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  1. Nyati

    POLAND: Individual Hunting In Poland With Dogs For Wild Boars

    Very good pigs, congrats !
  2. Nyati

    For those missing Africa!

    Thanks for those pics :D Cheers:
  3. Nyati

    New guy says Hi

    Welcome to AH !
  4. Nyati

    Scope for large caliber rifle, NEGATIVE selection

    I have experienced a Burris fail with just one shot. That was years ago, I can´t say for the actual production.
  5. Nyati

    Big female Warthog

    That´s a good one....I´m really jealous :LOL:
  6. Nyati

    Sunglasses, yes, no, type?

    I also wear photochromatic prescription glasses, grey, and a wide brimmed hat.
  7. Nyati

    Best Caliber for Tiny 10?

    I shot two Steenboks with a .22-250, just behind the shoulder, bullet just went through. Then I shot a Duiker with a .243 at night, with a spotlight, shot placement was not great, and the bullet made a huge exit hole.
  8. Nyati

    Proper attire for DSC meet

    This is a traditional Austrian jacket, try Maybe Foxi can help with more sources.
  9. Nyati

    Zone 1 ATA Champ

    Great, congrats to Junior and proud Dad !
  10. Nyati

    Hello Hunters

    Welcome to AH !
  11. Nyati

    Crayfish and red emperor fish

    Both catches look tasty...yum ! Hope you´re feeling better .
  12. Nyati

    What have you been doing since you can’t go on Safari?

    Planning an Ibex hunt in Spain :Happy:
  13. Nyati

    How do you "read" AH?

    Posts seem to come back over time, so no worries there :giggle:
  14. Nyati to be updated

    Don´t care much about yellow myself !
  15. Nyati

    How do you "read" AH?

    I go to "new posts", and don´t miss anything.
  16. Nyati

    Hunting In Texas

    Welcome and congrats !
  17. Nyati

    ENGLAND: Roebuck Hunt

    Nice, congrats !
  18. Nyati

    Military Surplus Rifles for Hunting

    In Europe, only the Brits used the .303
  19. Nyati

    Military Surplus Rifles for Hunting

    My first rifle was a Spanish 93 Mauser in 7x57, sporterized.
  20. Nyati

    Bullet for Cape Buffalo

    I shot the buff on my avatar with a .375 Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, neck shot, died on the spot. I am also a big fan of the Swift AFrame, which I use in my .338WM.
  21. Nyati

    Boot question

    I take a pair of Merrell light hiking shoes for the trip and backup, a heavier pair for the actual hunt, but still light and comfortable.
  22. Nyati

    Is any kind of hearing protection used on safari?

    I use electronic muffs, or a supressed rifle.
  23. Nyati

    Thanks for the add

    Welcome to AH !
  24. Nyati

    hello from Namibia

    Bonjour Christian, soyez le bienvenu !
  25. Nyati

    Lost Luggage

    Baggage and guns do get lost, happened to me once, although luckily it was on the way back home and did not affect my hunt.
  26. Nyati

    Germany Hunting Pictures

    Lovely dog, Foxi, congratulations !
  27. Nyati

    Moose hunting in Sweden

    I hunted moose in Finland, had to be made honorary member of the local hunting club. As Foxi said, not really much was hunted, but it was really a great experience. And yes, these guys hunt for meat and conservation. Nobody ever mentioned a trophy !
  28. Nyati

    Hello from Texas

    Welcome to AH !
  29. Nyati

    Hello from the UK

    Hi Chris, welcome to AH !
  30. Nyati

    Hello from Houston

    Welcome to AH !
  31. Nyati

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome to AH !
  32. Breitling Watch

    Breitling Watch

  33. Breitling Watch

    Breitling Watch

  34. IWC Schaffhausen Watch

    IWC Schaffhausen Watch

  35. IWC Schaffhausen Watch

    IWC Schaffhausen Watch

  36. Nyati

    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    I like pilot´s watches, can´t help it :D
  37. Nyati

    Buffalo and shooting sticks

    Also depends on what you are used to, I have shot many animals freehand while they were running, wild boars in Spain, warthogs and one hyena in SA.
  38. Nyati


    Bienvenido José Luis !
  39. Nyati

    Can you visit a hunting lodge without actually hunting much?

    Another option would be to travel with a friend who actually hunts.
  40. Nyati


    Well gents, whatever "math" you use makes little sense, as this is not over yet, unfortunately. The figures will certainly not be the same a year from now. Comparisons between countries make even less sense, as the stage of the infection is not the same for all of them, so it´s like comparing...
  41. Nyati


    Agree with you Wayne, started as a serious thread, focused on information, and evolved into jokes, memes, and US politics.
  42. Nyati

    Geopolitics, Global Economy, and Hunting Safaris

    Hard to understand most of which is being written here, or maybe I don´t like to understand it. To me this is quite simple, I am in contact with my outfitter, he knows what I´m after, and I know he is going to get me the best deal available (trust). So whenever going back to SA is possible, I...
  43. Nyati

    Bounce My Jack Russell Terrier

    Great story, lost four dogs, so I can relate .
  44. Nyati

    Great white shark attack- Australia

    Got the scare of my life while swimming in the Arabian Sea and seeing a fin breaking surface. Must have beat a swimming record back to the beach :eek:
  45. Nyati

    Hello from alberta

    Welcome to AH !
  46. Nyati


    Welcome to AH !
  47. Nyati

    Duck Hunting in Europe?

    We have 11 species of ducks in Spain, not a duck shooter myself, and hope the translations are correct. Mallard Greylag geese Widgeon Gadwall Pintrail Common Teal / Garganey Charcoal Teal Spoon Duck Red Duck Common Pochard Tufted Duck
  48. Nyati


    Benvenuto, Enrico !
  49. Nyati

    Western Australian PC wokes at it again

    Depraved, disgusting and disgraceful ! So, that a politician insults a citizen because he doesn´t like his acts is fine ? I would sue that muppet :mad: Sad times indeed :(