convex bubble) QuickLoad's simulations will be much more accurate. Most often the actual volume is slightly higher than "standard."
  14. Shootist43

    Choosing powders for 458 Lott from Quickload/Gordons Reloading Data?

    Here is a load using V V 530CV
  15. Shootist43

    Hello Hunters

    Welcome Aboard Falco. Please tell us a little more about yourself as a hunter. Things like what have you hunted in the past, what kind and caliber rifles do you own. Providing you keep thinking about hunting Africa, we'll do our best to convince you that doing so is an absolute necessity.
  16. Shootist43

    Hello all!

    Welcome aboard Andrew, sorry I missed your introduction earlier. For a young man you certainly have a large battery of firearms. For your first Safari which should be for Plains Game any of your 300(s) will be just fine. The big question you need to answer is what bullet and weight should be...
  17. Shootist43

    Choosing powders for 458 Lott from Quickload/Gordons Reloading Data?

    Here is a screen shot from QuickLoad showing a 500 Gr. Peregrine Bullet and IMR 3031 Powder in a 458 Lott.
  18. Shootist43

    Choosing powders for 458 Lott from Quickload/Gordons Reloading Data?

    Nhoro, do you have QuickLoad on your computer or are you using someone else to work up loads for you? Did you determine your fired case capacity or just use the "standard?"
  19. Shootist43

    Zone 1 ATA Champ

    Eric, you and the Mrs. raised some talented kids. Congrats all the way round.
  20. Shootist43

    One rifle for North American big game?

    Biggiesmalls, your question isn't exactly a new one. The advice that the thousands before you have gotten is quite simple. A 30-06. There are a couple of other calibers worth considering, but when it come time to make the final choice it is an '06 that gets my recommendation and vote.
  21. Shootist43

    My new Von Gruff

    CBH Australia, I'm betting that the beauty of your new Von Gruff knife is more than skin deep. How they look is one thing, how they "cut" is something else!!
  22. Shootist43

    Range Date 7-31-2020

    Yesterday I used QuickLoad to work up a new load for one of my 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mausers. In the past I've loaded 140 Gr. Nosler Partitions and Barnes X bullets. This time I wanted to try some 160 Gr. Woodleigh PP(s.) The program calculated the velocity at 2612 FPS when using 44.5 Gr. of H...
  23. Shootist43

    Thanks for the add

    Welcome aboard Mike, I do believe yours is the first 303 Double Rifle I've seen or heard of. BTW who made your rifle? I can see what looks like writing on the bottom metal but can't make it out.
  24. Shootist43

    Favorite above .40 Revolver cartridge?

    I have a S&W and an old three screw Blackhawk in 44 Mag. For hunting I like the Blackhawk because you can lower it to a half cock position much like what is on the Winchester Mod 94 carbines. The 454 Casull(s) beat my hands up too much.
  25. Shootist43

    Choosing powders for 458 Lott from Quickload/Gordons Reloading Data?

    Nhoro, of the three powders you named, I'd take the IMR 4895. your load density is above 90% and the pressure is low. How does the 2211 FPS compare to factory offerings using the same bullet? Contrary to some, I don't mind slightly over 100% load density, although I refrain from loads over...
  26. Shootist43

    My 404 Jeffery

    Andrew, congrats on the new 404. Have you made up your mind what you are going to feed it? Providing you reload try 84 Gr. of H 4350 pushing a 400 Gr. Swift A Frame. That load has proven itself in a bunch of different rifles. Both of my 404(s) shoot under an inch with it.
  27. Shootist43

    Military Surplus Rifles for Hunting

    What a question to ask!! Springfield '03(s), Enfield(s), and Small Ring Swedish Mausers are "staples" in my battery of hunting rifles. My favorite of course is the 1896 Swedish Mauser. One Hundred and twenty years after its' inception it will hold its' own against any modern 6.5 when properly...
  28. Shootist43

    Double rifle regulation issue

    spike t here is a link to adjusting the regulation of some Chapouis Double rifles. I don't know if there is more than one model that has this feature...
  29. Shootist43

    Double rifle regulation issue

    spike t, You are probably correct, my bad.
  30. Shootist43

    For Sale Savage M99F .308 (1957) With Period El Paso Weaver 4X

    Who was the lucky buyer?
  31. Shootist43

    Double rifle regulation issue

    In that case I's suggest that get someone else to shoot it. If the groups are equally as bad I think I'd be taking the rifle and the targets as well as the original test target back to the dealer.
  32. Shootist43

    Double rifle regulation issue

    Did you buy this rifle new? If used, what did the previous owner say about accuracy? I'm not a double rifle owner but I have considered one. I thought I read somewhere that Chapuis doubles are not regulated and then soldered into position. One barrel is fixed the other is adjustable...
  33. Shootist43

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome aboard Bokmeister, your are all set for buffalo with your 416 Rigby. BTW what make is it?
  34. Shootist43

    My African Knives

    Von Gruff, if you keep this kind of stuff up, we are going to have to add another title /credential to your name. In addition to Stock-maker and Knife-maker we'll have to add Inventor!!:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  35. Shootist43

    Cleaning for Copper

    When I decide to use a Copper remover it is Bore Tech's CU +2 that gets the nod. but I have another question for you guys, what kind of cleaning rod do you guys use? Mine are all coated, there is no way the plastic coating is going to damage a steel bore. IMHO Bore Snakes are for "field use"...
  36. Shootist43

    Dies, OAL and technical stuff

    CBH, I'm with you. I don't believe Micrometer Dies are necessary for the hunting accuracy we strive for. Our set up time may be a few minutes longer but so what?
  37. Shootist43


    Welcome aboard BJJ. I too live in Michigan, Grosse Ile to be exact, where are you from? My youngest grandson soon to be 10 uses a highly modified 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser, what caliber rifle does your daughter use now, and what will she be using in Africa? BTW that is a nice Buff in your Avatar.
  38. Shootist43


    Welcome aboard Enrico. What have you hunted with those fine firearms of yours? Do you have any particular time frame for your African Hunt?
  39. Shootist43

    416 Remington reload info

    Ray, what were the chronograph results for your various loads?
  40. Shootist43

    Lady Death: Lyudmila Pavlichenko, The Greatest Female Sniper Of All Time

    Hoas, interesting, thanks for sharing.
  41. Shootist43

    Comment by 'Shootist43' in media '30-06 180gr Nosler AB Bullet Performance'

    The bullet certainly did its' job.
  42. Shootist43

    Comment by 'Shootist43' in media '30-06 180gr Nosler AB Bullet Performance'

    About the same performance as a Nosler Partition wouldn't you say?
  43. Shootist43

    Building a .375 for extended use

    Forrest, have you ever taken a look any any of Ronnie Barrett's offerings? I guess his kids are running the company now. This sounds like a "project" to me just to see if you can do it. If you decide to proceed, please keep us informed of your progress. Good Luck!!
  44. Shootist43

    Skin game in minutes with a golf ball...

    Your method works well on deer also. My wife's cousin a Tennessee farm boy showed me that trick a number of years ago. Like they say "there is more than one way to skin a deer." However, I think it works best on fresh kills.
  45. Shootist43

    Building a .375 for extended use

    Forrest Halley, just curious what exactly are you planning to do with this rifle?
  46. Shootist43

    Hello from Houston

    Welcome to AH WRM458. If you've been lurking for a while, you are probably aware that there quite a few members living in the Houston area. What African animals have you hunted in the past? What are you thinking of hunting on your next Safari? When were you thinking about going?
  47. Shootist43


    JLF, we were booked with an outfitter called MG Hunting. The outfitter's sons are now heavily involved in the business and are active as Professional Hunters / Guides as well as having "Rocket" (an AH member) on their staff as well. They have several locations that they hunt out of, depending...
  48. Shootist43

    404 Jeffery dies

    It is Redding Dies and Norma brass for me, I also had Lee make me a Factory Crimping Die. Actually I have two 404(s) one a CZ the other a Winchester. Both rifles shoot under an inch with my reloads.
  49. Shootist43

    Every Hunter Must Shoot His Share Of Tin Cans Before He Takes A Crack At A Lion

    I have a Marlin 39A. It was the first rifle I ever purchased. The serial number is 25,000. It now wears a low powered scope in deference to my 78 year old eyes but still puts bullets where I'm pointing.
  50. Shootist43

    My African Knives

    Von Gruff the young lady receiving the kitchen petty is going to be overwhelmed by your gift. just in case you see this before my email, the stamps are in route. ETA is this coming Monday.