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    It's for sale from me directly at $350/ct for a total of $1085. In my store it would retail at $1890. I know that retailers in high rent districts would want more like $2490. A lot depends on thier overhead. Tanzanite prices cycle up and down more than most gemstones. A couple of years ago...
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    Tanzanite does not make a good everyday ring stone. Occasional ring use is fine. It does tend to abraid moderately easily. It does make a excellent pendant stone. I have seen Tanzanite with scratches and abraisions before setting. Usually the result of poor finish work by a native cutter or...
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    3.10 ct. Should fit into a 10X8 standard mounting. It is brilliant cut more like a diamond. Doesn’t have the big belly native cut stones have.
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    I cut and sell loose or mounted gemstones to help pay for my hunting and fishing. This one is available. Can text a video if anyone is interested. Bruce
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    Here is the last Tanzanite I cut about 2 weeks ago.
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    I am a jeweler and Lapidarist for over 40 yrs. Tanzanite is a beautiful stone. Here in the US we tend to prize the blue color most. Much of Europe prefers the purple color. I have seen tanzanite purchased in Tanzania 2 times. Both times I could of sold similar stones for the same or even...
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    Big female Warthog

    That is an impressive pig. WOW Bruce
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    Swedish Giants

    Nicely written. Sounds like a lot of fun. Pictures would be nice. Bruce
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    LR shooting

    I dabble some with it. Not dedicated enough to be good. I have a 7mm SAUM that I've had first rd hits on a 8 inch plate at 700 yds. I have friends that are far better than me. Makes the occasional 400 yd shot much more do-able when you practice the 7-800 yds shots. I have a new 6.5 SS. Runs...
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    Best Caliber for Tiny 10?

    One thing to consider before trying a .338 mag at 2200 fps is that downloading has been known to be dangerous in some rifles/calibers. Better by far to use the solid and shoot mid body. Bruce
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    So You Think You Want To Start Fishing

    I grew up fishing. I have a photo of me as a 3 yr old with a perch on the line that I caught. My father took me some and my grandfather also. I was fortunate to be raised where I go fishing after a 5 min walk....... I often fished 5 times a week in Jan, Feb, March and April if the river...
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    Huge.... I'll bet your right that the smaller ones taste better. That does look yummy tho...... Bruce
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    Crayfish and red emperor fish

    I love to fish, but it isn't much fun when sick. Beautiful fish. Hope you feel lots better. Bruce
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    Bad Taxidermy

    I’m afraid I would not of paid for that. Sorry you got that kind of a product. What a mess
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    Hunting In Texas

    Beautiful Black Buck. What caliber rifle were you using? Nice shooting. Congrats Bruce
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    Safari Planning- Air Travel

    Some great tips. Especially for those who are going for the 1st or 2nd time. They are looong flights. Thanks Bruce
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    ENGLAND: Roebuck Hunt

    A couple of very nice Roe deer. Well done gentleman. Thanks for sharing. Bruce
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    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    Having been there, the bar has sufficient for even the most thirsty individual. Knowing Spike there will be plenty for everyone. If not then, your not spending much time hunting, just drinking! Bruce
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    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    Very nice. Having hunted with Mike and Patsy I can highly recommend it. Great place to hunt. Wonderful hospitality. Good animals. Bruce
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    Bullet for Cape Buffalo

    The short answer is you are fine. Just put the first one where it needs to go. Bruce
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    TANZANIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Heritage Safaris Or Grand Safari?

    Mods won't let it's name to be posted here. They will remove it. PM coming your way. Bruce
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    TANZANIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Heritage Safaris Or Grand Safari?

    You might also go to the other network and ask. Another group that may have had experiences with these companies. Bruce
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    Livingston I Presume? Nope..just the SAFARIKIDD!

    Welcome. Glad to have you here. Bruce
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    Luggage insurance

    The airline may only cover $300 and don't even count on that. SAA lost some of mine. No answer to e-mails. They just ignore me........ Add a rider to your homeowners policy. Usually that is the cheapest way to protect yourself. Bruce
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    360 Nosler cartridge

    Barrel life depends... How hot you run them. How many shots before allowing it to cool. Which powder your running. I have heard of barrels being "shot out" (noticeable decline of accuracy) at as few as 500 rds or less. 700-900 seems to be more common. For a normal hunting rifle not as bad as...
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    Connections through Dulles?

    One of my trips went through Dulles on my return. Had to change terminals. So I had to carry my firearm case to the new terminal and re check it after being examined by a police officer and TSA. Just some extra steps. Have enough time and it should be fine. Bruce
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    My 600 Overkill

    Darn big rifle. Hows the recoil? Bruce
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    For Sale 375 REM 700 Overwatch

    Nice rifle. I'm sure that you'll enjoy hunting with it. Should take anything that you want to hunt in Tx with it. Congrats. Bruce
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    Carbon Fibre Stocks

    Got my AG composits stock last week. No chance to shoot the rifle yet, but I like it. Shaved 1-1 1/4 lbs of weight. Better ergonomics for me. It also has a high enough back portion that I don't need any sort of stock riser or stock pack to get my eye/cheek weld in the proper position to see...
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    The Man Eater Of Kanpur

    Great story. Thanks for sharing it with us. Bruce
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    Can you bring back used ammunition brass from RSA for memorabilia purposes? If so, how?

    EIN is not needed at this point in time. Have only had SAA charge an extra fee. Cleared my rifle myself at Joberg. If you want to use your rifle then do so. Just plan ahead. Some outfitters have great firearms. A few don’t. Same for ammo. I reload and want to use mine. I know what it’s gonna...
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    From Belgium to Africa

    Good to have you here. “Free range” is a debated term at times. Places to look include Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia and Tanzania. All of those have large areas to hunt where the game is not hindered by fences. Good luck. Bruce
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    Kidney Stones Suck

    They are no fun at all. My first one my wife was speeding on the way to the ER. Got pulled over by a cop. He took one look at me and told her to get me to the ER, but to keep to the speed limit. Thank the good Lord for good pain meds...... Those suckers HURT. I've had 2 and would just as soon...
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    Bailey Bradshaw 7x65R Rising Block

    Beautiful rifle. Congrats on owning such a fine piece of art. Bruce
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    NAMIBIA: Ndumo Safaris - Caprivi Strip Hunt -- Fantastic!!

    Sounds like a great hunt. Thats an area I'd love to hunt in. Thanks for sharing. Bruce
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    The Last Day On The Job

    Great story. Its always good to go out with a successful hunt. Thanks for sharing. intertaining as always Bruce
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    2 Brothers, 2 Buffaloes & 1 Over Turned Boat!

    That sounds like a close call. That buff should of been dead. Guess he just didn't know it yet. Unfortunate habit some buff have.... Bruce
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    Making A Terminally Ill Client's Final Dream Come True

    Great story. I'm glad you were able to help your client complete his dying wishes. I. too, still have trouble thinking of following up a panther at night. Just seems to go against common sense, although, it really seems to work for you. Thanks for sharing! Bruce
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    Guess RSA is not opening anytime soon...

    I have done some short notice hunts in the past. You never know.... Bruce
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    What do hunters look for when researching / booking their safaris?

    I've been to Africa 5 times and hunted with 8 outfitters in 3 countries. So I have a lot of the common plains game animals. If I'm going to hunt one I already have then I usually want to upgrade the trophy. Or the experience. For example my first Sable was in RSA and although we went to...
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    USA: Texas Hunting Done Right!! At The Rockin G Ranch

    Nicely done. Congrats on a great hunt with your son. I'll bet he remembers it his whole life. Bruce
  42. gillettehunter

    ALASKA: Frog Morton Hunts Brown Bear

    Very nicely written and a great bear. Congrats! Bruce
  43. gillettehunter

    A new toy for Cal

    Very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing your passion with us. That is a wonderful rifle. Too bad more of its history can't be found. Bruce
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    Leica Fortis 6 Riflescope from Leica

    So when will you make one of these in a 4X24? That would get my attention. Or even a 3.5X21 would be nice. Magnification down for the timber and higher end for the prairie. Bruce
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    The Art Of Hunting The Great Bears Of Bengal: A Comprehensive Guide

    Well done sir. Great explanation and details of hunting the bears of your great area. One thing I find interesting in your rifle section is a lack of reference to any of the 7mm's. Running a 160-180 grain bullet of good construction at 2900-3000 fps they do a great job on our black bears and...
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    WANTED: Looking For A Good Sable Hunt

    +3 for @spike.t hunting at Takeri. I was there a few years ago. Zambia is a great country to hunt. Great place for a sable. Spike has my hunt report linked below his posts. Bruce
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    Stopping A Devil Cat’s Charge

    Great story. Enayet Really should join AH, Especially since he has been to Africa. Good thing he was prepared for that charge. Certainly could of gone badly for him. Looking forward to more stories of years gone by. Thanks for sharing. Bruce
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    Stopping A Devil Cat’s Charge

    Excellent news. Looking forward to reading another great story of days gone by. Bruce
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    Trouble grouping .375 H&H

    I had a .300 WSM in a Tika T-3 that did that too. Clean it good and it was a great 1/2 MOA rifle for about 10 rds. Then they quickly went to about 2 1/2 MOA. Quite the difference. Always wondered if it was the barrel as I didn't have that problem with Barnes bullets in other rifles that I...