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  1. Royal27

    Powders, primers, bullets,.....prices and lack there of....and what substitutes?

    It's the small rifle I was referring to. Large rifle and large rifle magnum can still be found pretty easily. Just gotta buy enough to justify the hazmat. :A Banana:
  2. Royal27

    Scope for large caliber rifle, NEGATIVE selection

    Never for me @PHOENIX PHIL will want to comment though
  3. Royal27

    Powders, primers, bullets,.....prices and lack there of....and what substitutes?

    There is definitely a shortage of some things and others seem to be ok. Try and find small rifle primers. :A Banana Sad: I buy most of my stuff online as I find I can get if cheaper in most cases. I love Powder Valley and
  4. Royal27

    LR shooting

    SAAM is awesome and I want to go back and do their "precision " (long range) class. I did their DG class before my first safari and it was worth every penny. I've never really shot long range but do plan on changing that here shortly. I just got a 6.5 Creedmoor for just that purpose. Will get...
  5. Royal27

    PETA is after a guy in CA - article mentions AH

    So what happens when they begin to attack your words, which they will. Do you scramble and try and hide those too? No hunt reports? Have old hunt reports removed? Try and get rid of all of the words you felt were reasoned and thoughtful because others now don't think they are? Terrorist attacks...
  6. Royal27

    Sight, sound or smell, which evokes African Safari the most?

    I agree. It's all of the above for me. I cant say that I have better memories of one over the other.
  7. Royal27

    Zone 1 ATA Champ

    Good job Seth!
  8. Royal27

    For Sale Leupold VX5HD 3-15-x44 Illuminated

    Scope received. Very happy. Now to get it mounted. :)
  9. Royal27

    Zambia - Open for Hunting

    Puku are easy, but I promise you you'll work hard for the bushbuck and Sable, and you'll get good ones.
  10. Royal27

    AR-type Rifles

    Problem for me is I don't have a balcony.
  11. Royal27

    Reactions instead of Likes

    Although I agree it's a possibility I dont think it will happen. The other place sure didn't need a mean face to be, well, mean. I suspect that we will continue to police ourselves as we always have and that dislikes will be used infrequently and in a civil manner (except for @PHOENIX PHIL , but...
  12. Royal27

    Reactions instead of Likes

    Classic LOL
  13. Royal27

    Reactions instead of Likes

    Nice! So @K-man cost me a point just because of an innocent smartphone comment I made. :V Make My Day: LOL
  14. Royal27 to be updated

    It's there - on the "New Posts" page it's on the right at the top - "mark forums read."
  15. Royal27 to be updated

    And this thread is down 2, to 12. I like the addition of the up and down arrows and position changes. That's slick!
  16. Royal27 to be updated

    By "logged out" I'm assuming you mean you're closing your browser and not truly logging out of AH each time you're done. When on the log in page there is an option right below your password that says "stay logged in" make sure it is checked. If not, you'll log out when browser shuts down.
  17. Royal27 to be updated

    My very first dislike !!! I'm digging the new forum ! LOL Truly didn't realize we now had "like" options now. Pretty cool.
  18. Royal27 to be updated

    Weird how some people seem to have that issue more than others....? I've had it happen but not in several years. How's the new forum working from your smartphone Kevin? :A Tease: :A Outta:
  19. Royal27 to be updated

    Is the "what's trending ?" coming back? I liked that. Or if it's still there I can't find it.
  20. Royal27

    AR-type Rifles

    Helpful. So for general purpose use there are a LOT of good options, including but not limited to, RR and DD. Pick an AR, any AR.... Caliber, barrel length, do dads, whatever.... Make it how you want. Another option if you're doing this partly for fun is to build your own. It's not that...
  21. Royal27

    AR-type Rifles

    What's the purpose? Saying you're in the market for an AR is only slightly less vague than saying you want opinions on which hunting rifle to buy?
  22. Royal27

    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    Agree. And the badger was much bigger than mine! LOL It is also certainly reasonable for a simple cell phone picture to be taken as he's told you the work has already been completed. 30 seconds of time tops would stop some of this.
  23. Royal27

    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    The 2 hides have been returned to Dennis and the stuff that was found has been received by my new taxidermist (except my Hyena skull that Dennis said was found but didn't make the trip). So still lost is a set of bushbuck horns and various skulls. Getting closer.
  24. Royal27

    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    I almost spit my drink :D Beers: :E Lol:
  25. Royal27

    For Sale More Bullets .224, .257, .401, .429 & .452

    I will take the. 224
  26. Royal27

    Is any kind of hearing protection used on safari?

    All up to you. I take my custom earplugs and use them when checking zero on rifle but not while actually hunting.
  27. Royal27 to be updated

    There is another site that hasn't kept up with that times and it damn well shows! I'm not always a big fan of change either, but it is inevitable and needed. By the way, I love having "likes" in the private messages. Wantsd that for years! I also hope that the "sideways messages" posting of...
  28. Royal27

    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    Well, since you insist..... :A Thumbs Up: @PeteG , let's roll!
  29. Royal27

    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    We That works for me! Just tell Mike I said it was all good. :sneaky:
  30. Royal27

    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    And with the Sable I assure you you'll be more than pleased!
  31. Royal27 to be updated

    :A Banana Sad:
  32. Royal27 to be updated

    (y) The limited emoji time frame represented dark days indeed..... And we lost more than the drinking emojis - :K Booby:
  33. Royal27

    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    It would be thru the Middle East somehow. Think it's Ethiopian Air that's flying into Lusaka.
  34. Royal27

    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    Hell of a deal Mike! Hopefully some adventurous client will take advantage of it and have a great time.
  35. Royal27

    Zambia - Open for Hunting

    Boring you are not! You. @spike.t . and @PeteG would have a freaking blast together. I'd be jealous for sure!
  36. Royal27

    Zambia - Open for Hunting

    Great news on the opening!!!! It's a start.... No blue duiker? :A Outta:
  37. Royal27

    Tailor Made Hunts With Takeri Game Reserve Zambia

    Takeri is a special place. Nancy and I enjoyed getting to see it last year and our only regret was that we didn't have more time. Mike was wonderful with Nancy and made sure she saw everything. My wife is NOT a hunter. But she enjoyed putting a stalk on a 44 inch sable. Well.... She did until...
  38. Royal27

    A Pair Of Canvasbacks Full Mount Taxidermy

    I've always wanted a Canvasback!
  39. Royal27

    Bullet for Cape Buffalo

    Ask your PH. Most will say that's just fine.
  40. Royal27

    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    I did receive a response back from my e-mail to Dennis late last night. He confirmed his address so the hides that don't belong to me will be shipped out and returned. It sounds like all of my horns/hides are found (bushbuck is still a question - I sent him a pic to verify). He committed to...
  41. Royal27

    Sako 85 Brown Bear 416 Rigby

    Toby and keeper....
  42. Royal27

    Sako 85 Brown Bear 416 Rigby

    @TOBY458 How much do you want for it and are you open to trades? Just want to ask now in case I'm busy next week and miss the For Sale post. :cool:
  43. Royal27


    Isn't it also interesting how quiet the media is about this and yet it's been going on for quite some time.
  44. Royal27

    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    e-mail sent
  45. Royal27

    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    Not sure why you can't respond to the text I sent you (nine minutes after the last text you sent me), the FB message I sent, or the post I placed here earlier, but OK, I will play. The below will be sent to your e-mail per your request: Dwayne sent some of my stuff to another taxidermist...
  46. Royal27


    No they don't! This isn't true at all! :cool: :A Outta:
  47. Royal27

    Well wishes for our friend Dennis from The Artistry of Wildlife

    Done! Might I suggest that everything from post 200 to current be moved? There are a couple of well wishes in the middle but almost every post is a concern with the business itself.
  48. Royal27

    Discounted Trophy Elk Hunts

    And here I thought I was gonna see that you'd bought an elk hunt! :p
  49. Royal27

    Well wishes for our friend Dennis from The Artistry of Wildlife

    I haven't seen any potshots here, although I may have missed or forgotten. I've seen legitimate questions and concerns that began before any health issues, along with rebuttals where some don't think the concerns are warranted. This is a good and fair point. @BRICKBURN - perhaps it's time to...
  50. Royal27

    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    In full transparency Bob and I are personal friends. I liked his post real quick though not because we are friends, but because it is factual, concise, and substantiated. This is what AH is about - sharing of information, positive and negative, so that clients and business owners can make an...