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  1. Mike B

    on a lighter note...

    I run an IT company and this has been the last 2 weeks! Glad we are essential and get to keep working, but EVERYONE is calling in “urgent” work from home requests.
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    Brand new, future hunting buddy

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    Funny thing is they offered $15 million to help rename it!
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    Some things I saw at DSC Convention 2020

    The name of the company eludes me, but I talked with them at length in 2018. They get ranches to commit to raising game that is sold and or hunted. They are also looking for investors to own a herd or land. It’s an interesting model and my description sucks. They had plans in motion to get...
  6. Mike B

    Hello from Argentina!

    I’m sure Mateo, as a local would know better, but I paid the same for my stag and blackbuck from Argentina.
  7. Mike B

    Okapi Protection & Hunting

    I’m 99% sure the Oklahoma City Zoo has one
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    Inquiry on South African Outfitters at U.S. hunting shows

    Lots of the outfitters seem to goto the Harrisburg show. At least I’ve seen on some of the posts of schedules that they will be there
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    Prayers needed

    Praying for him and his family.
  11. Mike B

    KMG Hunting Safaris Meet and Greet - Dallas Safari Club 2020

    I’ll give you a holler as soon as I know when I’m showing up (I live about 5 hours away so I’m just driving over Friday I think). Planning a hunt for 2021 with myself and my son and hopefully my Dad.
  12. Mike B

    Argentina for the Roar

    I hunted there in 2017 with a different outfitter. I think I walked a lot more than my Africa hunt, and I was surprised at how you basically chase the stages as the roar. They don’t stand still and you end up huffing around after them. I almost stepped on 3 snakes, relatives of the Fer De...
  13. Mike B

    Trophy Importation Costs from Argentina

    Yep! I just looked back, about $2600 to get it from camp to BA. that includes dip pack as well. 2x stag and a blackbuck. I’ll have to dig up the final shipping, $550 or so I think.. it was cheaper to get my stuff back from Africa!
  14. Mike B

    280 Remington, how boring

    I have my Dads old .280, it’s a great gun but getting harder to find ammo for it. I’ll probably need to start reloading at some point, but I haven’t had the time to get into it.
  15. Mike B

    Botswana cancels PH License over killing of protected elephant

    It looks like it just happened yesterday (the ruling). Not sure when the actual shooting happened. The timing sucks for sure, but the truth is the antis don’t care, they are a bit rabid in their train of thought anyway. No rational debates to be had with 90% of them.
  16. Mike B

    Botswana cancels PH License over killing of protected elephant
  17. Mike B

    Alaska - Halibut / Salmon guide recommendations

    I would like to bring / ship meat back to TX. I’m good either way, I was wondering if maybe a day or two for halibut and then a couple days fly fishing somewhere. At this point I’m not sure who will be with me, so would be happy with about any level of comfort, just not sleeping on rocks...
  18. Mike B

    Alaska - Halibut / Salmon guide recommendations

    Thanks is for all info, I’m I Spain with the family and will really dig into this when I get back home this weekend!
  19. Mike B

    Alaska - Halibut / Salmon guide recommendations

    So I just turned 40 and my wife told me to book a trip to Alaska for Halibut / Salmon / whatever. I figure people here might have some good recommendations, so let em fly! Thanks in advance!
  20. Mike B

    Kendall Jones: Why Hunting Helps Animals

    She was a cheerleader at Texas Tech and a hunter. She put up pics of hunting and some whackos got mad. Short lived media hubbub around it, but it gave her a good platform to talk about hunting / women in hunting and the like. (I Live in Lubbock, so we got to see people get mad and the...
  21. Mike B

    There Goes Africa

    Sorry for the bum ankle! I fee your pain, I’ve broken both mine! Although mine wasn’t from jumping from airplanes. Hope you heal quickly!
  22. Mike B

    9-11 Where were you?

    I was in college, in class. As class got out someone in the back said something about a plane hitting WYC and I figured it was a small prop plane or something. Walked back to my apt and my roommate had the TV in the news. Absolutely floored and knew war was on the way.
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    Princess Bride is Promoted!

  24. Mike B

    Safari/Hunt Clothing Recommendations

    Pick up some surplus North Korean camo. It’s amazing!